The Magic Within

I realize this is a completely unconventional, random post, but yesterday as I was sitting in journaling group, we had to respond to a poem that was read to us, and for some reason this is what came up for me.

It is not a poem, or really anything with structure, but I wanted to share.

The Magic Within

There once was a girl who felt so small.

Compared to her peers she looked like a tiny fairy you would imagine from a story book.

She glittered and sparkled but could not speak loud enough, or have a big enough presence to feel like she mattered.

…Until one day, she got lucky…

It was dreary and gray and her wings were shining bright enough that a passerby noticed the vibrant yellows and gold lighting up the surroundings.

“Hello, little one. How are you? Why do you look so sad? Your wings are so beautiful and alive; they make the room so warm; it is glowing!”

“But how did you even see me? I am too small! I wish I could be big like you! I wish I could experience life as someone who others actually see or want to know!”

“Coincidently, I can help you. I’m in the field of magic, you know.”

“Do you pull rabbits out of a hat?”

“No! I am actually a potion master.”

“Like a witch?”

“No, but I can give you the things you most desire…”

“To be normal? To be important?”

“YES! Yes!! You will be free from the body and state you despise. Just drink this and it will all be better.”

So the small girl poured the elixir down, down, down her delicate throat and waiter for her miracle to occur.

And then it happened…

“Is this what it is really like?! Is this how others feel about themselves? Can things be this wonderful?!”

The tiny one experienced her first day of happiness, inner peace and confidence. She thanked the magician for his kindness; for the gift he had shared with her when she felt so undeserving of something so special.

“There is no need to thank me, little princess. The potion was just water. I merely made you believe you were big and worthy of recognition and happiness. Your wings glitter and you are beautiful…but you always have been. I didn’t change a thing about you, or enhance your unique qualities. It was always within you. You just needed my help you see…”


Like I said, there was no real purpose to today’s post, but there are times I know I need someone to help me recognize the positive qualities God has instilled within me.

Often it is sticking to my core values, and celebrating my individuality that provides the most fulfillment; but finding the courage to do so can be difficult.

Every day I feel like I am improving in those respects.

Happy Thursday, my friends.

One more until the weekend 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Magic Within

  1. I’ve been quietly reading your blog on and off now and lately, it’s been quite inspiring to me. Since I started reading, I’ve been able to relate to much of what you’ve been through and have spoken of. Even at the present, we are in similar positions, but reading of your bravery and current journey, is leading me down a similar, healthy path and while I haven’t made any concrete decisions yet, each day I get a bit closer. Thank you for continuing to be so candid in your posts and for allowing us into a glimpse of your recovery journey. If it makes any sense at all, through reading your recent posts, I can almost feel the glimmer of hope and promise.

    • You just absolutely made my night. Sometimes I feel like I am a completely crazy person who no one understands and not that I would EVER EVER EVER wish this terrible way of life on anyone, if i can help someone in any way, I am really happy to do so. Keep fighting hunni! every day is a new one and u have me, and i am sure many many many other people here to support you any time!!!

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