7 Lovely Little Things

One of my very favorite blogs, Amazing Asset , is written by a fabulous bl-iend named Tessa, who inspires me to do better in my recovery with every, single post, but I always love when she does fun surveys because it lets me know who SHE is outside her eating disorder.

I was super excited when she tagged me to also participate in this Lovely Little Things entry, because I too can be pretty interesting outside my daily struggles. Maybe not at this current time, but I promise, CJ is totally in there somewhere and has a lot more to offer than the insanity you see constantly.

So the idea behind this is that I tell you 7 “Lovely Little Things,” or random tid bits about who I am or my life, and although these are totally obscure, I hope you learn some more about the girl behind this blog.

Happy Thursday!

1. Growing up we were not allowed to watch anything but the Disney Channel, educational programs or shows we actually viewed as a family. This meant no MTV, minimal Nickelodeon (my mom thought Angelica from the Rugrats was a brat and didn’t want it to rub off haha) but a lot of PBS, Discovery, TGIF (remember that!?!?!) and 7th Heaven.

BUT, my favorite favorite favorite line-up was always Disney Afternoon.

Of course this was from when I was a little younger, when I wasn’t yet in school and could actually enjoy tv mid-day, but I have the best memories of watching Gummie Bears, Tailspin, Ducktales and Darkwing Duck with my Mom and Uncle by my side.

I had the stuffed animals, books and all sorts of little knick-knacks based on the characters, but the soundtrack that contained the theme song was absolutely the best Disney Afternoon collectible I owned. Ryan loves when I play it for him now 🙂

2. I listen to ALL types of music.

If you looked at my iTunes account you might be amazed because I have everything on there from the Canon in D to Zumba, Britney Spears to Tiesto, etc.

I listen to more dance or house music than anything, just because I find it keeps me awake at the office (I think my co-workers and students think I am nuts) and it is the best to stay motivated for a workout, but there are times when nothing fits the mood like Dave Matthews, old school NSYNC, or some classical Beethoven.

*PS Please download some Tiesto right now. I have it on in the background and I really want to dance.

3. I have 3 little dogs.

I don’t really talk about my puppies on here much, but we do have three small dogs that think they are people residing in our house.

We got Louis, the abnormally huge Yorkie, when my mom and dad first started dating, and he kind of rules the roost.

Bentley, the runt tea-cup Yorkie is usually found shaking in his little bed or growling from afar because he knows how small he is in comparison to pretty much everything.

Riley is like my baby because he is fun, energetic and seriously had the cutest face on the entire planet. Even though I get really mad that they pee on the hardwood three seconds after I just washed it, it really is hard to stay angry when my little Ry-Ry looks at me and almost smiles with the fluffy little face of his.

Ryan wants a bigger dog to add to the collection, but for now, that is one thing we absolutely do not need. In a few years hunni…

4. I was ultra competitive even as a child.

Have you ever played the game Candyland? It was a favorite of mine and I used to hide the Queen Frostina card because without her you couldn’t win and I wanted it all for myself.

This makes me sound like a terribly horrific child, but I promise, once my little sister came along, I was no longer allowed to win and I got much better. Every game we played had to be given to Lindsay because she cried about everything. I love her to pieces and we still joke about this today, but the girl was a worse loser than I was, so I learned a very valuable lesson about how to be defeated with dignity.

5. I refuse to go to a late movie at the theater.

Tessa was saying how she felt “old and grumpy” on her rant about the current teenage generation, well now it is my turn….

My husband and I refuse to go to movies after 6 p.m.

Have you ever been to a film on a friday night when there are 986548684 million middle and high school age kids in the building?! Don’t get me wrong, because I love working in education and I love my students, but sometimes I just want to go out and have a good time with my family, minus my entire town of adolescents.

We saw Snow White and the Huntsman last week (which was awesome, by the way) and were perfectly happy at the 4:10 matinée. Not to mention its $3 cheaper 😉

6. I love all hearts.

I used to make millions of construction paper hearts as a child, and my parents first nice piece of jewelry they ever bought me was part of the classic Tiffany sterling silver collection, that was a giant heart bracelet with my initials. I still have it and at that time wore it everywhere.

I still gravitate towards anything that is formed in the shape of love and if it is also pink and glittery, you know I am sold 😉


Are you sick of me talking about that yet?!

I am sorry I am just SO SO SO excited to get away and have a little R&R.

I apologize if I haven’t been as up to date on responding to e-mails and comments, but catching up on work and getting ready to go has taken a lot out of me. I hope you all understand and I promise I will be back on top of it after June 19th!

For now, I have a few awesome guest posts lined up for you next week, and I will be back soon!

Boy Voyage!!!!

Where is someone you would like to travel?!

What is one random fact about YOU?


9 thoughts on “7 Lovely Little Things

  1. My mom wouldn’t let Rugrats for the SAME reason!! haha. And my sister and I used to watch 7th Heaven like it was our job! I love getting to know these little bits about YOU! Stay strong, lovely.

  2. I’m 24 and still will youtube clips of shows like Rugrats or older Disney movies because my family was never into Disney, so I feel a little embarrassed if I ever have to rent a Disney movie thru Netflix or something… haha. So I’ll just watch one alone on my computer every once in a while 😉

    Oh, and I’ve been to many diff countries, but I would looooove to visit Australia! I’ve heard so many awesome things about it!

    Have a great trip! And remember: this is LIFE! Don’t let ED rule it!

  3. Have safe travels and have an amazing time there! Hopefully ED can stay back where you live and leave you on vacay! 🙂 You deserve to enjoy this vacation to the fullest! Haha, I also looved 7th heaven as a child, and its funny you mentioned it because I woke up this morning and for some odd reason had the theme song to that show stuck in my head all day!

  4. I am so so glad you filled this out CJ, and thank you for your very kinds words about me and my blog! You are just too sweet and certainly made me smile 🙂
    I love your answers to these… and heck yes to the movie theater being overtaken by hooligans! So annoying.
    Have sooo much fun in EUROPE! Oh my word so exciting 🙂 Do your very best to kick ED thoughts to the curb and enjoy this exciting time in your life, you most certainly deserve to!

  5. There are so many places I want to travel–Argentina, Greece, Italy, France, New Zealand, Israel, back to South Africa–just not enough money! haha! A random fact about me is that I hate butterflies and moths. I’m to the point that I don’t have a full blown freak out when I see one (touching me would be a different story) but they definitely even at a distance make me uneasy. I’m not sure why, I never had any traumatic childhood experience with a butterfly, just a weird phobia.

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