Happy Birthday To The One I Love!

I can’t believe it is Sunday already!!

Sometimes I feel like weekends pass by so quickly and work days take an eternity to end.  BUT I was “lucky” because my weekend started early, with a series of doctor appointments Friday morning, and then turned into a super awesome afternoon/evening with my one and only.

Since Ryan also had off he agreed this would be a perfect opportunity for us to venture to some of our favorite spots (meaning, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Wegmans!) to stock up for the last weekend in July where we host about twenty people for a major golf event.

Numerous boys + an abundance of alcohol + various drinking games = NEED for a lot of food….

And I don’t mean vegetables…I mean the club packs of chicken, burgers and sausage…chips, dips, salsa and cheese…

It’s all about balance, right? 😉

A way bigger grocery bill than I like to see later, my freezer is stocked and ready for their arrivals.

Of course this was also the PERFECT chance for me to stop and get some of my favorites; which will most likely be shown later in the week (I have to say something good for WIAW!) but because I love these so much I have to share this now…

Great Harvest of Wayne, Joey Bar.


You have definitely seen these on the blog a variety of times, but they are too good NOT to display.

I have a lot of love for my Clif, Luna, Mojo, Gnu, and other selections of bars that are always on hand, but there is something special about a homemade, super fresh, oat-y, fruit-filled, peanut buttery, DELICIOUS, Joey bar.

If you are ever near any of their stores (you can find all their locations here) please pick up one of these delectable eats.  Wholesome, healthy, and awesome.  What more could a girl ask for???

Maybe some Chipotle and Fro-Yo, which was also part of our friday evening 🙂

So-Fun Yogurt is AWESOME, by the way!

I can’t wait to WILL BE making a return visit soon!

Aside from the nice outing I had with Ry, Saturday was also spent together celebrating a momentous occasion; his 30th birthday!!!!

A group of us got together for drinks and dinner at a local establishment called Cafe Fresco.

I had been to their smaller restaurant for lunch and thought it was absolutely fabulous, but Ryan often spends his “boy’s nights” here and couldn’t stop raving about their night-time selections, specifically his favorite; Shrimp Pad Thai.

When I asked where he wanted his special night to take place, there really was no hesitation and he knew exactly what he wanted to order.

I was really pleased with his choice! (Not that I was surprised, he is a bit of a food snob…)

Not only was the atmosphere perfect for a low-key, celebratory, evening out, but the menu had a ton of choices, mostly asian inspired, with lots of scrumptious sounding seafood.

After deliberating between three or four options, my heart went with the avocado; the jumbo sea scallop and avocado salad to be exact.

Confession: I have been eating avocado/guacamole on everything lately.  It might be my new favorite food! All thanks to you Wholly Guacamole!

I was absolutely NOT disappointed!  The salad was pure perfection.  But more importantly than the quality of the food was the company we kept.

Ryan and I have such wonderful friends and it was awesome to see some of the faces I have missed these past few months.

And then without going into too much detail, we decided to meet some of our other friends at Penn State for a night out at Levels.

Totally unplanned but some of the bests nights are!

A nap WILL be in my future since I actually haven’t slept yet and my Sunday morning agenda is pretty full.

These days are typically reserved for cleaning, laundry catch-up, odds and ends to prepare for the work week, but today I will be out on the golf course watching my husband in our Country Club Championship.

I watched round 1 yesterday morning and it was so nice to see him in competition again.

I used to attend the majority of his college matches, and came to almost all of his county events, but they have gotten a little less frequent in the past few years.

As an adult you just don’t have as much time to play and he has cut back on the amount of weekends he spends at the course, but July is typically the most busy golf month of the summer and the next three weekends I will spend as a spectator and loving wife.  There is something just so exciting about watching the one you love with his game face on 🙂

This means mopping my floor will just have to wait.

I really am starting to love weekends 🙂

Enjoy your days, friends!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To The One I Love!

  1. Our husbands have the same birthday! 🙂

    I’ve been obsessed with avocados/guacamole lately too! My mother-in-law got THE BEST guacamole ever from Aldi… yes, the discount grocery store. So random & unexpected, but it’s delicious!

  2. I love that you had such a nice weekend CJ, this is exactly what you both deserve and NEED to do in order to start getting better and better… which can happen 🙂 You might have had doubts and ED issues that popped up throughout the weekend, but you pushed through and are doing so well! Ahh love the positivity I read here! Happy Birthday to the Hubs as well 😀

  3. The Joey bar looks fantastic- thanks for sharing! I totally know what you mean about the avocado-but it’s so healthy and such a good source of calories that you don’t even have to feel guilty:) I’ve been seriously loving guacamole, hummus, and egg whites on half a hemp seed bagel…yum! Glad you had a good weekend:)

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