Let’s Go!

This weekend was pretty amazing.

Friday the forecast was pretty bleak with projected 30 mile and hour winds and tornado warnings in our surrounding areas so Ryan and I planned to go to an early movie and grab takeout, and then sit around in our sweats enjoying each other’s company.

That didn’t sound like a bad night to me so I was quite surprised at 8 PM when I was upstairs changing clothes and getting ready to go to a club in Philadelphia.

Many of you probably know I LOVE to dance.

I love to dance but I don’t often do it anymore because going to a crowded, loud place, after my normal bedtime is pretty much terrifying to me.

I won’t be home to have my normal snack! People could be judging me! What if I was hungry from being up too late and I ate more than “normal?!”  And omg what if I don’t get up at 4 in the freakin’ morning to work out?!

These are the thoughts that have prevented me from participating in an activity I enjoy, and the sad thing is, Ryan and I used to go out a lot.  Not every weekend, but if we had the opportunity to do so, we almost never turned it down.

I actually joke my husband won my heart on the dance floor at a club in Philly because it was a weekend away and after a night out that we first told one another of our feelings.

Anyway, Friday we met two friends and made our way down to the city of Love to see D. Ramirez at a place called Rumors.

We had never been there before but it was AWESOME.

I seriously felt free for the first time in longer than you can even imagine.

I danced, I yelled, I fist pumped like you wouldn’t believe, and I went to bed later than I normally wake up.

It is sunday and I am still feeling the effects of the lack of sleep and things my body isn’t used to, but having that little glimpse of life without ED was definitely worth it.

Maybe I should do a little more of what my men Ne-Yo and Calvin Harris have to say…


2 thoughts on “Let’s Go!

  1. Good for you, CJ! Nights like that remind you (us) that fun is attainable and you really just have to DO it and it will be so worth it 🙂 Good thing you have a day to recover!!! Xo

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