WIAW Old Favorites Bring New Finds!….For Your Lunchtime Pleasure

There is something I have noticed more in the last few weeks that could potentially be a good thing when it comes to bettering my life:

My body image is always the worst when I am unhappy in other aspects of my life.

Not a revolutionary statement by any means, but its true.

Because I don’t want to focus on things I don’t like in other, definitely more important, segments of my existence, my negativity concerning my appearance will skyrocket when these things go awry.

Obviously this means I need to take the necessary measures to improve what really counts, but that is much easier said than done. At least now I can try to combat my poor self-image with some rationality, and that is definitely a plus.

Hopefully it works 😉

Well onto more exciting news!

It is Wednesday, meaning that not only is it nearly halfway through the work week, HOORAY, it is also time for the blog tradition of WIAW.

I pretty much never follow the “proper” format of Jenn’s beautifully orchestrated ritual, but this week’s theme I feel is pretty significant considering the time of year…

WIAW: Lunch Packing 101.

You know it’s getting close to lunchbox time when the end of the aisles at the grocery store are jam-packed with variety boxes of snacks and econo-size cases of Capri Sun, but I bring my lunch everyday (hello money saver) so I consider myself a pro.

…a pro and sometimes BORED with my selections.

But gone are the days of a plain salad with turkey.

Lately I have been pretty enthusiastic to open up my cute little Thirty-One cooler because it has contained some seriously awesome treats!

If you follow me on twitter, or have read my blog for more than a mili-second, you will know there are a few products that are ALWAYS in my house; aka I am obsessed with.

Like most mid-week posts, what you are about to see is nothing absolutely NEW, but special assortments that I felt you all needed to be aware of ASAP.

Let’s get to it!



Yes, I have told you about my love affair with Popchips before, but this week I am not talking about any ordinary Popchips.

I am talking about the new TORTILLA Popchips!!!

As soon as I saw these available on Amazon I ordered a variety pack, immediately.

I mean really, who can pick just one flavor?!

A few days later, when my box of heaven arrived, I had to dive in right away.

It has been a little less than a week and between Ryan and I the box may or may not be halfway gone.

(There is no shame in having more than one serving a day and even he admits they are reminiscent of Doritos!)

I can’t pick a favorite because they are all so damn good, so my advice to you is just try them all. I promise they are amazing! Nacho Cheese, Ranch, Salsa and Chili Limon…I am salivating just at the thought!

Vita Tops Apple Crumb


Nothing new here either.

I am a very loyal customer to my favorite sweet treat, but when Hungry Girl had a promotion for BOGO combo-packs, of course I had to take advantage.

Sometimes the problem with these deals, however, is the company includes a type that sucks and then it isn’t really worth making the purchase, but when I saw the only Vita integrated I hadn’t tried was Apple Crumb I thought, why not?

Normally I am a chocolate girl (other than the delicious Corn…for some reason I just love the Corn and Pumpkin) but the Apple sounded like it could be a really awesome addition to my breakfast.

…And I was right! Vita never dissapoints, because the fruit filled top is SO good!!

Especially when warmed up and paired with my favorite Chobani Apple Cinnamon (www.chobani.com); it is just like a delicious apple pie, and you should totally try it now.

Speaking of Vita, guess what is on my weekend agenda?!

Picking up VITA PIZZAS!!!!

I just discovered they are available at our “local” Wegmans and I cannot wait to have one for a single girl dinner while Ryan is in Colorado.

He gets beautiful mountains, but I get a tasty pizza. I don’t know who is the winner there?!

Snacks are essential to packing for work. If you have a problem avoiding donuts, cookies, and other baked items that tend to show up around the office, it is always helpful to have options on hand.

I personally incorporate a morning snack into everyday so I have a little shelf filled with all my favorites, just in case the craving calls.

For me this includes Clif Mojo, Luna and Luna Fiber, Packets of Peanut Butter (WILD SQUIRREL VANILLA ESPRESSO I AM ORDERING YOU SOON!!!) Emerald Sweet and Salty Nuts, and of course, the things mentioned above.

That way I am fully prepared for any situation that comes up.

Hungry CJ=Cranky CJ.

And what would a luncbox be without the inclusion of a more substantial main-meal?

To me this USED to mean vinegar-ladden lettuce and a few slices of turkey.

It also meant I was STARVING and ANGRY, but in the last few months I have pretty much fallen in love with grilled sandwiches; specifically Panini pressed wraps packed to the gills with STUFF.

Not necessarily the easiest thing to generate in an office, but I have been lucky enough to find some flatbreads I think are delectable cold, as well.

FlatOut FoldIt FlatBread Soft Pretzel


I have always been a fan of the Flatout brand, but when I saw the Soft Pretzel Fold-able variety on sale, this buy seemed like a no brainer.

Obviously these aren’t rolled like a traditional wrap; more like the two-slices of bread deal, but they really are awesome!

They are a little thicker than the normal Flatout, so I definitely enjoyed the extra texture, and since they were slightly salty but still a little sweet, the flavor profile was excellent.

…absolutely perfect for the slight kick of my favorite Wholly Guac I just can’t seem to get enough of!

They also freeze really well so if you can’t imagine eating the package of 6 in a few days, it’s really no big deal to save them for later.

I personally am down to one so that probably tells you preservation wasn’t necessary in the Weaber household.

…it should also tell you they rock…

What STUFF do I like to put in them?

Well aside from roasted veggies, guac, hummus, Trader Joes goat cheese medallions, pickles, mustard, etc. I NEED a protein!


Perdue Perfect Portions Jamaican Jerk


What is a sammy without it’s main component?

Um, not filling and leaves me wanting more 4 seconds later; just like the lame salad I used to call lunch…

So that is why I rely on my two favorite brands I told you about last week.

(Perdue and Al Fresco might as well thank me for supporting them at my local grocer because I think I buy up their stock most Saturday mornings.)

This past weekend I was THRILLED to see the new flavor of my Perfect Portions was available and immediately started planning meals around the Caribbean spice.

“Calypso” salads with mango salsa, Guac and pico…

Grilled chicken sandwiches with warmed pineapple and brie…

Just baked with some chili spiced sweet potatoes!

ALL ways were worth mentioning, and like the aforementioned products, I highly suggest you stick a pack of these in your fridge, pronto.

They are easy-peasy to make, and great both hot and cold so they totally worked for a well-balanced lunch sack.

Last but not least, what would a WIAW be without my Cho?!


Chobani blends are now available at my grocer; Vanilla chocolate chunk in a bigger container than the tease of the 3.5 oz champions YAY!!!

This means I can smear a little on a Deep Chocolate Vita (or two :-/), or I can freeze a huge bowl and make the best fro-yo ever!

Either way is delicious!

Doesn’t this sound like an awesome few days of food finds?!

I certainly thought so 🙂

Hopefully your eats were as good as mine, and your week is going even better!

Until tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “WIAW Old Favorites Bring New Finds!….For Your Lunchtime Pleasure

  1. I can relate to letting other things in my life direct what I think about myself. For example, my dad has health issues and whenever it gets particularly bad, I turn it around on myself. It’s something I am working on, for sure! And I REALLY need to jump on this VitaTop bandwagon 🙂

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