What Works For You

I always love searching on Twitter for the #motivationmonday hashtag because there is such a variety when it comes to what serves as inspiration for the individuals I follow.

You might get a better idea of the diverse group of characters I enjoy reading about if you saw what I posted yesterday after scrolling through Saturday night into Sunday morning…

It was something along the lines of; “My EDM friends and DJ’s are the only tweets I get from the hours of 10 PM to 4 AM, but starting at 5 it’s all the healthy living bloggers talking about PRs and their running distance.”

…and if I had more characters I would have probably included the ginormous rolladex of pumpkin recipes I have collected from the hours of 5 AM to 7 AM because my HLB acquaintances are as obsessed with the orange veggie as I am right now.


Ok, back to the point…

Yesterday’s entry was all about my current struggles in the recovery process, the re-frames that were much-needed and my goals for the week to overcome said challenges.

Although those ideas were/are helpful when I was making choices and craving movement, I think a little more might be needed to push through the rest of the week.

Enter, motivation monday.

For some of my friends this may mean they have an upcoming race they are training for and have time or distance goals they know they need to hit daily, to achieve their desired results.

For others motivation could be an insane weekend ahead at the GRAND opening of Soundgarden Hall or Congorock at Rumor in Philly.

Both of those things used to provide immense inspiration for me to get up early and run, or get through a boring work week, and today I am using both those genres of activity as my motivation, but thinking of them in terms of the bigger picture.

What do I mean?

Well, there are no races in my near future, that’s for sure.

And, two nights of intense dance are not really recommended by the doctors in my clinic, but I can look to future fun for the times when I just need to focus and follow my health plan.

What kind of life do I want for me, my husband, family and friends?

ONE THAT IS FUN, of course!

Eating disorders totally prevent any form of fun from occurring and most of the things I consider exciting require a healthy mind and body (Remember that Tomorrowland video I kept watching because I WILL be there in 2o13?!).  That means I really do need to follow the diet I deem “too high,” and refrain from excessive activity.

So although Tomorrowland 2013 served me well last week, I made a bigger list to start week 3:

1. Disney World with my family in November

2. Working in a career-field I LOVE

3. Vacations with Ryan and our friends that include doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we want without worrying about packing ridiculous amounts of “safe foods” or Ry being hesitant for us to be included in excursions due to the calorie burn.

3.5. An example of the above inspiration is BPM in Playa Del Carmen THIS January.

4. Feeling confident and original in clothing again. (I wore a lace dress Friday that is the closest to anything I wore in my past, more healthy, life and I LOVED the way it made me feel!  Very lady like and maybe even a little sexy 😉 )

5. A good relationship with my mom and others who I have pushed away because I was so deep in my own world.

There are so many other things that are inspiring me at the moment, but these are what I am chosing to remember RIGHT NOW in order to get through breakfast and my weekly treatment evaluation that will happen in just a few short hours (I hate you Monday doctor appointments!!!)

Wish me luck!

What is your #mondaymotivation?

What goals have you set for yourself this week?


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