Tuesdays Are For Trying Something New

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Pop quiz…do you know who said this?

If you aren’t a Disney fanatic like myself, you may not know Walt Disney spoke those words like a billion years ago, but the short quote is one of my favorites.

Honestly, I am not good at remembering little catch-phrases like this; if you asked Ryan he would tell you 9 chances out of 10 I will mess one up…I actually said I was trying to “kills birds with stones” before which I now know is absolutely not correct, but I was on the Keys to the Kingdom tour a few years ago and this proclamation by my favorite imagineer sort of stuck with me.

I now am starting to figure out why.

I used to believe things just didn’t happen for me because of my luck, or would have some woe is me attitude when things weren’t going perfectly in my life.

I also let fear hold me back from really going after what I wanted because I was constantly thinking the worst.

Actually, this is kind of ironic considering who made the aforementioned statement, but I had a few interviews to be part of the Disney team when I was in college.

It was and if I am totally confessing everything here, it still is, on my bucket list to work for the company I adore so much.

When I was a little girl I wanted to dance on the castle stage with the beautiful glittery dresses to the songs I knew by heart, but that eventually evolved into a more realistic and practical vision of wanting to spend my days planning the vacations of others and providing them with the magic Disney always has for me.

Being a Disney Vacation Club representative or a guest services attendant were seriously ALL I talked about when people would ask my career path.

Well guess what happened when the time for those interviews rolled around.

I panicked and cancelled.

“I could never live away from home…no one wants me to plan their vacation….I wouldn’t be a good member of the Disney team…”

There were about a bagillion more horrific things that swirled around in my head that caused me to eventually call the recruiters and say it was unnecessary for them to keep me on their lists.

I regret that decision more than I can ever explain.

Of course I love my husband and don’t mind living in the town in which we grew up, but I know there is so much more for me in this life that I have not yet discovered due to being scared.

And now that I am blessed with a wonderful man to share my life with, my irrationality and fear also holds him back from bettering ourselves and I have about had it.

Ok, I have had it because I am now remembering Walt’s brilliance and putting his words into action.

I have a few goals currently I would really like to accomplish, all of which are outside fitness and nutrition (imagine that) and I am currently taking the steps to HOPEFULLY make them happen.

I do not have control over the outcome, which is what I always find terrifying and typically prevents me from taking the first step, but at this point I have a lot to lose.

That probably sounds odd….wasn’t I supposed to say “what have I got to lose?!”

No. I am saying I have a lot to lose here, because if I stay stagnant, do not take risks and remain in a place that is not at all what I am passionate about, then I am completely LOSING myself.

Maybe the things I currently want won’t happen, but they might lead me to other opportunities that will.

Isn’t there another saying along the lines, “with every door that closes another one opens…”

I think I got that wrong, but you understand the point.

Fear is a major root of my eating disorder not just in regards to food, but also more important areas, because it fed into the negativity gnawing away at my being.

No more.

Tuesdays are for trying something new.

*That is going to be my new theme for tuesdays, I hope you all like it 🙂

But tuesdays are for trying something new, and today I am taking a leap I cannot really tell you specifics about, but I promise you will all know when the time is right.

Happy second day of the work week, everyone! Don’t let fear hold you back.


7 thoughts on “Tuesdays Are For Trying Something New

  1. You nailed this for me. A huge thing I had to overcome in recovery and what I still work on is that fear. I let fear make me stagnant and hold on to what I knew rather than what I could accomplish. I let the past keep me where I was because I was scared of something that may have been new. I hope you find ways, even small, to overcome that fear. For me, in inpatient I made a list of all my ED rules and one by one broke them all. That was huge and really helped me. Maybe it will help you.

    • Thats a great idea!!! did you find it hard to come up with your rules??? Sometimes I have difficulty seperating what is ED and what is not.

      I am so glad you have made such progress!!!

    • Thanks lady! I am looking forward to a pool date!!!

      I would love to meet up sometime at KOP too! I think I will try to organize a little get together there closer to Christmas….maybe November? Perfect time for the holidays!

  2. I instantly knew that quote when I read it:) Disney is the best!
    I definitely struggle with reliving the past and wishing I could change it. Its so important to be present in the now. We shouldn’t wake up living in the past or future, but living in the now! And thinking of ways we can improve our day today! I love this idea of trying new things Tuesday! The only thing that gets in the way of our goals is out fears of the outcome, why focus on the negatives when we could live in the positives in what a change could bring us! xoxo

    • Exactly!!! as much as I am happy we both have this knowledge, I wish we could put it into practice 100% of the time so we could have the positive life we know is possible!!! easier said than done, right?!

      Have a wonderful wednesday darling!

  3. I will set aside my opinions of disney animation perpetuating the unrealistic female ideal in popular culture and say if working for disney is what your dreams are then you can and WILL make that happen.
    My best friends now-husband (i call him my best friend in law) had his bachelor pad apt papered in rejection letters. He went to an excellent college, went to grad school, and then graduated from a presigious business college program.
    There were at least a dozen papers taped up, all saying thanks but no thanks when he was looking for a job.
    Today, less than ten years later he has launched his own very successful hedge fund. I once asked why he kept the letters and he told me he would never be where he is today if someone had hired him. When i need inspiration i think of his attitude, perserverance, and ultimate success.
    I guess the moral of the story is sometimes sh$t sucks. And then later you realize how much that taught you and solidified your own vision of your future.

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