WIAW: The Hunger Beast and Pregnancy Cravings

Good Morning!

I am LOVING that it is Wednesday already, and nearly halfway through the work week. Four day weeks DRAG when the day off is Friday, but if yesterday was any indication of the pace for the next couple days, it will be weekend before I know it, and that is A-ok with me!

Another aspect of this Wednesday I was kind of looking forward to is WIAW, so thank you very much Jen for initiating the cool tradition that seems to unit the blog world on a weekly basis 🙂

I don’t always participate, partly because there are times when I do not want to re-live my intake, and mostly because of the shame that surrounds what I consume.

I often have trouble forming appropriate meals, snack on things I am embarrassed to disclose (hello, two servings of Back to Nature Sweet Potato and Cinnamon Crackers last week!) and put together obscure combinations that remind me of something a pregnant woman would enjoy. The hunger beast I referred to yesterday has not really helped quench me snack attacks, so this week is predominantly sharing things I have eaten between meals in order to get closer to my prescribed plan, and appease the relentless tummy growlings.

Thank you Target for providing (aka, causing me to spend way too much money) my delicious new finds.

I started my Target adventure (2nd trip in two weeks=deadly for my little red-debit card) with a stack of coupons and a few items on my list I absolutely needed to get for the Lindsay’s birthday/our upcoming trip, but I know from past experience to leave some budgetary wiggle room because that gosh darn store sucks me in with the wide selection I cannot find in my rinky dink local grocery stores.


I have eaten Popchips before. I know I love them, but they are not sold in any of the three markets I frequent in my immediate area. That means when I see the variety at Target, they are immediately thrown into my cart. AND it must have been my lucky day because there were a few bags on clearance (Salt and Pepper, which I have never tried!) due to the sell-by date to be rapidly approaching.

Don’t worry, they will definitely be eaten before that date…it is a whole week and a half away, after all 😉

So three bags later…Plain, BBQ and the fabulous Salt and Pepper deal, my Popchip buys were complete.

*Actually, on a side note…Popchip if you are out there, could you please start selling the Sweet Potato somewhere that I can find them?! Pretty, pretty, pretty please!

Now here is the part I am a little uncomfortable telling you, because what I paired with my new salty snack doesn’t really seem cohesive…

Peanut Butter.

Yes, the plain Popchips with Peanut Butter is absolutely out of this world.

I think pretty much any nut butter is amazing by itself, and I have no idea what made me want to try these two together, but it totally worked.

Don’t judge until you try it 🙂

Target also helped me discover two varieties of Popcorn that have been around forever, but I hadn’t personally tried until now.

Pirate’s Booty White Cheddar.

Holy cow, you are awesome!

Apparently I wanted salt last week because this also satisfied my salty cravings, and I love that the company makes single serving bags; perfect for a little pick me up.

Pirate Booty…I am a fan 🙂

I am also a new fan of Popcorn Indiana Kettle Corn.

I picked this up because I REALLY wanted to take a Trader Joes trip and get my favorite individual lunch box bags of their Light Kettlecorn, but then decided cleaning took precedence over an unnecessary two hours of driving.

But as if it were by fate, there in front of me was the Popcorn Indiana, also portioned out and ready for me to throw in my work sack.

As much as I love my Trader Joes, I think Popcorn Indiana might have it beat. This was like the best thing ever for an after lunch snack, and I will definitely be buying it again.


Even though I made it sound like my week was a total salt-fest, I promise you my diet did not JUST consist of little bags of snack foods.

In fact, the weather this weekend helped inspire some pretty awesome meals on the grill, and there were a few items that made our Memorial Day picnics absolutely stand out.

Al Fresco Buffalo and Chpotle Chicken Sausage

I LOVE Al Fresco brand. I have mentioned it on my blog before and I will continue to put it on my shopping list because I have not yet met a flavor I didn’t like, but these kinds were AWESOME.

I don’t know if it was the perfect grill texture, the spice, or that everything tastes better in the summer, but these bad boys were tremendous plain, cut up and put in a spaghetti-squash and roasted veggie salad, or on pizza. My next venture is to toss them in an egg scramble for a little morning Mexican Fiesta. What do you think?

Harvestland Cheddar Jalapeno Chicken Burgers

I have never had a chicken burger…

I make plenty of homemade turkey burgers and I love Trader Joes and Laura’s Lean Beef Burgers, but something about these caught my attention and I added them to my protein line-up.

Thank goodness I did because they are fabulous! Over a salad, or just on a bun with my standard mustard and pickles, my taste buds were delighted with the subtle spice and delicious seasoning.

I actually found both the new types of Al Fresco and Harvest Land Burgers at Walmart of all places, so if you are in the mood for some new meat, I assure you these are both wonderful selections 🙂

I hope you have a great hump day and very happy eating!!!


13 thoughts on “WIAW: The Hunger Beast and Pregnancy Cravings

  1. Omagad, that popcorn… Amazing. There is a little company based in ye old’ Sudbury, Ontario called Nana’s Kettle Corn that makes the absolute best kettle corn. I swear by those salty/sweet golden nuggets!
    Pop chips… Not crazy about those. I mean you could eat a zillion of them but are they really delicious? I don’t know.



  2. I love all of those snacks. Sweet potato pop chips are my absolute favorite. I recently tried the new jalapeno flavor and it is so delicious!

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