I am sure you all know what today’s post will contain, since it is halfway through the week and if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you KNOW I found some fabulous goodies when Ryan and I hit up my beloved Wegman’s.

You see, living in a pretty small town, we are the last to have new products.

I get so jealous when I see all my favorite blogs feature obscure nut butters, new flavors of things, etc.

And just to give you an indication of HOW minimalistic some of our stores are, most only carry one or two flavors of Clif and Luna…AND NO MOJOS!

In my book, it is a serious tragedy.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with a super long intro since WIAW has become a pretty hip tradition in the blog world, and if you need further explanation Jenn, the wonderful initiator, explains it beautifully on her site 🙂

PLUS, the first thing I have to show you should require no introduction.

Nor should you be surprised to see it since I have been talking about the brand for my entire blogging career.


Oh my gosh! I had been dying to try these!


Saturday I threw out the majority of the “diet” foods I had in my house.

Rice cakes be gone, but when Ryan questioned the Vita Tops and Pizza that were in our freezer I explained…those I have never eaten because they are marketed for dieters. (Obviously since there have been situations where I ate 2 or 3 at a time…more calories than a Snickers…)

Anyway, I assured him that regardless of the small caloric content in the pizza, I made them fit into an appropriate meal.


Well, I utilized the BEST meatballs I have ever tasted.

Another new to me product was Al Fresco GourmetTomato Basil Chicken Meatballs.

These things are SO SO SO easy to prep because they are already cooked, have INSANE amounts of flavor, and paired SO well with the pizza.

I also added roasted veggies and a little more sauce, and the meal was completely balanced and one of my favorite things of the week.

If you like pizza, a wonderfully textured crust, melty cheese, and the flavors of Tuscany, definitely get yourself some Vita Pizza and throw on a few of my favorite protein’s balls of meat.

Thank gosh I still have pizzas in the freezer and a couple left overs from Al Fresco because this meal will absolutely be repeated later this week.


PS…you may have seen me post about this on Twitter, but Vita had not even hit shelves yet! They were still in boxes in the back of the store waiting to be unpacked since Wegman’s did not have a spot for them. The poor store clerk searched high and low for me to have these delicious treats and for that I am SO thankful! Thanks college kid…you are the employee of the month in my heart ❤

Chobani Flips

These were also being unloaded when Ryan and I were in the dairy section of our little trip.

Like with Vita and Al Fresco, I am very loyal to my favorite yogurt brand.

I love ALL flavors and the plain is my staple for any time I want to amp up my breakfast with some protein (anyone else think it makes a fantastic waffle-wich? OR PANCAKE TOPPER NOW 😉 ) so when I saw that they started making new varieties, in a whole new style, of course I had to try!!!

Since I have not met a Cho that I didn’t like, I knew I would be a fan but these are definitely even more tasty than I imagined!!!

I love the raspberry chocolate…it reminded me of the delectable sorbetto we had in Genoa this year and that is a memory I will happily re-live, any day.

Speaking of memories….

The girlfriend I have been spending more time with lately is fantastic in so many ways.

We have fun, she is very supportive of me and is a great listener, and she also makes some pretty freakin’ amazing hummus.

The day we went to Trivia last week she text me and asked if I liked her favorite chick pea spread.

Do I like it?!

I eat it pretty much every day!

Normally I get mine at the store, but when she asked if I would like some of the avocado hummus she made how could I possibly turn that down?!

Since I am also obsessed with the yummy green fruit this seemed like a match made in heaven and I assumed right!

I think I cried a little bit when I used to last of it.

Maybe I can convince her to make more? I especially liked that there were no nutrition stats attached 🙂

And last but not least, this was inspired by a bl- (thank you Chelsea, Healthy Munchkin!!!) who pointed me in the direction of the Fitnessista for a protein pancake recipe.

I didn't really have any intentions of turning the pancakes I loved Monday into a protein variety, but when I was looking in the pantry for another box of mix Monday night (I used up the box that morning…woops) I was devastated to realize we only had a miniscule amount left in the other box!

Seriously, not even close to enough to make the ginormous pancake I enjoyed earlier that day.

BUT, I did have a bag of Sunwarrior Vanilla that I remembered someone mentioned they had used in addition to their mixes to make a rib-sticking, protein variety.

I did not follow the Fitnessista recipe very closely, frankly because I did not want to get out all those ingredients at 6 am the next morning, so I just followed the directions on the back of the pancake mix box and added a scoop of Vanilla.

Although the texture was not as fluffy, the flavor of these were AWESOME!

They were definitely sweeter, and with the addition of a peach, plain Cho, some Wild Squirrel Peanut Honey Pretzel Peanut Butter, and cinnamon, they were delicious.

And just for good measure I threw some Emerald Cinnamon Mixed Nuts on top for a little crunch!

Yes…it was as delicious as it sounds.

Now that I am sure I have tempted you with this fabulous selection, go enjoy breakfast 🙂

You can probably guess what I am having 😉


5 thoughts on “WIAW: No Theme Necessary…JUST DELICIOUSNESS!

  1. Its ridiculous how similar we are in our CHO obsession. I love topping Van’s waffles with it and some fresh berries and/or nuts. So yummy!!!! Those chicken meatballs sound great too 🙂

    • Well I am certainly looking forward to the Chipotle Hummus I hear so much about 🙂

      I’ll make the spaghetti sqaush and you make the hummus and it sounds like a great evening to me!

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