Questioning Clothing and Self-Confidence

It isn’t really a secret that I have low self-esteem.

That is pretty much the root of my eating disorder and everyday I try to build it up piece by piece to kick the negativity to the curb and beat my ED once and for all.

Because I have such a problem with confidence, I was astonished at the amount of self-assurance displayed by the young females my husband and I encountered at a club when in Philly last week.

We were lucky enough to stumble upon a pretty cool show at Lit Ultra featuring Michael Myers and Cosmic Gate. Since we love EDM and any occasion that allows us to dance the night away, we decided to check out the new-to-us venue and some DJ’s that we both agreed were excellent for our little weekend date.

What shocked us was that the party was 18 and over, because neither one of us had been to a place that was open until 3:30 in the morning and permitted anyone under legal drinking age to enter.

We were even more perplexed by the attire.

Young women were in their underwear.

Literally, boy shorts, bikini looking top and fluffies.

We knew these girls weren’t of age, because they were behind the area of the gate that was designated for those who couldn’t be close to alcohol or the bar, and the worst part was, around 1:30, Ry and I started to migrate closer to the door since that destination had thinned out while the rest of the dance floor was PACKED and there were PARENTS….YES, PARENTS….waiting to pick up their kids.

We actually witnessed one of these scantily clad girls leave the building with her mom in tow.

Are you kidding me?!

My parents would have never EVER let me wear something like that.

They wouldn’t have purchased me something like that.

And they certainly wouldn’t have picked me up at a night club full of drunk, drug laden people at 1:30 in the morning.

Maybe I am getting old and boring and think this is completely outlandish when in fact times have changed and this is totally ok, but I couldn’t help but think these girls must either have a super high self-worth, or the lowest ever.

What do I mean?

Well, at first I judged with the idea that perhaps these girls thought they ruled the roost, could do whatever they wanted, and they looked so good it didn’t matter.

But then I thought, what if they don’t think highly of who they are as individuals and this is their mask to hide the insecurities they feel?

I am sure there is no right answer, because it is probably a different scenario for each person. And maybe they just like those clothes and there is nothing more to it than that, but I of course related it back to myself (am I totally self-absorbed, or what?!) and concluded that these ensembles and actions were a way to feel special, stand out, be accepted, get attention, conform to the societal pressure of that age group, etc. just as I attempted to do when I got deeper and deeper into my disorder.

I am curious, though.

I am the only person who has noticed the immense change in wardrobe and attitude of SOME of the young ladies in the world today?

I don’t want to make too many generalizations because as a person who works in the field of education I have so so so many students I think are wonderful, responsible, and want to steal their outfits on a daily basis.

But this could apply to any age bracket…do you think those outfits are there to make a statement?

Are they in fashion and I am out of the loop and becoming a loser who doesn’t know cool from lame?

Do you have any thoughts on generational trends and self-esteem?

I know this post is a bit out of the norm, but like I said, I am curious.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend dressed in whatever the heck you want!

Don’t judge me if I say for me that is some yoga pants and a stretchy t-shirt πŸ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Questioning Clothing and Self-Confidence

  1. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t agree more! I ALWAYS say stuff like this to Chris… where are these girls getting the money to buy such skimpy clothes?! Their parents?!?!?! I’d never! I’ve decided that I hope I have all boy children some day… no matter what, they stay relatively covered up. πŸ˜‰

  2. I completely agree with you! Holy crap, I wear more to bed than most of the kids I teach! (girls mainly, but I’ve seen a lot of underwear from boys as well, mainly because they have “pants on the ground” syndrome?)

  3. First off, let me say I LOVE my yoga pants and stretchy tops. πŸ™‚
    I completely agree with you and the three ladies who commented before me. The past 5 years as an educator and college graduate have absolutely shocked me and worried me at times as I have witnessed the changes in our young society members. It’s downright scary!

  4. Woo another person is named Tessa here! Moving on haha… I agree with you and I am shocked that parents let their kids out in sh*t like that! I say this all of the time but seriously kids these days.. I am seriously frightened for the future. I am aware that I sound like a 80 year old bitter woman, but sheeshe… what is happening with kids today? No wonder there are increasing number of eating disorders/DE in our country especially… the media plays a major role which in turn influences dress attire and such. So yes in conclusion, I agree CJ!

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