Five and Fun For Friday!

The last few days at work have been INSANE. Between working on getting all the supply orders together for next year, preparing for graduation, counting over $10,000 that will soon be donated to the American Cancer Society (go Relay For Life), early morning meetings and a whole slew of other random interruptions, I have had minimal time to respond to e-mails, clean, or do a ton of personal stuff at night.

I like being busy, but I am definitely looking forward to a weekend with hopefully good weather, and my family.

But since it is Friday, and I would like to end the work week on a more fun note, I welcome you to 5 Things Friday.

Some of my favorite blogs do renditions of this and I always enjoy learning some random things about the people behind the screen, so I figured today I would also try my hand at a whimsical post.

Here goes…

5 Songs I am LOVING Right Now:

1. Payphone (Maroon Five and Whiz Khalifa)

2. Something for the DJ’s (Pitbull)

3. Dance Again (Pitbull and J. LO)—I seriously hope they don’t overplay this on the radio…they always do that!!!

4. Repeat (David Guetta and Jessie J.)

5. Back In Time (Pitbull)

…obviously I like Pitbull….

I have a lot of songs I really enjoy for relaxation, and actually listen to a lot of country, but these I play in the morning as I am getting ready for school to give me a little pep. The David Guetta and Zumba stations on my Pandora radio are also major staples in my life.

5 Places I Want To Travel:

1. Germany (I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a river cruise down the Rhine…hello castles!!)

2. London (Who wouldn’t love to be there for the Olympics this year!?)

3. California (I have been to LA, but would love to drive the coast)

4. Canada (I want to go in every season because the skiing looks fabulous and the scenery is gorgeous!!!)

5. Does it count if I say all of Europe? I am not the kind of girl who wants to backpack and stay in hostels, but there are so many amazing things to see!!

5 Things I Wish I Could Improve:

1. Recovery (duh?!)

2. Making Time For the People I Love (I have a brother I should probably call…and an Aunt and Uncle I see way less than I would like!)

3. Putting Laundry Away (Anyone else live out of a basket?)


5. Letting Go

5 Things I Want To Do This Weekend:

1. See the Gettysburg Battlefields!!! Definitely my plan on Saturday if the weather is as nice as they predict…

2. See my cousin play Lacrosse.

3. Take my mother in-law and grandma B. to brunch Sunday for an early Mother’s Day!

4. Clean and get ready for our upcoming yard sale.


Yes, all those things sound really nice πŸ™‚

5 Totally Bizarre Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. I count sheep to go to bed…(After I say my prayers, if I have trouble falling asleep, I try to envision the little animals jumping a fence and I literally count them one by one….sounds totally silly but its better than counting calories!!!!)

2. I volunteer to chaperone almost every school dance….and I am definitely the weird faculty member dancing in the corner…

3. I was starstruck three times in my life…When Mark Whalberg stood literally a foot away from me at a hotel lounge in LA…when I met Rocco Dispirato at the Food Network Festival 2 years ago…I am still in awe every time I see him!….and when Cameron Diaz sat next to me at a restaurant. FYI she ordered a burger, fries and milkshake! LOVE HER!!!

4. I am finishing up the Hunger Games right now and I am totally loving them…third book starts a little slow but I seriously need the second two movies to come out ASAP!

5. My real name is Catharine Jennifer but barely anyone ever calls me that…I had a professor in college who refused to call me CJ, and for most of the semester I didn’t answer…initially because I wasn’t paying a ton of attention (boring elective) and I am not used to hearing that name…and later because it annoyed me she wouldn’t call me the name I asked her to use. Stubborn lady!

Now it is your turn!!! Pick one or ALL of the categories and help me learn something new about YOU!

Happy Friday!!!


11 thoughts on “Five and Fun For Friday!

  1. I am in some serious need of new tunes, so I definitely appreciate these song suggestions!
    If I had seen any of the three stars that you did, I would have turned into a babbling tourist/cliche fan lol… I would have asked for the autograph and all of that stuff you aren’t exactly supposed to do πŸ™‚

  2. Come to Canada, I live there πŸ™‚ I totally live out of my laundry basket as well, its a little insane. I would have had a freak out attack if I saw Mark Whalberg, he is such a dream boat and I absolutely adore Entourage

  3. Hi, C.J.
    You need to listen to the song “Unity” by Shinedown. My husband went away on a business trip and left me a note to listen to it. He thought the words and the emotion it brings would help give me the strength to recover. He said when he heard it, all he could think of was the emotion we will feel when I’ve recovered enough to have a child together.
    I think you will find it touching and relatable, even if it doesn’t hold the same meaning for you as it does for me.
    Love you and your blog and am right by your side, same struggles and thoughts.


    • Awe holly I am so sorry your are struggling! I wish there was something I could do to help you. Thank you very much for the song suggestion! I’ll download it right now! Xoxo please let me know if you need anything ❀

      • Believe it or not, your blog helps. The way you verbalize your thoughts and feelings helps me relate and sometimes understand my own.

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