The Happiest Place On Earth: Revisited

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If you do you might want to smack me because after watching this the other night I could not stop gushing about how much I want to go to Tomorrowland.

And for once I am not discussing one of the sections of Magic Kingdom you all know I love…

I am talking about the music festival in Belgium that is reminiscent of a fairytale dream, and although the DJs play a bit more of the mainstream EDM sounds some of the hardcore listeners do not prefer, the atmosphere itself would make it worth the trip.

If you have not seen the after movie, here is the twenty minute delight…

DO NOT get intimidated by the length of time. I am telling you it is worth watching every second and even if you have no intention of actually viewing the whole thing, I dare you to turn away because you pretty much can’t; its THAT good.

Aside from the fantastic beats, just look at the smiles plastered across the faces of attendees.

Look at the size of the crowd; how ecstatic the DJ’s look to be performing for over one hundred thousand fans!

I have always loved this genre of music (and completely respect and appreciate ALL segments of it…from Danny Tanaglia to David Guetta…) but it is only recently that I have started making it a weekly thing to either go to a show or dance around my favorite club in Philly (Yes, Rumor I am talking about you!) And physically being in the presence of both performers and my peers who share the interest, provides a whole different experience.

Festivals? Yeah, they take it to a whole other level…

Two weeks ago was the first time I had ever attended an all day extravaganza, and honestly, it may have been one of the best times of my life.

Electric-Zoo was insane and one of the most welcoming environments I have ever entered.

Just like when I wrote about Zumba last year,, the whole EDM community is a wonderful aid to my self-confidence and movement toward personal acceptance.

Where else can you wear beads, neon, bedazzled sunglasses and sneakers and be viewed as completely tame? Next year I might need a crown and wings…ESPECIALLY if I get the chance to visit Tomorrowland!

Back to the point…

A few months ago I had a TON of social anxiety. You can blame the eating disorder…

I never left my house on weekends…was terrified of meeting new people because I thought they would instantly hate me or pick up on the fact that I was going out of my mind…

I avoided public gatherings because I was scared.

But look at the mass of people enjoying Tommorowland.

Do you see all the different flags? Styles? personalities? Does that not perfectly exemplify the community component of a shared love for music and all it represents?

If the video doesn’t do a fabulous enough job at providing an illustration then I will tell you first hand. The friends I have made through my passion for EDM, dance and just being out with others, has changed my life for the better, and I really can’t see it going anywhere but up from here.

I love you Walt Disney World, but maybe it is time to visit a new Tomorrowland.


8 thoughts on “The Happiest Place On Earth: Revisited

  1. I’m a recluse by nature. A lot of various circumstances and hard learned lessons in middle and high school led to a general instinctive distrust of most people that I’ve still held onto after all this time. Literally, my friends are my two sisters, my boyfriend and my mom. As a result, I don’t go out very much. In college I think I went to a total of 2-3 parties the entire 5 years. And really, that’s okay with me. I don’t really like crowds and my idea of a great evening is curling up on my man pillow (i.e. my boyfriend ;-)) and watching Netflix all night. He’s trying to get me to expand my horizons a little bit and maybe think about being a little more social and I am trying…it’s a process.

    I watched the video too; my twin LOVES this kind of music, she’d fit right in at that festival. Plus, she’s more social than I am, so I’m sure she’d love to go to something like this. Me, I’ll admit that I’m more of a little kid at heart- my dream vacation right now is Disney World. I’ve only been once and that was when I was 16 and we didn’t really get to stay long or see all that much. So I’d love to go back there with my boyfriend for a getaway.

    Glad to see you’re obviously getting out there and enjoying yourself Great post ❤


    • Oh gosh hunni…sometimes I feel like the eating disorder TELLS us we like to be at home more…I love watching movies with Ryan but we also LOVE to go out now that I am more free and social…i think it is all about balance.

      We actually go to Disney World at least once a year so I am with you about being a little kid at heart! You should absolutely go with your hunni during Food and Wine Festival. Everything is fresh and delicious and there are a lot less little kids roaming around! its really romantic and special and most things are included in the price of admision. Let me know if you need any help disney planning because I have been ther eover 30 times!!!

      Stay strong girl! im ready for my sandwich!!!

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