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  1. Do you think you can help me a little you replied on the site but i would like a little more detail if you don’t mind?

    I was wondering if you could answer a few questions

    I lost weight from 124 to about 97. I am 16 and 5 7′. Now i want to gain weight back and i have been eating 3000-5000 calories a day. I want to know if this is safe and okay. I have been eating a ton of junk food but also healthy foods. Tons and tons of cereal though like 5 bowls every morning and 5 bowls at night. I crave sugar and junk constantly. I have been eating like 500 to 600 grams of carbs a day and tons of fat but i want to know at this point is it okay? Isnt it more important i gain some weight and get the calories i need? I have already gained weight i think because i weigh 105 now in the morning and have been eating like this for about 5 days now. Yesterday i had the most ridicilious binge though is this normal? I had already eaten a ton before earlier but i ended up having 20 pieces of sushi then a cup or more of icecream then 60 chips then i had about 5-6 bowls of coco crispies and milk. Thanks!

    P.S I feel tons and tons better than i did a couple weeks ago, very energetic and happy. My muscles also feel stronger and better i feel like i can go on a run almost but im just mad i cant control binges and craving of sugar and junk constantly. One day for lunch i had 20 nuggets and 3 scoops of edys ice cream

    I just want to make sure this is okay right now I REALLY want to gain the weight to be back to normal again, but i dont want to mess anything up either. I feel that eating so many carbs is really bad its definatly in the 600 gram area from all the damn snacking ive done off cereals and chips etc hehe

    Is it safe to eat 3500 plus a day?

    • I really think you should consider seeing a professional because I am not licensed to give out nutritional advice. I can tell you from my own personal experience I have been on meal plans up to 6000-7000 calories but that was in inpatient hospitals. The highest in outpatient was 3500-4000 and was based on an exchange system to ensure I got appropriate nutrients. I think you should definitely see a RD but also listen to your body. At this point normal is a relative term… You are unhealthy at such a low weight, having a few more carbs now is probably a good thing. I tend to crave foods now I restricted the most… Peanut butter was my best friend for awhile but it evens itself out. Please trust your body when it’s screaming for food and find a nutritionist ASAP 🙂

  2. I just found your blog today and i love it!! you are from hershey!? i am from reading. i saw your email is a LVC email address, that was acutally my second choice. so i need your help. i got super thin and my family and doctors wanted me to be hospitalized. I refused and finally the stress of it all lead to binge eating and taking tons of laxatives. I gained the weight that i needed to but became so depressed and used to binge eating that i haven’t been able to stop. i feel so fat and disgusting now. i look gross and i want to get back to a healthier weight, but not as thin as before. any tips for staying on track?? I feel like i give up and binge because i feel like i’m not worth it that i can’t get back to normal. how can i convince myself that i can if i stick with it? i hope you can help! my birthday 22nd birthday is this september and i want to be happy with myself for my birthday. i have been eating great today and i went to the grocery store and bought all this yummy healthy food. i don’t want to mess up from here on out!

    • Oh girlfriend, before you even talk about weight and how to become comfortable and happy for your birthday, you need to promise you will NEVER venture down the laxative road again! It is so dangerous and can seriously mess up your digestive tract so please please please do not take those as a means for weight loss. All they do is dehydrate you and mess up your system. As far as bingeing goes that will happen when you have been restricting and my guess is that you feel so guilty after a binge that you restrict certain foods, “bad foods” in order to make up for the binge…this just creates a cycle because your body is hungry and wasnt a wide variety of foods. If you dont give it what it wants its going to rebel…with a binge. I highly doubt you look “gross,” but most people with disordered eating have immense body image issues and very distorted perceptions of themselves. What helps me is eating whole foods that i can feel good about. I used to fear nuts and nut butters. Now i take an appropriate portion and enjoy them multiple times of day, and remind myself how good it is to have healthy fats in you diet. it works the same with meats, cheese, dairy, things that I used to fear…(actually look for a post today or tomorrow about reframing your thoughts because I already had that planned :-))
      I think you really need to change the “mess up” mentality. Food is not good or bad, its nourishment. So one day you have a cookie, that means you might not be hungry for it tomorrow because you gave your body what it was asking for. try listening to your instincts as to what you want, and hunger signals. Dont judge them, just listen and try to respond in a healthy way. Remember, any time you restrict, it sets up for a binge so just please try to be intuitive with your eating and stick with things you feel good about!
      I hope this helped! let me know if there is anything else I can do!!! ❤

  3. Hello! I actually read your blog everyday, I actually seen you reply on Gwyneth’s tweet months ago, and clicked your name, and voila, I’ve been a daily reader. Sorry if that’s creepy! But really, I am just in the same struggle as you are. If not nearly recovered. Your blog is fun, entertaining and just down right, a good read! Sometimes I find myself on the computer at midnight, click your blog and think “Oh, darn..I already read her latest blog. I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow!” Haha.

    Anyways, now that I’ve fully creeped you out, I was curious, are you naturally thin?!

    • oh my goodness you have not creeped me out! it is so nice of you to say that you like to read my blog! if you ever need anything just shoot me an e-mail! good luck in you own recovery 🙂 ❤

  4. Hi my name is hailey and i am a 22 year old vet student, i have suffered with a lot of the same stuff you had just on a much lesser level.Lately my obsession with calories has gotten worse. School has started and I feel like even though I am working out the same (soon to be harder when I join tri team) that I do not “deserve” or need the same amount I was eating. I wasn’t eating enought to begin with so now its even worse. My counseler is getting me the book intuitive eating, i think it will help a lot but I am setting some goals for myself for the next couple weeks to help me through it.

    1. I will eat more than my “fear” number in calories as I like to call it

    2. I will not measure food

    3. I will not weigh myself (except 1X a week) I am trying to gain weight and I think if i check to often it will scare me
    did you do any of this? do you know of anything else that has helped you stop counting calories or worrying so much about it? or measuring food?

    • Hi hailey, thank you for reading! I am very sorry you are struggling as I know how difficult and tormenting the relentless Ed voice can be. I think your goals are fantastic! I have a very hard time letting go of all those things but what has worked for me is eating with others, my husband removing all measuring devices from our home, including the scale, and doing less structured forms of exercise. Maybe trying some of those could help?
      Intuitive eating is a great book to help those with a very diet mentality release the faulty beliefs but sometimes Ed ruins our perceptions of hunger and fullness so just be careful 🙂
      Good luck hun and if you need anything let me know 🙂

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