How To Turn That Frown Upside-Down

Whew. Thank goodness I can actually tell you MONDAY was slightly better than the weekend.

And I think it was because as I wrote last week, I had to take my mood into my own hands.

Of course there are times when nothing is talking me out of my funk and that was absolutely the case Saturday and Sunday, but Monday came and honestly, I don’t think I could have went to work with the attitude I exhibited the previous two days.

First of all I do have to deal with people pretty frequently in my position.

Without the kids and the everyday functions of a school year it is a bit less than usual, but I still have co-workers, delivery people, parents, etc. that are in my office everyday.

Me as Oscar the Grouch would NOT be appropriate, so sometimes you just have to put on your game face and fake it till you make it.

I know, I know; easier said than done, BUT I think there are definitely things we can do to improve our moods, and some of you had some fabulous suggestions for me in my dire time of need.

So here is just a short list of what I did to turn around my gloom…

1. Took a short walk.

Don’t judge. This was not a treadmill, structured, fast, fitness-based walk by any means. This was a “throw on my flip flops and grungy sweat shirt, turn up some calming music, and leisurely stroll around the neighborhood loop,” kind of jaunt.

Sometimes music in itself can totally cheer me up, but combined with the fresh air and cool breeze that was thankfully blowing Saturday, it really did help me see things more clearly.

Since Sunday I again woke on the wrong side of the bed I completely eliminated the treadmill, which I sometimes feel can invoke a pressure to hit certain numbers, speed, etc. and went to the park to be part of the great outdoors.

Like I said, tunes, trees and time to think can often be the best medicine for stress or when I am being a total grump, and that was absolutely the case in this scererio.

2. Made Something Delicious.

Perhaps this is an oxymoron since I was just griping about my ridiculous hunger, but Monday I was determined to start my day with a positive outlook.

Although normally my taste-buds really like overnight oats with my favorite Chobani yogurt stirred in, I noticed they weren’t nearly as satisfying as before, but were so routine I just kept on prepping them.

Well Monday morning my body wanted veggies and eggs.

I don’t always consider this option because it takes a bit more time and effort to chop and get ready, but today I figured why not?! I deserve to have some eggs!

Broccoli, spinach, egg whites and ketchup with peanut butter and jelly toast and a glass of ice cold Vanilla So Delicious Almond Milk; scrumptious way to start the morning and worth every second!

2.5. Eating something I genuinely craved wasn’t necessarily the point here. The point is I took some extra time for MYSELF.

I didn’t brush off my desire saying “oh, I don’t have time,” “I’ll get to it later,” “I don’t really need that…”

Instead I listened to my body, my heart, and did something I wanted and obviously needed at that moment.

My veggie scramble really could have been anything that sent the message “I am worth it.”

Sometimes I want a hot bath but think a shower is more practical.

Sometimes I want frozen yogurt but don’t want to pester anyone to go with me.

Sometimes I want to just sit down and relax but feel obligated to keep moving.

But sometimes the most important factor into having good mental health is being gentle, and satisfying our physical and spiritual requests.

*I will be re-reading that several times to myself over the next few months….or my entire life…

3. Mindless/Hilarious TV

Ryan got home after golf Sunday and even just seeing him put my mind at ease.

I really missed spending time together and when he suggested we just curl up on the couch to catch up on the DVR I was more than ok with that option.

We shuffled through Hell’s Kitchen, 2 episodes of Big Brother and then moved onto Bachelor Pad which is ABSOLUTELY insane this year.

I was happy to see Reid back, since I obviously root for my fellow Pennsylvanian, but also because I kind of fell in love with him during his season.

Ryan knew about it, so it was ok 😉

But aside from that fabulous casting decision the others ABC selected are going to make for a majorly dramatic, train-wreck season.

I know. I must sound completely ridiculous for loving all this trashy tv, but it is a guilty-pleasure and oh, so entertaining.

4. QT with my loved one.

The plot aspect of these shows is great, but it was the person sitting next to me that made all the difference.

I did have a good cry fest and tried to explain all my emotions as best I could, and he sat there patiently listening between sobs.

His words were wonderful but just getting out whatever toxicity was inside made a HUGE impact on my mood.

Between all of you, your support and my significant other, I feel so blessed during these troublesome times of the recovery journey.

The road is super long, incredibly rocky, but I am hoping the final destination will all be worth it.
Thank you so much for your patience 🙂


9 thoughts on “How To Turn That Frown Upside-Down

    • Oh my gosh yeah!!! Ryan and I have been watching it for the past few summers! Its such a trainwreck!!! And please, Mike Boogey, stop wearing those darn hats, you look like an elf!!!

  1. 1 – Took a short walk. No judgment here. 🙂 I think it’s great that you were able to use nature and music to bring you some sense of peace. I agree about the treadmill. Even though I KNOW the numbers are wrong (calories) and that the time, distance, etc. don’t matter…it’s still really hard for me to not try and “outdo” myself each time I step on. It’s another way for me to measure how “good” I am and if I have “earned” the right to eat. (<– Shut up, ED!)

    2 – I completely agree with you on this one. I think healing comes from learning to value ourselves. I put forth a lot of effort when it comes to things I want, so I really relate to you on this point. That is AWESOME that you took the time to cook for yourself!

    3 – Mindless TV is THE BEST. I don't watch Big Brother, but I do enjoy "reality" TV. I still like America's Funniest Videos…even though it's the same joke over and over (how many times can people record themselves falling flat on their faces or getting hit in the crotch???)

    4 – I'm glad to hear you allowed yourself to be vulnerable with Ryan and talk about your feelings. That's great progress and shows a real commitment to getting better!

  2. loving the optimism 🙂 sometimes these tactics work… sometimes anxieties just get too high… but we’ve always got to give it a shot!

    my laptop can literally be my lifeline. my family hates it…. but sometimes racing between internet pages is the only thing that can keep me from going nuts!

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