When Life Hands You Lemons…

I recently found out one of my friends, who coincidently I knew from a treatment facility, was re-admitted to the hospital.

I am extremely sad for her because the last time we were together, a few months ago for lunch and a little goody swap, she seemed like she was in such a fabulous place.

She had found strength through her faith, was working a job she enjoyed, and her smile glowed which not only gave me immense hope, but also pride, because I knew her at a time when her mind was completely dark and distorted.

I was sad to hear of her whereabouts, but also completely understanding because I know how difficult this journey can be, and sometimes the strongest thing we can do is ask for help.

I am not telling you to this invade her privacy or put down her situation, because obviously I have been in her shoes one too many times before, but more because it serves as a good reminder; fighting ED is a constant battle.

Actually, I should rephrase that….

Fighting ED is a series of battles, because there are so many twists, turns and new opponents that may come up, even if you feel like you are finally getting a rest.

It is the same way in life…you think you are finally bringing things all together and then a wrench gets thrown into the equation that can knock you off your feet and either make you turn down a negative road, or become a better person.

I would LOVE to think what I have gone through in the past few years, with countless attempts at recovery, I have grown as an individual and am working on becoming the person God intends me to be, but the point is I have to remain in that realm of thinking; that even though my adult years have not yet gone as planned, I will ultimately end up just where I was meant to, to eventually win the war.

This may seem a bit confusing or vague for a Sunday evening, after a beautiful few days of weather, but just remember that no matter what comes your way, YOU have the power to change it and turn lemons into lemonade.

Hold onto that hope and I am sure your week (and hopefully even longer 🙂 ) will be fabulous!

Enjoy what is left of this gorgeous evening! ❤


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