WIAW: Lucky Girl

Last week I felt incredibly special because I came home to THREE fantastic packages after long, somewhat stressful days at work.

The first came from an awesome organization called Fit Approach.

If you haven’t noticed the new little banner on the side of my blog, please take a peak at FitApproach.com; an amazing website and network of women who are a fabulous inspiration to get moving and sweat pink!

I felt so honored when their team e-mailed me and asked if I would like to included with some of my fellow bloggers as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. How could I possibly turn that offer down?! Combine my favorite color and my love of activity and of course I am all in!

My biggest fear was that I didn’t measure up.

I will not pretend I am the picture of health, and I never ever want to give off the impression that I am an example anyone should follow, but I would love to share my experiences and help others who are struggling in their recoveries, or anyone who needs a little positive encouragement, get the boost they need to brighten their day, balance their lives, or meet their needs outside of destructive habits.

I am taking this wonderful opportunity presented to me by Fit Approach to help stay on track, and gain more support from those I look to as role models. So thanks guys! You are all incredible!

ALSO, Sweat Pink sent me some seriously cool bright bright bright shoelaces. I already gave a pair to my new friend Amanda who I got to meet this weekend, since she will shortly be participating in the Broad Street Run and totally needed some pizzazz on her feet, but I want to send a pair to the first ten people who comment! So please, just take a sec and tell me your favorite way to Sweat Pink and you will have a nice new accessory to make your workouts even more exciting!

And since it is Wednesday, and we have a little tradition in the blog world, brilliantly initiated by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons, where the community comes together to share their delicious eats and new finds, I figured today was perfect to share the other two parcels that absolutely made my week!

(By the way, I had to wait quite a few days to let you in on these two fantastic companies and it nearly killed me!)

The first shipment I got was of two products that were unfamiliar to me, but I could not WAIT to sample.

A company called Nutritionfix.com; basically a one stop shop for supplements, snacks, protein, etc., was nice enough to pack up some Chocolate Peanut Butter Clif Builders and single serve packets of Better Balance Jalapeño Honey Mustard Pretzels, and send them my way.

(For other protein packed snacks, please see here.)

My husband LOVES the Vanilla Builders and frequently takes them to work as heavier snacks on his 14 hours days, but neither one of us had ever tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Why, I could not tell you considering we are both HUGE fans of all Clif products and chocolate/peanut butter is quite possibly the best flavor combination in the entire world, but I was right in my assumption that they would not disappoint.

I only ate half at a time because they are a bit more calorie dense than the Luna, Mojo or regular Clif I tend to enjoy for snacks, but the smaller portion totally satisfied both my sweet tooth and hunger.

The pretzels were also delicious and PERFECT for all the salt cravings I was having last week.

I personally need a little crunch in my life when it comes to meals, so these were the best side dish to a salad or nice sandwich. And with 10 grams of protein per baggie, they weren’t like normal pretzels where you are ready to eat your arm an hour later.

Of course after the success with these two products I went back onto Nutritionfix and picked out a few other items that will soon be in my pantry because the site has a selection I haven’t seen too many other places. Individual servings of Protein Oatmeal?! YES PLEASE!

And on Friday my jaw dropped as the UPS man left a ginormous box of goodies that was totally unexpected, but after feasting my way through many of the options, MUCH appreciated.

When a super nice woman from Lifestyle Foods contacted me, I checked out their site and immediately LOVED everything I saw.

The snacks were healthy, whole and awesome. The salads and salad/soup combos looked so convenient for packed lunches, and there were a TON of choices.

(The Obsessed Snack is named so for a reason…)

I e-mailed her back right away with my enthusiasm and she asked if I wanted to try some of their products.

Was that even a question!?

Well I was expecting maybe one or two things from their snack category, not a HUGE box filled with every single item they offer!

You can imagine how nice my weekend was with minimal cooking since I had an insanely busy schedule and a husband that was not around much.

The chicken and tuna salad were phenomenal, the snacks were perfect for a long four and a half hours of standardized test proctoring, and Ryan gave the BLT salad two thumbs way way up.

If you are busy, constantly saying “I don’t have time to pack my lunch…eating healthily is hard…etc.” please check out Lifestyleelevate.com.

They put together packages like they did for me and will ship them directly to you so you can have days worth of food, GOOD FOOD, just a grab away in your fridge.

It was kind of ironic that one of my best friends was home for the weekend and he was talking about how he orders groceries from Fresh Direct (similar concept) just because it’s simple and he was sick of always having burgers and fries.

Well guess what Kerry, go to Lifestyleelevate and get some of this stuff because it is AWESOME.

Whew, I feel like that was a lot to throw at you in one WIAW, but I could not have another week go by without letting you in one some of the places I will now be doing my shopping.

Have an amazing day and happy eating 🙂

*P.S. I should have made clear, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.  If you would like to explore any of these products further please visit their web pages.


23 thoughts on “WIAW: Lucky Girl

  1. I love pink and would love some pink shoe laces, althought I am not sure whether you can/will send to the Netherlands (Europe)
    I love running as my way to get my sweat on 😉

  2. I love pink and would love some pink shoe laces although I am not sure whether you can/will send to the Netherlands?
    My way to get my (pink) sweat on is running! I love how it makes me feel 🙂

  3. I sweat pink on morning trail runs with my dog. She helps provide the perfect balance of activity and enjoyment. And she taught me it’s okay to stop and walk, or to sniff a really interesting plant on the side of the trail.

  4. I sweat pink on the treadmill after work when I’m reading the Hunger Games on my Kindle while running (it is possible!) and then putting away my book and cranking up the speed with my PINK Asics running shoes!!

  5. I sweat pink after work everyday in my Pink Asics running shoes while reading my Kindle on the treadmill (it is possible!!) and then putting my book away and cranking up the speed! I ❤ pink – my FAVORITE color, and pink laces for my pink shoes would complete my look 🙂


    • I sometimes read on the treadmill too! my current obsession is the hunger games and it makes the time go so fast! pink is also my favorite color so send me your address girl and I will send the laces to you asap! PS I love the area around PENN! philly is one of my favorite cities!!!

  6. My favorite way to Sweat Pink is running! I am currently training for my first full marathon and it is a week and a half away! omg soo excited/nervous! I bet some pink shoe laces would look great with my marathon outfit 😉

  7. I sweat (alot!) of pink while working out with the triathlon team at my university! Growing up, running and soccer were my first loves but I began to get burnt out on running after high school. Triathlons have given me a chance to compete in something I have always wanted to try and the race itself offers variation! How I love to swim, bike, and run!

  8. i sweat pink (alot!! ha) while i am currently training for the Broad Street Run! Running is my one true love and I can’t wait to get out there in May for my second year racing!

  9. Those are 3 fantastic packages if I do say so myself! I may be a little bias over the first one though;) Those pretzels sound AMAZING! You had me at jalapeño:) Great job spreading Sweat Pink love. You are incredible, lady!! Your attitude and desire to help and inspire others through your own experiences, beyond measures up!!

  10. CJ,
    I just want you to know how much you inspire me to get over disordered eating and over exercising, its something I’ve struggled with off and on since I was 14 and I’m now a 31 year old wife and mommy to 3 little boys. For the last year it’s been really bad. I’ve been quietly following your blog and struggles for a few months now and have been amazed by your strength and honesty. I look forward to your posts every morning 🙂 don’t let negative people or comments get you down you are honest and putting yourself out there and no one has the right to tear you down for that! Not many people, including myself can be as open about an eating disorder as you are. I am ashamed and embarrassed by my problems and I don’t understand why I feel the way I do about myself so it’s hard for me to express my feelings to others.
    Anyways, I sweat pink through running and lifting weights. I love pink and sweating while wearing it 🙂 I just got home to Utah from running the sweatfest Boston marathon!

    • Thank you so so much for the kind words! I wish you luck in your own journey n if u ever need anything send me an email! In fact email me your address for your new laces!

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