WIAW: Sandi’s Spotlight!

Good Morning Friends and a very happy Wednesday!!

Obviously you know what these mid-week posts typically include, so I will just go ahead and say thank you to Jenn for hosting this little party that unites the blog world and encourages writers and readers to get creative and celebrate something we all need to survive; food.

Today I am taking a different angle and sharing my love for a local vendor who does not just make amazing products, but also gives back to the community; Sandi’s Breads.

If I am being totally honest, I did not know who Sandi was, or anything about her baked goods a month ago, but then a wonderful friend of mine suggested I visit the Sandi’s stand at the Hershey Farmer’s Market to explore the deliciousness for myself.

I e-mailed Sandi directly, and explained how I was trying to challenge myself with non-diet products, and make more “fun foods” (aka desserts and carby-items) less taboo since my non-eating disordered self truly does enjoy them.

She told me to come in and introduce myself and she would personally help me select some things to enjoy.

When I got there I was SHOCKED!

Pleasantly shocked, because she had a ginormous case and several racks of the tastiest looking treats and breads I had ever seen.  And then, as I walked down the display I noticed this:


I had read about this stuff, since many of my friends were Sandi’s customers and absolutely raved about her goods, but obviously had never tasted it myself so I immediately grabbed a 6 pack of the bars and clutched to them as I searched for a some “challenge” items to take home with me.

I then noticed a woman behind the counter with a very warm demeanor, who was speaking to her customers as if they were family she saw everyday.

Some how I knew that had to be Sandi and when she was free I took the opportunity to introduce myself.

She offered to show me around the bakery, since they produce most of their own flour there, and explain some of their other fresh, creative and wholesome ingredients they use to help ease my anxiety about stepping out of my box; pure cane sugar, sour cream for their FANTASTIC muffins, nuts, etc.

*If you visit their website and look at their mission and ingredients, you will absolutely appreciate both the passion and nutrition that goes into each and everything they produce!.

On my initial trip (I have been back a few times since!) I selected two cookies, some Gab-A-Nola, and called it a day.

The cookies were gone in less than 24 hours and the bars lasted no longer than a week. I couldn’t wait to return and sample some of the other things I oogled behind the glass. (Go to the facebook fan page for an idea of all the delectable things just waiting for you!!!)

Since I got to browse pretty extensively on my first visit, the next time I went I had a mission in mind; muffins.

I had NEVER had a bakery style muffin because I always feared the size, calories, etc. but you know what, I feel good about the components that make up Sandi’s items and I personally really like a starchy-sweet breakfast or snack.  What I am learning is sometimes food doesn’t always have to be the perfect nutritional profile, but is more beneficial when it is good for the soul; mental health foods are a seriously AWESOME thing!

Just like with the cookies, I fell in love with the more oaty and filling texture of the muffins.  There is something about using whole grains that makes the consistency more appealing to me…Fiber is my friend 🙂

…not to mention the triple chocolate, or mocha-toffee flavors,  kind of speak for themselves.

I also snagged some more Grab-A-Nola, a Ginger-Molasses Cookie and a Salted Caramel Brownie.

Yes, I realize there are a ton of sweets listed above, BUT they freeze well and life is too short not to eat dessert first occasionally 😉

Please check out Sandi’s breads.  Even if you are not from central PA she ships domestically and her customer service truly is unrivaled.  She answered about a gazillion questions with patience and passion the day I got to meet her!

So there you have it; delicious food, a new friend, and respect for my bodily cravings that I have not satisfied, probably, ever makes for a wonderful WIAW in my book!

Have a great rest of the week and happy eating!

*All of the opinions expressed in this post are my own.  I was not paid for the advertisement, nor given free items for compensation.  It is a genuine love 🙂  And take my word for it, you will love anything you try, as well!!!


4 thoughts on “WIAW: Sandi’s Spotlight!

  1. Salted caramel brownie??!! Count me in! And I totally agree, I might have had a cookie along with my coffee this morning just because it’s what I WANTED to eat, and I knew eventually throughout today I would eat it, so I figured I would give myself the pleasure of enjoying it first thing 🙂

    • Ahhh i love that attitude!!! sometimes i would rather have peanut butter and jelly more than anyhting when I think i should have a salad…no comparison! and chocolate chip cookies are the best medicine sometimes 🙂

    • its the coconut flavor with the chocolate chips and peanut butter and oaty yummy texture! its basically the whole dang bar that is awesome!!! she ships them for free!!! check out the site 😉

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