WIAW: Snackalicious And A Reminder

It is Wednesday, so I am sure you can probably guess what today is going to include…

WIAW, of course! Inspired by a very creative lady over at Peas and Crayons, so if you are looking for a ton of inspiration to change-up your eats, you might want to take a peak and see the bunches of other bloggers who participate in this weekly ritual.

I do have to be honest. I am sometimes hesitant to view a daily schedule of other people’s meals and snacks…or lack thereof.

I have gotten a few questions asking if I am ever triggered by blogging, reading, or interacting with others in the community, and overall, yes…but also no.

(Um? That is not vague, CJ.)

When I am having a lot of negative self-talk, or a difficult time, I typically don’t read anything, or anyone, I know could potentially be a trigger for me. There are some blogs that I actually find quite inspiring and those are the ones I gravitate to for encouragement or support, but there are many others that I have trouble NOT comparing myself with.

“Omg they run a million miles and then eat only non-processed, vegan diets with no carbs.”

This might be a little extreme but there are definitely posts where I am astonished at the intensity of workout compared to the minimal nutrition.

BUT, I have to realize that all individuals have different needs, and as an outsider I might not see the whole picture. The author might not include snacks; they may be ashamed like I was to feature some of the foods they view as “bad,” etc.

So that being said, the moral of the story is to read with an open-mind, be aware of what you might be sensitive to, and try to remember that every body is unique with varying requirements and preferences.

(I am actually talking to myself in the above statement, if you didn’t know!)

And continuing with the theme of making generalizations or harsh judgments about specific items, I am going to put my embarrassment aside and share some things I have pushed myself to try lately, attaching a positive connotation with their consumption rather than degradation and self-hatred.

Super Pretzel Soft Pretzel

I love sporting events.

Actually, that is an understatement.

Watching live sports is one of my favorite activities to do, especially with my husband.

We often attend hockey games, enjoy seeing the Phil’s, and I even sat through the Eagles/Giants game a few Decembers ago when it was -4856846 degrees.

Growing up we went to the ice rink nearly every weekend to see my beloved Bears, and it was always a tradition to get a soft pretzel.

When Ryan and I started going to these things together we carried on the custom and even threw in an awesome ice (aka the best water-ice EVER) as dessert.

I haven’t had either of those things in years.

We have been to games since, but the pretzels and my cold treat were left with the vendors, despite Ryan asking if I wanted to share.

TOO MANY CARBS! Empty, stupid calories that I do not need.

How about delicious, warm and gooey goodness that you love to dip in mustard?!

Well, when Ryan looked over my list, and saw the pretzel-phobia (nothing he didn’t already know) he suggested he pick some up at the grocery store.

The Super Pretzel Soft Pretzels are not intimidatingly large. You put the salt on and bake them yourself, so really this was a challenge that only ranked at a 7 on the scale, but taste wise, it was way up near a 10.

I think I love the mix in texture; crunchy-salty outside and a warm soft center, that the snack provides because there was something so comforting and fulfilling about having one.

No mustard needed because it was fabulous on its own.

Baseball season is around the corner so who knows; maybe Ryan and I will be sharing out fifth-inning past time sooner than I think 🙂

Trader Joes Peanut Butter Cup Trail Mix

I saw this recently on my friend Erica’s blog, and she raved about the combination of flavor.

*PS-the photo above is totally Erica’s. I still need to get a new camera after the theft!!!

Ryan LOVES Target’s Monster mix with the peanuts, raisins and m&ms, which he coincidently ran out of last week, so when I was at Trader Joes this weekend I picked a bag of the similar version and thought he would love the addition of cashews and almonds.

I never even considered trying it myself.

No way.

But then after dinner one night I was debating what my last item would be since I was low on fats for the day, and I went over to our drawer to get my traditional Emerald Sweet and Salty Nut Mix. Next to it sat “Ryan’s” mix that he still had not opened.

The nutritional stats were pretty similar to my normal serving of nuts so what excuse did I have? (Why shouldn’t I be able to have it regardless?)

I portioned out (Working on the measuring habit, I promise!) my after dinner delight and popped a cashew into my mouth. Then a raisin, an almond, and I saved the tiny peanut butter cups for last.

Oh my goodness this was good!

Expensive, at nearly $5.00 a bag, but I think it is worth it.

I AM WORTH every penny 🙂

And last but not least, do you remember when I discussed my new obsession with The Laughing Cow wedges?

Well I am still including those in at least one meal a day (calcium is fantastic for those bones!) but I also mentioned I was disappointed I had not been able to find their new Cream Cheese spreads.


NEW! Strawberries & Cream 1/3 Less Fat Than Cream Cheese

Not all the flavors, but our local grocer has the regular, Strawberry and Garden varieties!!!

I was so excited and even though I froze the last few of my Wegman’s bagels, I cannot express to you how yummy the strawberry is on top of a Trader Joe’s Low Fat Blueberry Bran Muffin.

Paired with a glass of Vanilla Almond Breeze, I thoroughly enjoyed this snack two days in a row!

Cinnamon, I will find you next! 😉

I hope everyone is having a stellar week, and please remember to read these WIAW’s with the awareness that meal plans are not one size fits all.

YOU need to do what is right for YOU in order for your body to feel healthy, happy and whole.

(Yes, I am a cheeseball! 🙂 )


15 thoughts on “WIAW: Snackalicious And A Reminder

  1. I’ve never had that TJ’s mix but it looks awesome! I’ve ALSO never had that laughing cow cream cheese, but I really like their other cheeses so if I ever needed some cc, I’d totally pick this up!

    • both products are fantastic! and to be honest, I really enjoyed the cream cheese and I couldnt actually tell you the last time I HAD cream cheese, so I was looking forward to seeing what it tasted like! Verdict? It was perfect for a little something sweet 🙂

    • you are welcome! I think too many people, including myself, get wrapped up in comparing ourselves with others! you can never “win” when engaged in that mindset.

  2. In all honesty, I find “health” blogs more destructive than ED blogs! Whether the writers are actually disordered or they just post the “good” things they eat (and frankly that’s none of my business), the way many of the blogs are presented often *implies* an unrealistically low intake or a style of eating that could be characterized as orthorexic. And the fact that it’s presented in a hurrah-health manner is what makes it dangerous, in my opinion; it makes it way easier to validate “running a million miles and eating only non-processed vegan foods and no carbs”, as you put it! When I read ED blogs, I’m fully aware (as are the writers) that the behavior is disordered, meaning I’m able to identify without having a realistic recourse into rationalization. But when it’s presented as “healthy” and “clean”, etc…whole different story.

    /tangent. haha.

    Anyway. I’m glad you let yourself branch out to some new foods this week! 🙂 I’m also a longtime fan of soft pretzels, and live sporting events…although I prefer basketball, so this is totally the season!

    Keep up the fight. ❤

  3. I have a whole lot to say on my own thoughts on other blogs… something for another time though. It would take a post and I don’t want to blow up your blog with my ranting (yes some will be involved 🙂 )
    I think you did so well with your new eats this week! I am certainly going to have to get my hands on the trail mix! How convenient I am heading to Trader Joe’s today haha
    I also used to LOVE those pretzels! Mom and I would make them together, extra salt on hers 🙂 memories, how nice

  4. Hi CJ! I’ve literally been following your blog FOREVER, and I feel that you and I are at the same point in our recovery – except you are so much stronger and braver by trying all of these new foods! I have been stuck in food ruts for way too long, and it is no fun at all. No good comes out of it.

    I couldn’t help but notice your reference to the Phillies and the Eagles…are you from PA? I was born and raised in Bucks County (New Hope/Newtown area, to be specific, are you familiar?) I went to college in Boston, grad school in Philly, and just moved back to Boston to be with my boyfriend in January. Maybe we are from the same area – that’d be awesome!

    Anyway – I love reading your blog posts. Always look forward to reading your newest post!!!!!

    Take care!

    • Alli,
      I actually live close to Hershey so I am very familiar with your area! I take a great many trips to Ardmore, Wayne, King of Prussia, etc. and have a bunch of friends who live in New Hope.
      I havent been to Boston but I hear it is awesome so you definitely moved from one fantastic place to another 🙂
      Thank you for reading and and I am so sorry you have to deal with the difficulty of recovery. It really is no fun at all but know that you are not alone! if you ever need anything dont hesitate to ask!

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