From a Negative Comes a Positive…AGAIN :-)

Something happened in the middle of the night Friday, that although was VERY scary, turned out to be FABULOUS.

Ryan is on his rotation of night shift so he leaves at around 6:00 PM and doesn’t get home until the next day after I leave for work.  When we first started living together and I had to adjust to eight week stretches of sleeping alone, in an unfamiliar home, I was SOOOO not on board with the idea.

I kept hoping an all day shift position would open, but a few years into it, I know he prefers working overnight and I am pretty used to being next to my teddy bear rather than husband (yes, I still sleep with a stuffy!!!—perhaps I shall tell you the relevance to my Duffy Bear some day ;-))

Anyway, back to my story.

I was fast asleep in bed Friday night, my sister wasn’t home yet and Ryan was earning money, and all of a sudden the dogs started FREAKING OUT!

Not barking like, “Oh mommy I need food…let me out I see a cat….”


We have an alarm system and all our doors are very secure since the break in a few months ago (if you are new you may read about that here) but I shot out of bed like a lighting bolt and my heart started pounding like, “what the heck do I do?!”

I text Linds…”Where are you?!”

“I am on my way home…”

“Nope, stay wherever you are…text you soon.”

I peaked out my window to try to see if I could catch a glimpse of whoever was in the yard but with the way our home is laid out, it is nearly impossible to see anything from my bedroom.

I obviously called the police and frantically told the dispatcher the scenario and he assured me he would stay on the line as the officers made their way to my home.

He kept asking questions to help calm me down but really, at this point it was a bit late.

Phew, the policemen got here in a timely manner and all I could hear via telephone was “He says she knows him.”

“Ok, mam.  It is alright for you to go downstairs…the officers want you to go to the front door.”

I tentatively opened the door and stuck my neck around the frame.

Standing below the portico was a former student of mine, in a dark hoody ready to plead his case.

“He says he is your sister’s boyfriend.  Do you know this kid?!”

“Yes I do.  I had him in class, but I didn’t think he and my sister were dating.” (This is a whole nother story in itself…long, complicated and unnecessary at this time…)

The past pupil wanted to come in to use the phone, for me to take him home, for the officers to drive him back to his grandparents…all of which I said no to because I personally don’t think it is appropriate to show up at someone’s home at 1 in the morning and scare the living daylights out of them like that.

BUT the real point to me telling you this is, although I had a pretty big scare, something fabulous came out of this situation.

Following the resolution to the dark hooded figure in my entranceway, the policeman asked if he could speak with me alone.  He was the same guy who worked on our theft a few weeks back, but I never even considered that until…

“We are in our final round of interviews but we have the culprits…I even have some of your stuff so after everything is wrapped up I will bring the items back to you and Ryan…”

WHAT?! I had totally chalked up the case up to a loss, assuming I would never truly know who had rooted around through my things TWICE, and who violated my personal space, TWICE, but as I titled one of my posts last week, from a negative came a total positive…it just didn’t happen overnight.

Of course I will now segway that idea into something I have wanted to discuss for many weeks and wont completely go into now, because tomorrow you can come back and read my full take on the topic, but the reason I think I am so exhausted, bored, lethargic and hateful right now is because I am super inpatient with my journey to get healthy.

Recovery takes/is taking FOREVER.  And I am a person who believes that one can become fully recovered, but that they will have to maintain their guard for as long as they live, because ED is super crafty at sneaking back in our lives in disguise.

Every time I think I am doing well…guess who somehow finds the only crack in my foundation and comes back home?!

The never-ending work of fighting for my freedom is freakin’ tiresome.

Fortunately, after the 2 am good news from the police department, and a weekend spent with Ryan and my family, I feel pretty refreshed and am continuing on a positive path.  It also helped that on Saturday, my husband and I had a very long over-due conversation that made me realize exactly where I am in my process, and we both opened up immensely about things that I don’t think either one of us ever knew about the other.  This probably sounds confusing, but something I have learned is honest communication is ESSENTIAL to beating the secretive monster in my mind.

Hopefully I will catch you tomorrow, because right now, the sun in shining, my windows needed a washin’ and I desperately desire to get outside for a little fresh air.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!!  I hope you had as wonderful of a weekend as I did 🙂


2 thoughts on “From a Negative Comes a Positive…AGAIN :-)

  1. I’m so glad you’re okay–and how fortunate that you’re getting your things back!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and take care. ❤

  2. Wow, how scary. So glad you are okay and that you were able to get some positive things out of it all. That’s so great that the police found some of your stuff!
    Hope you have a wonderful (and beautiful) Sunday my dear! Can’t wait to see you next week!

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