WIAW: The Breakfast Challenge

Wednesday is a pretty awesome day because it not only means we are nearly halfway through the work week, but also because WIAW has become quite a special tradition in the blog world!

Especially lately it has helped inspire me to switch things up a bit, get a little more creative and adventurous with my choices and it provided a mechanism of accountability so I was not always cutting the corners I am used to.

All that being said, I did make a goal on Monday to switch up my normal breakfast routine, and so far it has been a success!

I haven’t changed EVERYTHING about it, but I have swapped out items, incorporated a new topping, and even tried an insanely challenging fear food!

Here is what I would normally have in the morning.

  • 4:10 a.m. 1/8 Cup Emerald Cinnamon Almonds (these are amazing btw!)
  • 6:30 a.m. 1/4 Cup Quaker Oats, 1/3 Cup Egg Beaters scrambled with a handful of broccoli and topped with about a tablespoon of reduced sugar ketchup.

….that is pretty boring every day.

I considered it a treat if I used an instant packet of sugar-free oatmeal rather than the plain oats.


Ok so, Monday began my new adventures in breakfast. It truly is my favorite meal of the entire day and I used to make such fun things, but now those are reserved for special “breakfast for dinner nights” and even those meals were getting skimpy.


Wegman’s Soft Multi-Grain Bagels with Pomegranates and Cranberry

I was at Wegman’s the other afternoon, searching for another loaf of diet bread, when these things caught my eye.

Last week when I compiled my list of fear foods to give to Ryan, bagels were definitely included.

I love them toasted just enough that the outside is crunchy but the doughy center is still warm and soft.

I love them, BUT I literally never eat them because I am scared I will devour way more calories than I want, and be hungry an hour later.

I have tried bagel thins to get a little carb-fix every now and then, but seriously, who ever considered those to be a good substitute for the gooey-goodness of a REAL bagel, is sadly mistaken.

I like you Bagel Thins, but you are just not the same.

I tried these delicious Multi-Grain breakfast treats plain and thoroughly enjoyed them. Truth be told they have enough flavor by themselves that I could just pick one up and still really like it, BUT, what I was really hoping to find at Wegman’s was the new Laughing Cow Cream Cheese Wedges, which obviously would be a perfect topper.

I can’t really remember what cream cheese tastes like, but since I am pretty darn obsessed with the Swiss Laughing Cow Wedges, I was kind of excited to attempt an individual portion of the morning condiment. Plus they come in really scrumptious sounding flavors, like cinnamon. YUM!

Since I could not find the Cream Cheese variety I thought maybe plain greek yogurt would be a good topping? I like it on pretty much everything else so why not on these bagels?

And I was right. I did like it with the greek yogurt, but I LOVED it with something else.

Don’t think I am a complete weirdo but these bagels are pretty darn good with The Laughing Cow Swiss!

Perhaps it is the semi-sweet, salty taste with the oat-y texture that just melted in my mouth.

Whatever it is, it is awesome, and although these breads are still absolutely terrifying to me, I have tried to have at least half of one a day to persistently challenge the irrational thoughts.

Not quite working yet, but I will get there.

The second breakfast I threw into the rotation was frozen waffles.

After seeing a bunch of my bl-iends feature waffles on their recent posts, I remembered I had some Van’s Light in the freezer.

My week has consisted of three mornings a row where I had to be at school half an hour early, so this was kind of the perfect time to incorporate these more quickly prepared items.

One of my favorite ways to eat this type of breakfast is topped with greek yogurt and fruit, then a slight drizzle of sugar-free syrup (don’t judge, I know this stuff is totally bad for you).

Since I had all of those things on hand, I figured why not?! So the second “new” morning meal consisted of:

  • 2 Vans
  • ¼ Cup Plain Chobani
  • Handful of Berries
  • Small drizzle of Sugar Free Syrup

Pretty tasty! But my biggest fear was similar to the bagel; I would be starving soon after, and although I wasn’t completely famished, I did require a snack around 10 a.m….like I needed it or by 12:15 lunch I would have been ravenous.

Thank goodness for Emerald Sweet and Salty Mixed Nuts J

The last thing I wanted to share, which can be eaten ANY time of day, and trust me, you might want more than one a day, is The Healthy Baking Company’s, Heart Thrives.

I shared these before, when the California-based business was kind enough to send me some samples during the summer, but since they are nowhere to be found around me, my friends and I joined together to put in an order online.

I loved them before, but if there is a word stronger than love, that is how I feel about them now.

Why? Because my friend Molly told me to heat them up.

After tasting one, the Chocolate Chip variety, placed in the microwave for thirty-seconds, I immediately wanted another!

I did wait until it was snack time but oh my gosh! The toasty Heart plus a seriously cold glass of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze was like a dream! Like a healthy, feel-good cookie! What could be better?!

Get some! You will not be disappointed!

Now, on a completely non-breakfast, or what I HAVE been eating note, I need to tell you one final thing before I go.

I am petrified about what I WILL be eating this afternoon.

Today, since I have a monster load of doctor appointments I have a half day at school.

Guess what my first meeting is?

Lunch out with my NUTRITIONIST!

Yes, she and I are going to a restaurant and having a meal together.

I love my dietician. She really is a cool person, but the thought of sitting across from her, ordering off a menu, and then consuming the food is terrifying.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Have a wonderful hump day, and enjoy your eats!!!


22 thoughts on “WIAW: The Breakfast Challenge

  1. I’m sorry..I know a bunch of girls will comment on this post and say “congrats cj, you are doing so well”…and everyone can hate on me, I don’t care…but I think its pathetic

    1) a few weeks or couple months ago you “claimed” your breakfast was 1/2 cup oats, 2/3 cup eggbeaters, 1 cup of yogurt, 1 cup fruit….and now its magically 1/4 cup oats, 1/4 eggs, no fruit, no yogurt…

    you top your waffles with 1/4 cup yogurt?…yeah…
    you look for “diet bread”….right

    WAKE UP….you need food REAL food…and your body just freaking wants it…If I was RYAN I would go insane….YOU might this to be your fulltime job because it keeps you “safe” and warm and confined…but in the meantime, it is ridiculous and you are killing your marriage.

    when will you ADMIT to yourself that you have BIG issues?

    • Oh, and with your supposed breakfast before , etc…now you know this (to me) makes you like all the other ed skinny girls who live in this….they claim they eat and show things on their blogs…but in the meantime eat none of it…

      give me a break
      i’ve lost trust in you.

      • Just so you know, the breakfast a few months ago WAS what I was having then. The one I listed today was what I was eating the past few weeks as I really struggled. I apologize if that makes you not trust me, and I truly appreciate your honesty because it is very difficult for me to see that i have a problem. that is a hard thing for me to accept because I dont see what others see.
        I am open and honest with all of you and that is why I constantly update the things people ask about, so please, if you feel like there is something i am hiding, just ask and I will tell you.

    • If you’ve been reading CJ’s blog enough to keep track of her exact menu choices, you should also have noticed that she DOES admit she has a “big problem”. She has openly (and quite recently) mentioned a number of her “big problems” and her struggles with approaching them.

      I understand your reference to the “skinny blog girls” who cook and photograph tons of food without eating it, and I find that sort of “healthy living” blog to be irritating as well. But CJ is definitely NOT one of those girls. She does not claim that her “lifestyle” is “healthy” or insist she has no eating issues but rather extensive “allergies”, and she doesn’t try to claim that sugar/meat/processed food are deadly in order to validate her eating habits. The majority of the time, she doesn’t photograph her food at all. She isn’t a health blogger with disordered eating; she is eating disordered and trying to work toward health. That’s a HUGE difference.

      Eating disorders can’t be magically fixed with a snap of the fingers and a hamburger, which I’m sure you know. The fact that CJ is at least openly admitting the problems and trying to figure out how to change actually IS important, and as someone also living with an ED, I respect her for that.

      • I agree with your comment. What I had objection to was the fact that it differed from the previous months. When CJ said she had slipped and lowered calories in the last few months, I didn’t realize she had went and cut them so drastically!!!!
        I wish CJ would seek intensive therapy and help. If not inpatient, then a fulltime outpatient program. Every day she does the same thing : skimp on cals and look for diet bread. It is time to change. If I were Ryan I would be exhausted with the concern and lack of progress.

  2. I’ve had those bagels before and you are right, they are delicious! As are the Heart Thrives but I haven’t seen them around here. So glad to see you are challenging yourself with only the best meal of the day! You go girl!

  3. SO AWESOME that you’re trying some new things. I tend to get stuck in ruts too, and it’s so exciting to find a new yummy meal that also keeps you full. That’s how i Feel about my new smoothies!
    Hope lunch goes well! Also – I know you’ve read Women, Food, and God (Which I’m reading right now) but have you read Spirit Junkie?

    • i have to try those new smoothies! typically i stick with chocolate and vanilla…the most adventurous i get is adding peanut flour or something silly like that but i do enjoy a good fruit flavor!

  4. Bagels are hard for me to eat as well. I actually don’t eat them anymore. :/ And I totally agree – bagel thins do NOTHING for me. Rudi’s Organic makes a substantial bagel that’s pretty good for you. I’ve never seen cinnamon Laughing Cow! Is that real???!

    I’m glad you’re seeing a nutritionist! 🙂

  5. Congrats on trying new things, and facing your fears about public eating… I appreciate the honesty in your blog, I’m sure your journey will be (has been) helpful to many others along the way!

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