C-Ville Celebration Part 1

Thank you all so much for the incredibly sweet well wishes for our anniversary weekend. It totally helped get our celebration off on the right foot, and of course, I always love hearing from you!

Perhaps the encouragement and support you provided about the anxiety I expressed also helped because we really did have a fabulous time.

After taking care of one not as fun errand along the way, we made great time to Charlottesville and were ready to hike Monticello early the next morning.

After a bit of research and tips from some friends who visited the area before, we decided we wanted to combine history and the outdoors and do the Monticello trail up to Mr. Jefferson’s estate.

My husband’s curiosity would not allow us to stay on the plain old path carved out by the park commission and instead we took some back woods avenue up the mountain which extended the trip a bit, but after an extra few miles trekking through the conservatory, we made it to the top with some good laughs, dirty legs, and sore muscles.

Totally worth it when we saw the breathtaking views of the valley and the gorgeous architecture of the home. Ryan even snapped a photo of me “Sweatin’ Pink” in the cute little tank top Fit Approach sent in my goody box!

Because we spent a bit more time than planned actually getting there, after a quick circle of the grounds, we ventured back down to our car, knowing we would return for our official tour Saturday morning.

Nearly 7 miles later, we both agreed following the beautiful boardwalk and groomed trail might be the best option on the next day’s adventure.

Tired but ready to explore the historic downtown area, we parked at our bed and breakfast and set out on foot to see what we could before check-in.

Now I know why so many people love C-ville because personally, I didn’t want to leave!

The outdoor mall area was AWESOME; lots of cute shops, restaurants with outdoor seating, musicians playing freely and vendors displaying a variety of colored jewelry, trinkets, and knickknacks to sell, and the fact that you could literally walk everywhere, was a breath of fresh air.

Our stomachs were growling by 12:30 but with the amazing selection of restaurants it was almost too hard to choose a venue. We opted for a cute little market called Feast that had an order-up window and a mini deli/prepared foods case where all the ingredients were fresh, local, and looked so appetizing.

There was NO disappointment here; My artichoke hummus, vegetable and feta Panini was out of this world. With a side of fruit and some green tea I felt great and rejuvenated after a long, active morning.

At this point, we were both very much ready to run our last errand on the agenda (a trip to C-ville Great Harvest, of course!) and head back to the South Street Inn.

It was only 3:30 but it seemed a lot later, and we wanted to freshen up before a night exploring the UVA Campus, the famous Corner area, and attending our first ever college Lacrosse game! ACC Semifinals with UVA and UNC…I would say that’s a pretty good match-up for our initiation into NCAA lax.

And it was! We totally wished we were back in college as we strolled through the beautiful lawn area of the university and were among tons of co-eds who were out pre-gaming and enjoying the weather we were fortunate to have.

We ate dinner outside, walked to the stadium in a cluster of students, and picked up some Arch’s frozen yogurt on our way back to the Inn to wrap up a near perfect day one.

Day two, after a glorious breakfast at SSI, and a trip through the weekly Farmer’s Market, we returned to Monticello for a much-anticipated historic tour. Neither one of us had ever been there so it was interesting to see the inside of the estate and chit-chat about what we learned the three miles back down the mountain.

We were in more of a time crunch Saturday because one of the things we did plan ahead was an afternoon at the Monticello Trail Wine Festival.

I purchased tickets a few weeks back and with our package included a catered lunch and as much wine as one could drink.

Again following our morning workout we were starving so we devoured a few plates of the spread including tea sandwiches, roasted red pepper hummus, raw vegetables, meats, cheeses, and other finger foods prepared by C&O restuarant in the downtown mall.

Everything tasted amazing, was light enough for Ryan to pair with some full-bodied reds, and not weigh you down on the 80 some degree day.

It was projected to rain later but at the time it almost felt like summer, so after our bellies were full and Ryan was content with his vino, we went back to UVA with a large blanket and people watched while laying in the grassy area of the quad.

We shopped, we talked, we enjoyed each other’s company, and then the clouds rolled in.

Thank gosh we chose to drive that evening because it POURED for a good hour.

We actually decided to find a Walmart and grab a cheap dvd at the point because neither one of us felt like walking around soaking wet as the temperature dipped nearly twenty degrees.

With the Departed as our choice, a quick stop at Boylan Heights for the veggie-burger I kept hearing get rave reviews, and of course another round of fro-yo, we were back in our room by 7:30 ready to put on sweats and watch our film.

So much for being college kids because we were both fast asleep by 10.

At least we made it through the movie 😉

But in an effort not to completely bore you I will be back tomorrow with the rest of the recap. I am sure you could have guessed that despite the fact that we had a wonderful time together celebrating, there were some challenges that shouldn’t be ignored, and I really did not want to process while I was trying to enjoy the not-so-frequent time alone with my husband.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Thank you again for the well wishes and congratulations and I will catch you tomorrow 🙂


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