WIAW: What Do You Do…

What do you do when you leave for vacation in two days, were home alone most of the weekend, have minimal perishable items to produce a meal in the refrigerator, but still need dinner?

And what do you do to avoid a repeat of the horrific situation that occurred on your last trip to Europe, when you were stranded for two days in a German hotel with no nutrition labels, a lone option of a full buffet, “unnacceptable” airplane meals, and a raging ED voice that manifested in a person you were absolutely not proud of?

What better time to answer these questions than on the weekly tradition of WIAW, inspired by the lovely Jenn of Peas and Crayons!

You see, I have a bit of an obsession with the grocery store. I believe I enjoy shopping in general, and that is pretty typical for many females (and males too!), but I take an abnormally long time browsing the aisles of my local food stores.

If you have ever read the Key’s, or Minnesota Starvation Study, you might credit this to my malnourished brain, and to be honest, I think that is big part of the reason why, but I have made it a personal goal to make less unnecessary trips.

…Sometimes I used to go multiple times a week and walk out without even purchasing anything….those are the instances I am trying to avoid.

Anyway, because I was cooking for one saturday and sunday, and I knew we wouldn’t need much during the week, I made a brief stop to stock up on things to take with us (more on that soon) and the items required to pack our lunches.

That meant it was the perfect opportunity to utilize our “reserves,” or the coupon and impulse buys I sometimes get and stick in the freezer for “emergency” situations.

I knew I wanted something simple and fresh for dinner, and with those criteria the first thing that came to mind was this:

Kashi Chicken Fettuccine

You all know I am terrified of pasta, but in the name of challenging my fears, when the company sent me their appreciation with a $2.00 refund for trying their new line, I had to check out the freezer aisle.

From the picture this looked pretty darn yummy, and I can cope with a portion controlled meal from a brand I trust is quality and delicious, so why not give it a sample?

I steamed some extra veggies; spinach, broccoli, peppers and mushrooms, and stirred them into the easy-peasy dinner, topped it with lots of crushed red pepper and Mrs. Dash‘s Salt Free Garlic, and my tummy was delighted.

This might be my new favorite Kashi meal, and I have tried quite a few. None have ever disappointed me but I really liked the produce they included, the light sauce, chicken that was not rubbery at all, and the whole grain-goodness of the twirly noodles I remember from childhood.

I will definitely, definitely, definitely be buying this again, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for something I consider pretty healthy and wonderfully delicious.

After dinner, since Ryan was headed to his last night shift of the summer, I figured there was no better time to pack.

Packing for me is a bit different because I have to leave room for food.

Ok CJ, you are going on a cruise in the Mediterranean and you are including a very large ziplock bag full of food? That sounds insane right?!

Well in my opinion, it is better to be prepared than not, because last time we traveled overseas, the ash cloud trapped us in Germany for a few days and our flight home was an atrocity.

tT make a very long story short, my special low-calorie meal I ordered when we purchased our tickets was no longer available since we were on a different aircraft and I just about lost it.

There was no way in hell I was eating something I did not KNOW was “appropriate” for ED. And Lufthansa was wonderful. They brought me every stinkin’ option on the plane; first class meals, yogurt, fruit, snacks, bread, cookies, Nutella, milk, Gatorade, literally anything that could provide nutrition they brought to our aisle and I refused, refused, refused.

Ryan obviously was frustrated because I had not eaten in 10 hours. I was CRUNGRY beyond explanation, and my ED voice was so loud I couldn’t stand it.

I told Ryan I hated him, I stamped my feet, I ran up and down the steps. My husband was pretty embarrassed at the behavior of his 23-year-old wife, and it is certainly not a time of my life I am proud of, so we now take things with us, just in case.

Some might call this enabling, but there are other situations that arise when additional snacks and alternative choices are wise to have on hand; i.e. a hike up Mt. Vesuvius that leaves you ready to gnaw off your arm and lunch isn’t for another two hours, or my birthday night of dancing I cannot wait for in Ibiza.

Not to mention, sometimes I just want a Luna Bar, darn it. (or Clif Mojo, or Justin’s Nut Butter, or KIND Bar…trust me, I have them all 😉 )

But now I truly have NO excuse NOT to meet my meal plan.

On the note of delicious snacks, DO NOT hesitate to try the new Luna Fiber. It is no secret that I am pretty much obsessed with anything made by the Clif brand, but the Peanut Butter Strawberry is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. You better believe that made its way to my suitcase!

Alright friends, hope you are having a fantastic week! Nearly halfway through 🙂


3 thoughts on “WIAW: What Do You Do…

  1. Great to know the Luna bar flavor is worth trying. I always hesitate to buy new bars since a lot don’t tate great and I end up taking one bite and tossing the rest!

    Definitely back snacks – I always do that on a trip cause you just never know. Hurray for vacation!!

  2. glad to hear that kashi meal is a good one – i wanted to try it but it was quite expensive. Now I know its worth it 🙂
    The vanilla blueberry Luna Fiber is super delicious – have yet to find the peanut butter strawberry one.

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