No Fear! Food As Fuel From A Local Gem

It was rather interesting this morning when I was sitting in my wellness committee meeting and our Superintendent stated something along the lines of…[in regards to the usefulness of our annual health fair] “We can give the people all the information in the world, but really it is up to them to make the choice to get healthy….personal decisions and actions are what dictate wellness.”

I nearly started to cry in my seat because his words ring so true to my present situation. I am really sick of being sick, and looked at as some sort of charity case or leper, but it is ME who decided I wanted to recover at home, which means it really is ME who has to take the steps to accomplish my goals.

No one is here to caudle me as I break down over a muffin. And no one is providing a neatly organized tray of food that has a balance of macronutrients and a gazillion calories to aid in me gaining more than .0008674 pounds a week.

As my mom said to me last night, lettuce should no longer be the base of my diet if I am truly serious about getting healthy.

Anyway, since I really am pushing to make some healthy changes to my life, I have enlisted the help of a wonderful friend in order to ease the burden on Ryan.

Since he is currently on night shift, one of the dinners I was supposed to have alone turned into a very special girls outing that was exactly what I needed to stay inspired and unwind after a long weekend.

*Just as a side note, Friday I like to switch things up a bit and do some lighter posts. I think I might start spotlighting some of my favorite local establishments just so you can get a feel for where I live and I can be held more accountable for my choices. Is this something you might be interested in reading?! I always love to hear your thoughts πŸ™‚

I have always loved supporting small businesses in my town, but even more lately I have started seeking out venues that are NOT chains, do NOT publish their nutritional profiles, and specialize in “neighborhood-based,” fresh food a person SHOULD feel good about putting in their bodies.

Of course balance is ultimately what I am striving for, but my body feels best when I give it mostly nutrient rich, full meals rather than the processed snacks I used to live on because I knew the caloric content.

I am really trying to focus on the fact that ALL food is fuel and should not be feared, so if I can find a place that makes something delicious, nutritious and supports other local businesses; I feel GREAT about my choice on so many levels.

I believe I have found the perfect spot! The Green Market Company in Mount Joy.

Since I had a doubletakedeal (sort of like groupon), my lovely friend and I headed to this little cafe and I was SO SO SO glad we did.

First of all the place is absolutely adorable.

It is quaint, welcoming, and boasts organic and locally obtained veggies, breads, meats, cheeses and spreads, using these delicious things to prepare a an extensive menu of soups, salads and my usual arch-nemesis, SANDWICHES.

In addition to their food station, The Green market also has a mini-grocery store with products we all know and love…Chia Seeds, anyone? But we didn’t purchase anything on this visit other than our dinner.

Next time however, I think I may need their peach salsa. It came on my sammy and it was SO good.

And speaking of the meal between two slices of bread…

Honestly I could have devoured pretty much everything on their menu, and had a hard time deciding on any one thing. Fortunately, Brielle has fabulous taste and I asked if she wanted to split a sandwich and each try one of their delectable looking soups.

Her amazing choice; a house-made black bean patty on organic whole-wheat sourdough bread, with tomatoes, greens, onions, the biggest, best, dill pickle ever, AND peach salsa.

OMG it was good.

…But the highlight of my plate was the chickpea and orzo soup.

I think I could have downed the entire crock-pot behind the counter because this was quite possibly the BEST soup I have ever had.

It was thick and hearty like a chili, but the flavor of the tomato and spinach was just fantastic, even for an 80 degree day.

Since the bean patty kind of fell apart on my plate, I ended up eating it fork-style, which turned out perfectly because the bread was a phenomenal dipper for my new favorite soup.

We already have plans to go back next week, because like I said, there were so many different things that looked enticing, it was really difficult to chose a single option.

Obviously the solution is to return several times so I can try them all πŸ˜‰

What also made this place super special was the man working behind the counter happened to be the owner.

We spent a little time chatting about him, the restaurant, some of the awesome items he features, his passion and also the Sunday Grill they host that features a tasting of various seasonal dishes, and wine pairings for each.

Although I cannot attend this Sunday, I already know Ry and I would LOVE to participate for one of our day dates.

If you live in the area and would be interested in this, as well, they do a nice job of sharing information on both their website and facebook page so you really should check it out πŸ™‚

Like I said, although I may struggle with the amount of food I am taking in (we went for fro-yo afterwards, of course πŸ˜‰ ) it does help to consume things that I ethically feel wonderful supporting; local items made with love and that fuel my body in a way that it will repair effectively and efficiently.

And it never hurts when the dinner is delicious!

So thank you Green Market Company! I can’t wait to see you again next week! Please have that fabulous soup ready and waiting πŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “No Fear! Food As Fuel From A Local Gem

  1. This sounds like not only a great cafe but also a great friend that you should have dinners with more often! Glad to hear you enjoyed a healthy and yummy vegetarian meal (i’ve been veg since childhood) , and fro yo is a no brainer….
    The comments about the health fair sure did hit close to home- and from your previous post yes, companies’ human resources look at you and judge thinking you will need/take sick days, max your health insurance benefits, miss work for dr appts and even need to take a leave of absence- all before they even look at your resume. It may not be “fair” but your appearance is going to prevent you from any new job opportunities.
    Use this as a push forward towards the future you want for yourself.

  2. I’m so happy to hear you broke through this realization and that you are clearly making challenges with ED. So excited for you CJ! Keep up the hard work!xo

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