Dolce Fair Niente!

“I think I live for Friday’s.”

I said this to Ryan as I got home from work one day last week.

“You and the rest of the world….”

Ok, he has a point, but there was a period of my life when I dreaded the downtime weekends promised because it gave me too many free seconds to think; feel guilty if I wasn’t cleaning and doing adult chores that are majorly boring but I guess pretty necessary when done on an as needed basis.

The whole concept of balance was something I had no idea how to practice. I felt like I was having a 7 day work week and I did not like it, at all.

But my misery, could and SHOULD have been avoided…


I don’t really speak Italian, but when I was reading Eat, Pray, Love a few years ago this phrase, and pretty much the entire chapter of Rome, completely captivated me.

The art of doing nothing…

What a beautiful concept!

And the Italian men in the barbershop that criticize Americans for not knowing how to embody this philosophy were exactly right if they were describing me…(and a million other people in this country!)

Sitting down, taking in the scenery, enjoying the moment…none of this was in my daily repertoire. Instead I was constantly stressed, always trying to please people, hating life, and feeling mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.

Whenever Ryan and I would travel to Europe, I found brief segment of calm. I would usually have 7 days of serenity where I would embrace the essence of my being, take care of myself and appreciate my surroundings as if it were my last day on earth.

Granted, these weeks I was on vacation and did not have work or encounter the familial stressors that normally stare me in the face, but when I would observe the population within these countries; France, Spain, Croatia, Itlay…everyone seemed a lot happier than some of my colleagues and friends in the US.

I guess it is also a proven fact considering Forbe’s list of the top ten “Happiest Places in the World,” consists predomenantly of European nations. (No, the U.S. isn’t even on there…)

I am not saying, “MOVE TO EUROPE AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE CAREFREE AND FABULOUS!” (although I am sure a residency there would be nice…) But I am confirming that life is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better when “Dolce Fair Niente,” is applied.

This is as simple as scheduling in a little “me-time” on a weekly basis…aka, my weekends.

Personally, I know this means I enjoy one night out (preferably listening to some awesome music, surrounded by friends, and dancing the night away…) but then I like pretty much an entire day where I can be lazy, nap, eat left-overs, go to the farmers market or for frozen yogurt, live in sweat pants, chose to clean or not…

It is whatever I WANT to do at that current time.

Now I dread Mondays more than anything, and remind myself that in order to play hard, you also have to work hard.

La Dolce Vita!

Yes, life is sweet 🙂

Speaking of sweet…I do have a challenge for myself right now and that is to try a cupcake…my local friends do you have any suggestions as far as where to go or what kind to try?! No packaged grocery store kind will do! I want it to be DC Cupcakes style 😉

Happy Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “Dolce Fair Niente!

  1. I am actually from Europe (North though) and I find it really funny that American people always think everything is beter in Europe. I think in a lot of places in Europe it is also work-work-work and no relaxting; Maybe in the south of europe this less, but there also have a lot of problems nowadays especially economically.
    However; it is true that most people have a live next to their work, and most people only work 32-38h per week and have at least 3 weeks of holidays and we have unlimited sick days. YEAH 🙂
    However do not dispear there are lot of American things I am jealous about: frozen yoghurt, bagels, Whole Foods, we do not have them here 😉
    Enjoy your cupcake!

      • Haha not in the Netherlands 😉
        But in Sweden (where I am now) there is great bread 🙂
        Tnx for your offer, I would love to do a swap, anything Swedish or Dutch which you would like perhaps some ”stroopwafels” (google that one ;))

  2. Hey girl! I finally started my own blog….check it out!

    I used to dread downtime too! Especially Monday holidays. I always felt like other people had cool stuff to do while I was at home bored! Now that I’m more social (and dread my job)….I cherish every second of Monday Holidays and every other day off : )

  3. I’ve learned to make time for myself everyday, even if it’s just 5 min. I used to want to please everyone around me too, but than I started to realize that you gotta make yourself happy and take care of you first, cause no one else will. life’s too short to live for others and not yourself.

  4. Sweet Sensations in Lebanon is yummy…and so is Sandi’s Breads in the Grantville Farmers Market (all whole-grain healthy but ridiculously delicious!)

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