Music Cures All

Happy Sunday Friends!

I am typing to you from a lap top that is basically as old as I am, but I missed blogging so much I had to dust off the cob webs to catch up on the exciting lives of others and share a piece of my weekend I felt was/is pretty necessary to my being.

Ryan and I were once again blessed with a night away from our hometown and a super fun Friday schedule that made the last few hours of work tick by so slowly I literally ran out the door at 3:30.

We had tickets to see the Phillies, which as I have told you before is one our favorite summertime activities, a plush bed at the Radisson Warwick for a fabulous night sleep, and anticipation for a night at the BEST club in the city, Rumor, to see guest DJ, Justin Sheppard, all the way from Space in Miami.

If that isn’t the greatest date night ever, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, after what seemed like the longest 8.5 innings of my life, we finally made our way downtown to find the music.

As much as I love live baseball, I have a pretty one track mind when it comes to dance; I was excited for Rumor the entire week leading up to this point, so watching Halladay pitch an amazing game seemed only minorly entertaining compared to our after hour plans.

We arrived relatively early when it comes to nightclub standards but neither or Ryan and I are ever concerned with our image or following “protocol” in these situations.

We are there for three reasons and three reasons only; to be with one another, the music and to have a blast.

Mission accomplished.

The night is a blur but I can tell you all three performers we were lucky enough to see, were fantastic; their resident John G., Mike Meyers and Justin Sheppard all spun amazingly and it wasn’t until the next day we realized how much we must have danced.

I feel like I interject this a lot but I know what some of you reading this are thinking…

“What the hell is she doing shaking her ass all night when she still has a considerable amount of weight to gain?!?!”

Let me explain, and get to the real point of this post, because that aforementioned judgment is one I am sure is pretty natural for most who witness my body (the body I am not proud of at this current moment).

I wholeheartedly believe mental health is JUST as important as the physical.

Of course these two things go hand in hand, but at this point in my process, physical health can, and is, improving with nutrition, but the cognitive component is proving very difficult to build back up.

One thing I find very helpful in bringing me back to life is music.

Maybe this sounds funny to you, but whoever said music cures all, wasn’t lying.

Let me rewind a few years ago when I first sat in the hospital next to the music therapist I wanted to smack because she kept playing the same songs over and over again on her boring old guitar.

I like the guitar…I like multiple genres of music…but if you asked me what can completely take me away and make me feel free, there is only one answer and that is EDM.

In the past months I have gotten a lot more involved with all sorts of EDM and there is no better medicine than some Gareth Emery radio playing on my Pandora as I struggle through a challenging meal or moment.

…When my stomach is bloated, I want to restrict, hide, or run away, Mark Knight has been there to pull me through.

…When I thought Ryan and I had no hope of ever leaving our couch for dates, Rumor invigorated our marriage and made us remember how much we just loved being together.

You can think I am crazy, and my objective is not necessarily to convince you techno or house is going to change the world (although I highly recommend it!), but it has changed mine, and that is what is important, because I think we all need to embrace what works, not just for recovery from something but for giving our lives meaning and passion.

When I got sick, everything lost its luster and life became so dull I didn’t really care that I was slowly killing myself.

I never had the intention of suicide but I didn’t really think about the consequences because I felt like my life had already flat lined.

Finally I feel like my heart beats to a rhythm and pieces of me are being put back together, which provides a lot of my motivation to do the RIGHT things when it comes to my physical health.

Find that passion or interest and use it to your benefit. Enjoy it fully and let it take you away to a better place. That is what is what music does for me, and for the first time in a LONG time, I can’t wait to see where I end up.


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