WILW- Super Snacks and Some Entertainment

I am continuing on with a Wednesday post consisting of not just “what I ate” but more what I LOVE.

As I sad last week, I have a ton of interests besides food and exercise (shocker, right?!) and why not share them in case you are totally missing out on some awesome aspects of life?!

I do, however, have to start with a grocery item that I was lucky enough to find on my doorstep a week ago; Barbara’s Snackimals.

My town is under a rock and does not sell these in any of my immediate supermarkets, which is extremely unfortunate because they are AMAZING.

I have seen some Barbara’s products floating around the blog world (PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE PUFFINS I WILL FIND YOU!) and even a few items at other stores in different locales, but for some unknown reason, none had made their way into my cart.

*tell me you don’t want these like, right now?!


I am always looking for new snacks to incorporate into my meal plan and we all known I crave sweet and crunch, so these little cookies were PERFECT for an after lunch treat.

Who am I kidding? I actually had them after lunch and dinner Tuesday. I spread The Laughing Cow Strawberry Cream Cheese on the Vanilla variety and totally dunked the Chocolate Chip in my Unsweetened Almond Breeze.

Truth be told they don’t really need any enhancements, because they are delectable on their own, but the point is, if you have the opportunity, pick some up! Or go to their website an order a sampler ASAP.

I am dying to try the peanut butter. I already have big plans for those babies smeared with a little Pb&CO. Dark Chocolate Dreams.

*Although Barbara’s was nice enough to send me their product, the opinions expressed above are completely my own. I thought I might have a problem eating the cute little animal figurines, but I got over that pretty quickly…all it takes is a bite!

Snackimals could also be consumed as a bedtime snack while I am enjoying my new favorite show.

Apparently not only is my town totally out of the loop, but so am I because how I had been missing Game of Thrones for so long is beyond me!

As a past history major and lover of pretty much all HBO, Starz, etc. entertainment, it kind of shocked me that I didn’t watch this with my husband last year.

Maybe it was because it was on past my bedtime and I already do have a long list of television programs I enjoy, but either way there is no excuse, GAME OF THRONES IS AWESOME.

We just did a marathon few nights to complete the first season and now I am seriously counting down the days until the premier this Sunday.

Apparently I need to work on my patience, in addition to all my other self-projects.

And just so you don’t think all I do is sit around and watch TV, I totally do love a good book! It may not be as often as it once was, due to lack of concentration (nutrition would help this!) but sometimes there is nothing better than curling up by the fire to enjoy a novel.

Whenever I see Jenna post about what she is reading I tend to check it out. I seem to have similar taste to her favorites because most of her choices have really appealed to me. After the Lost Wife, I thought the perfect follow up would be The Baker’s Daughter.

Historical fiction about World War II is my absolute favorite, so I didn’t think I could go wrong, and just as I expected, I adore this book, as well.

I am not completely finished with it yet, and I don’t like to give away too many details, but if you liked Sarah’s Key I think this would be a good choice for you.

Today I am keeping it short and sweet, but please feel free to add any suggestions you may have for new snacks, or entertainment! Both my belly and mind always welcome new additions 🙂


Here is what I am HOPING I can report on for next week’s WILW 😉

Happy hump day!


7 thoughts on “WILW- Super Snacks and Some Entertainment

  1. Eh, the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Puffins – not crazy about them. I know, I know … they look better on the box than they taste in my mouth. Now, if it’s JUST the peanut butter variety we are talking about then game on! Those are tasty.

    In related news: I feel like you’re at the point where I was about 2 years ago with recovery. I, like you, couldn’t even speak the phrase, “I have anorexia, or harder yet “I am an anorexic”. You have to say them over and over to YOURSELF until you feel comfortable saying it. I can’t tell you how large a turning point that was to my recovery and I hope it also is a turning point in yours. It if funny how a few simple words can make such a big difference, eh?

    I also wanted to say a few posts ago, be careful now that your measuring cups are gone. Once mine were taken away I had a dangerous tendency to seriously UNDERESTIMATE portions just to be “safe”. Don’t let this happen to you please. It was always my opinion that if the only way I would eat the food was if I measured it, then measuring was better than restricting that food all together, or dangerously underestimating potion size. For me measuring eventually went away on it’s own.

    Good for you!!

    The next step, honoring your hunger and respecting your fullness will be the most difficult and painful. I remember many days of laying on my floor bawling for hours because it was so overwhelming. Many times I did not succeed, but as I began to succeed more and more it became easier. Have you read: The Guide to Intuitive Eating? It’s sounds goofy, but it actually helped me. It’s a lot of “work” but worth it!!

    Keep it up!!

    I feel your fear, that uncontrollable hunger where you feel like you’ll NEVER stop eating. I’ve been there and I’ve honored it. Scary? Hell, yes! For me it took totally letting go to get my hunger signals to kick in. They get “broken” when you’re starving yourself. My body overshot it’s conformable weight range for a while and then … amazing! … returned to a “normal” weight all on it’s OWN. I didn’t change a thing, just keep honoring hunger and respecting fullness.

    You, too, can do it!!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and concerns! Thankfully when my husbands home he does the portioning but I definitely see what you mean that I would easily underestimate. I really appreciate your support and encouragement. It’s ppl like you who have really helped me push forward! ❤

  2. GAME OF THRONES IS AWESOME! Sorry about the caps but it was necessary! Season 2 starts on Sunday!!!!! Can’t wait to say the very least!
    Oh and yes to those puffins, I found them a few months ago (finally) and they were fantastic! I actually preferred the chocolate ones
    You are doing wonderfully CJ, I am feeling some major positive vibes in this post and I like it 🙂

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