Words Just Don’t Do It Justice

I realized yesterday I haven’t shared a ton about our trip with you, other than the minor recovery issue that I am nipping in the bud, BUT this morning I finally uploaded some of our photos so I figured what better time than now to show you just a few of my favorites 🙂


Ok, who am I kidding? I have a million pictures and I love them all because they remind me of such a fabulous time and gorgeous locations!

If you want to see more check out my album on facebook.  The Balearic Islands were absolutely beautiful and I highly suggest looking into holiday there if you ever get the chance!


17 thoughts on “Words Just Don’t Do It Justice

  1. Wow! Looks like you had an awesome trip! The weather, the sights – it looks amazing. I must say, though CJ, I am scared sick for you. Your pictures scared the heck out of me. Please tell me Ryan and you are looking into some intense therapy or treatment? I love you girl and know how hard it is. You voice your struggles so well. I’m just worried you need a bit more help than you are getting…

    • we/i go to therapy once a week. i was thinking about seeing my nutritionist more but before we left for vacay i kind of let that go by the wayside because of being so busy. thanks for your concern holly. xoxox

    • It’s a store called francescas I think it’s a small chain but they have beautiful colors and it’s not terribly expensive! Always a plus 🙂

  2. im sorry but your pictures are scary 😦 i hope you can get help asap! i know treatment is scary and hard but if you want to live you need to do something quick! praying for you!

  3. I…. wow. I don’t think I can visit your page anymore. I thought you were in recovery for a while now. This is like a glimpse into Auschwitz or something. I’m sorry, but my chin literally hit the keyboard. All this talk about how people say comments like “you look healthier!” must’ve really been made up. I don’t want to be the bully here and make you cry over my hurtful comment after what looked like a really nice trip, but considering you put those pictures up like it was nothing, I decided I might as well tell you exactly what I felt looking at them! I’ll pray for you.

  4. You trip looks amazing! You and your husband looks so relaxed and so happy. Yay Vacation!

    I am going to have to agree with Holly (and your hubby Ryan) though, and say that I am worried about your health. You speak so openly about your ED and you also speak so confidently about the role ED plays in your self-esteem and your life. But I worry that for all your strong and beautiful words, that you are not internalizing the message.

    Health has to be number one. You have a beautiful life, an amazing family, a strong spirit, and so much to live for. The CJ who loves to travel, loves herself, and her life is stronger than that negative voice. Don’t let it take hold. Focus on recovery and all of the amazing things you can do without ED, and the real CJ will be able to take control again.

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I really enjoy it, so I don’t want this to come off as criticism, but…. these pictures are really scary. Not only the pictures, but your recent posts as well. I know for me, writing about recovery allowed my ED to trick me into thinking that things were changing, when in reality the situation was getting worse and worse. I hope that you can step back and look at what’s going on and truly change for the better, because when I see these pictures I don’t see a “Healthy-Happy-Whole” CJ. You’ve gotten to a better place before and I am completely confident that you can do it again. It will be a struggle but you have the strength to beat this. We believe in you!

    • this is such a kind comment. I dont take it as criticism, but as support, and I am realizing that I need as much support as I can get these days. thank you for your honesty and encouragement!

  6. I can’t seem to open your link to the rest of your pictures on facebook, I would love to see them! I must be doing something wrong?

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