Sometimes I like following the blog trend of WIAW because it gives me an opportunity to have a more light post, and show you some of the deliciousness that does occur throughout my week.

BUT, it has also made me realize there are still a lot of things I realize I have not incorporated into my meal plan, or even tried, ever, in my memory.

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with another female who I consider to be very well-balanced, honest and important in my life, so when she spent time listening to my struggles and expressing her feelings/advice, I really took it to heart.

I told her I wanted to challenge myself with at least one item a day to get back to a more normal relationship with nutrition and she thought making a list was the best way to go about this.

Of course I agree but a difficult aspect of this is, there are some things I just don’t think to incorporate because they have been off my radar for so long.

So today I am in a pretty good frame of mind, spent some time discussing it with my most trusted support team and put together a short-stack of items I might want to get around to trying…

I guess you could say this is “What I Have Not/Am Not Eating Wednesday?”

But I will get to it, I swear!!!

1. Iced Coffee

This had to be first on my list because pretty much everyone I know is OBSESSED with this beverage.

It sounds delicious, because I really do love coffee, but if I am being totally honest, me and caloric drinks have never been friends.

The only time I ever ever ever drank fluid that was not some sort of diet product, or water, was milk when I was in the hospital, or more recently unsweetened Almond or Coconut milk.

Ask any of my dieticians…when they encouraged me to try juice, that was ABSOLUTELY out of the question and I threw a five year old temper tantrum anytime it was placed on my tray.

So as I was browsing through twitter and saw numerous people commenting about their love for iced coffee a lightbulb went off.

Hm…I have a gift card for Dunkin’ Donuts, and I do drink a cup of joe a day…

This might be a great challenge for me to get over my phobia of caloric beverages!

I had planned on trying it this weekend, but then plans, friends and other distractions interfered so I went with another refreshing drink that many rave about, but I definitely put on the “no-no” reserves….

A smoothie.

It was about a million degrees Satuday. We were in the sun ALL day. I was enjoying dancing with my husband and it was getting close to snack time.

There were several local food vendors that set up shop around the perimeter of Randall’s Island, one of which happened to be all-natural, fabulously thick, fruit smoothies.

I asked Ryan if he would take a few sips if I decided to get one.

Seven dollars later I had a large cup of strawberry, banana, pineapple goodness.

It really did hit the spot and I was glad to try something that is actually pretty healthy and “normal” among a group of people I love.

Iced Coffee…I will meet with you soon!

2. Cupcakes

I don’t think I have ever had a cupcake.

…at least not since I was a little girl and can actually remember what it tastes like…

In treatment I had a piece of actual cake, which was traumatic and caused me to tear up on several occasions, but I have never walked into one of these trendy new bakeries or eaten one of the thousand individualized treats I have made in my 3.5 years of marriage.

I have never looked at one of the things I prepared for Ryan or our guests and thought, “Wow I really want one of these.” But that could be because I became really good at shutting off my brain to any craving outside the diet food world.

“Oh, you want a cupcake??? Vita Tops are just as good!”

I do LOVE Vita Tops…I mean seriously, they are delicious, but maybe I would enjoy a cupcake?

I certainly thought the one Annie made on Bridesmaids was beautifully put together and somewhat appealing, so perhaps I should just try one and see how I feel.

Another caloric beverage, a glass of ICE cold milk, would definitely need to happen alongside.

3. Soft-Serve Ice Cream/Fro-Yo Toppings that are not natural aka…anything other than fruit!

(PS In case you are wondering…I did recently try hard ice cream and it is just not my thing. I actually warmed it a bit in the microwave because I think the softened version is like heaven in a bowl…)

Friday, when we were in New Jersey, my family and I went to CUPS Frozen-Yogurt.

It was pretty delicious I will have you know, but I had a near melt-down internally because I showered my dish with some almond slivers.

Normally I restrict myself to ONLY fruit toppings.

That’s what all the magazine say to do….”if you MUST get frozen yogurt, then the toppings bar is a nutritional downfall that a person must avoid at all costs.”

Well sometimes the chocolate covered pretzels look awesome. And sometimes the other varieties of nuts sound like a swell addition to my concoction. Maybe I even want some Reese’s PB Cups?! If you have ever been to one of these places, you obviously know the possibilities are endless.

Fortunately, a new friend of mine is opening the first place in town to offer this delectable treat and I think it is perfect timing to work on my irrational fears.

YoFresh is coming in the next few weeks so all my fellow Central PA’ers, please join me in my venture to step out of my box.

*PS for more information please “like” them on Facebook, as well.

Support is helpful and I plan on being there pretty often so I need LOTS of people to accompany me in my venture toward Oreo Cookies over some caramel soft-serve. Thank you 🙂

4. Subs

I am not talking about a Subway 6 incher that has no fat source, barely any meat and no condiments other than green vegetables and perhaps a tomato and onion.

I mean a legitimate sub shop, with crunchy bread, piled with meat and mustard and all the fixin’s, preferably toasted, kind of thing.

I have been to Subway a few times in my recovery and it is good, but I know everything there is to know about that establishment when it comes to nutrition.

I know what to omit to make it the lowest possible option without making people too suspicious of my antics, and I KNOW there are much better bread options out there at the mom and pop stores in my area.

You all know my love for a good sammy, which I am sad to admit did not happen last week as planned 😦

So I think a sub, sandwich, wrap, any of these deli choices that happen to be my favorite in the universe, need to be on my agenda.

AND preferably not from a place that publishes their statistics or labels something as “fresh and fit.”


Ok so I know the last two things mentioned I have tried before, at least once, but neither option is still deemed acceptable or “ok” in my mind, which is why I NEED to keep challenging myself with these items.

The next thing….


…I have also had before and you saw my excitement when I was able to track down the Vita Pizza’s at Wegman’s.

My enthusiasm was 100% accurate and real for those little round treasurers, but quite possibly one of my favorite meals ever is pizza.

I love freshly made brick oven pies with garden vegetables, REAL mozzarella cheese (shredded stuff in a bag just does not do it for me…) basil, some crushed red pepper and a crunchy crust that is still doughy and satisfying to the last bite.

The craving for this came about because Ryan won a gift certificate in his golf tournament last week for the ONLY place to get this honest-to-goodness Italian delicacy, Trattoria Fratelli.

He LOVES it there but anytime he asks me to go I say “we don’t need to spend the money.”

Now I really don’t have an excuse because our pizza would be covered with his awesome prize, it is just me who has to work up the courage to ask my husband for a date night out.

I don’t think he would say no, especially when it comes to food and me requesting it, so now it is up to me.

Hold me accountable, friends.

I mean it!

This was probably not the most exciting WIAW, since I have only sampled one of the items I mentioned, AND the list is definitely incomplete. I am sure there are plenty of things out there that need to cross my lips but this is what I have so far.

Wish me luck on another week of challenges, and I hope some of you will participate as well.

I leave you with a question…

Any suggestions of things for me to try?!

I would love to hear some of your favorites 🙂

Happy Hump Day!!!


14 thoughts on “WIAW…Or What I NEED TO BE EATING Wednesday…

  1. I love this post! I do eat vitatops all the time so I know how good they are, but I PROMISE you, cupcakes/muffins, REAL pizza are soo much better! And I promise you even more they won’t hurt you 😉

  2. Iced Coffee…wow, this post brought back memories for me. See, I used to be addicted to this stuff. I swear they put crack in it or something. I used to HAVE to have one every day after dinner. Then, ED came along…and that was just was the end of that. But listen CJ, you can and should totally have one of these. Seriously. From someone who knows her iced coffees and beverages even if I haven’t had one for years, if you want one from Dunkin Donuts, get a Coolatta. It will change your life, no lie lol For Iced coffee, definitely get Caramel/Mocha or the Cinnamon/Swirl. Pure deliciousness.

    Whoa, dude HOW did you know I’ve been craving a gourmet deli sandwich? Like, exactly the kind you’re talking about with the thick crusty bread, and the “works”. PLEASE eat one of these- if you do, then I seriously think I may give into my own temptation and eat one too. My mom has a panini press, there’s a Great Harvest Bread Co. up the street, I have a curry chicken salad recipe made with greek yogurt that I’m dying to try…I just need a “push” to tell me it’s ok to have this thing 😉

    And Pizza…ohhhh pizza. It’s been 2 + years since I’ve had anything remotely resembling pizza. I’m going to make a confession that in retrospect sounds so pathetic to me, but I am alas, guilty of. I spent Sunday night just staring at pictures of pizza on pizza franchise websites. Just…staring at it. Craving it. Wanting it. Let’s face it, I just want some damn good pizza lol So yes, please eat some.

    My faves right now? (I.e., things I crave like crazy) Cornbread. Buttery, sweet yet slightly salty cornbread. Pizza Meatloaf (Google it. Make it. Trust me.) Thick sugar cookies with icing. (No explanation required) Pancakes (Yes, still. I haven’t been able to conquer my fears and just break down to have some- so you have some for me, yeah?)

    Thanks for the great post ❤


    • It sounds like you and I may need to make a plan and challenge things together 🙂

      Thank you so much for all the wonderful suggestions…pizza meatloaf WILL happen because my husband will LOVE if I put this on the dinner table 🙂

      And hunni, great harvest is my favorite place in the UNIVERSE to get bread!!! You HAVE HAVE HAVE to go get some and make a delicious sammy! We can do it together!!!!

  3. CJ, I just want to let you know that I’ve been in a similar spot as you where I had a list of things I wanted to be able to eat again, hoped to challenge myself with, but deep down wasn’t sure if I could accomplish it.

    Pizza was on my list and I can tell you that I now eat pizza probably once a week. In the beginning, the idea of eating a bite of pizza would have caused me emotional turmoil. When I would have a piece of pizza, I’d take off all the cheese and never finish the crust. It was a miserable obsessive experience. Eventually I started making homemade pizza for me and my husband but would add less cheese and toppings on my side. As great as a step that was, it was still filled with fear. Slowly, but surely, I challenged myself, just like you can. Now I make pizza at least once a week, add plenty of different cheeses and toppings, and experiment with different dough recipes. We’ve also tried out the different pizza places in our town to see which ones we like the best. When we want pizza but I don’t feel like cooking, we order take out. I promise, this can be you and Ryan.

    Everyone has their own paths to take them to the mountain top where the view is amazing, but regardless, there IS a path for you to reach the top. It may take some sturdy hiking boots and you might have to camp out a few nights along the way, but you and everyone else in the world can make it up there.

    Food is nutrition, and it can also be the center of social gatherings or a source of struggle, but ultimately it’s just food and only has the power that we give to it. What’s really important is appreciating the delicious food we have and enjoying it with those with love.

    Good luck 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post CJ and could obviously relate to so much of it… except the ice coffee one, you MUST try it! And it doesn’t really have extra calories in it either- I just get mine with splenda and a bit of cream (healthy fats for the body!). I totally understand about the opposition to drinking your calories, it seems like such a waste to me. As for the smoothies though, I don’t count that as a liquid necessarily as I add so many different nutritious foods in there- bananas, strawberries, soy milk, peanut butter and spinach… other times I just have fruit. Good and good for ya!
    The other fear foods you have here though, ohhhh yes! Pizza seems like it will always be so hard for me. A legit sub? Can’t remember the last time I did and I know exactly the kind you are thinking about here. A cupcake? Madness! I wish I could just have one without a second thought…
    Always working on it though, we both are, because as always, we DESERVE a life free of this BS.

    • Isn’t it horrible how restrictive this disorder is. I always used the excuse that we dont have a dunkin donuts…or we dont have a starbucks so I just never got around the trying an iced coffee but there are several little mom and pop coffee shops that I am sure have delicious concoctions…one even has chocolate peanut butter flavored blends!!!

  5. I know that you know to make any significant progress you will have to drink calories. Like, every day several times a day. Not just one smoothie “once that one weekend you were dancing too much….” Smoothies, juices, soymilk, wine etc are all great options that you need to actually meet your meal plan goals- and are much more easy to digest than another vitatop or protein bar (less bloating and feeling over full)
    I hope you have literally taken out your calendar and “scheduled” these foods for certain days to keep yourself accountable this time.

  6. You should just get an iced coffee at dunkin donuts and just ask them to put ONE pump of the pumpkin (or mocha, caramel, etc.) syrup in it. I don’t like my coffee super sweet but I allow myself to get the nice flavoring without the whole drink being a calorie bomb. Indulging doesn’t mean you HAVE to down a sugary drink just to “fight the disorder”. Have what you want, HOW you want… Because after you drink the drink, you might not be upset because of the calories but the fact you really didn’t enjoy the drink.

    Same things with frozen yogurt. I mean, we all love cookie dough, but make sure it’s what you REALLY want. You really may just like fruit better. Setting yourself up by MAKING yourself put those toppings on can also be your ED winning in a different way. If you think you want a reeses cup, just put one or two. Being ED free doesn’t mean you have to dump tons of them on. Just do a couple or WHATEVER it is to your liking. 🙂

    • haha the tough thing is, ED has masked what I like for so long, sometimes I am not one hundred percent confident what I like and what I don’t. but i agree…I love salad…genuinely love them! If I want to have one for lunch people should not label it as ED behavior…but if there is a day I want a cheeseburger, AWESOME I can have that too 🙂
      Welcome back to the blog world lady! i hope all is well!

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