Thankful For Thanksgiving At Home

In the past five holiday seasons, I have been home for two.

I am notorious for relapsing in the fall, which has typically led to my concerned family admitting, or strongly suggesting I go into, some sort of inpatient program.

It felt awesome this morning to wake up without a gown, cold tile floor, and boring breakfast brought to me on a tray.

But I will admit, since I am still very much in the recovery process, I am extra sensitive to the ridiculous and relentless discussions news programs, tv shows, and advertisements have around weight gain/loss, quick fixes, etc. this time of year.

“The average person eats X amount of calories on Thanksgiving Day…”

“Most Americans gain X weight in November and December…”

“Exercise declines significantly during the holiday season causing unnecessary, unwanted pounds…”

Trust me, I have enough guilt about what I put into my mouth, and the minimal physical activity of my currently lifestyle, without the Today Show telling me the numeric value I consume on a daily basis is gluttonous and too high, or that I am being lazy for simply taking walks.

I understand my situation is a bit different, and that there are people who enjoy the holiday season a little more than their waistline would like, BUT, last night I read something a friend wrote, that I found truly inspiring…

As stated by the very wise, and wonderful Healthy Diva…

“On Thanksgiving…quit worrying about how many calories you might consume, working out just so you can eat unhealthy, or worrying about having too much to eat. Be grateful you even have food, a home, and a place to eat. Be thankful for your loved ones and family on this day. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are not as fortunate on this holiday and I wish I could make your thanksgiving better ♥”

My Thanksgiving is a bit non-traditional since Ryan is a nurse and works most holidays, and my parents both travel so they are very rarely in the state, but my sister and I still managed to spend a really nice day baking while enjoying the Macy’s Day Parade, taking a walk outside, eating a single ladies version of a Turkey lunch, and watching one of my favorites, “Christmas With The Kranks.”

Getting to do these things helped me realize how much I truly missed being home these past few years, and how thankful I am to have a family and friends who love me, support me and have been there through sickness and health.

So Happy Thanksgiving my friends, and tonight, when I go to enjoy the left-overs and most likely a nice scoop of ice cream with my husband when he gets home, I am going to try my best to count my blessings rather than calories, and thank God for the life I have.


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