WIAW: New Food Finds!

Oh my gosh it is WIAW and I actually have a few new things to share with you!

I did make some pretty fantastic chicken tortilla soup this weekend, but since it was a mish-mash of throwing things I had on hand in a pot (pretty much how I make all our soups, and other entrees for that matter) I didn’t take any photos or really remember all that went in it.

If you want a spectacular, more cohesive recipe for something similar, check out my friend Lauren’s suggestion from last week. She was the one who actually gave me the idea and her pictures are always way better than mine anyway 🙂

Speaking of soup…

I was pretty sick this weekend and it was ridiculously cold here in the north-east.

I don’t know about you, but that combination means my body craves two things; HOT soup and healthy fats.

When Ryan and I did our weekly shop I paused in front of the soup selection just to see if anything struck my interest.

Usually I prefer to make my own soups and stews since they are so darn easy and contain much less sodium (hello bloat, I hate you), but when I saw this my appetite was immediately stimulated.

Dr. McDougal’s Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup

Actually, Dr. McDougal makes a lot of really fabulous things.

I frequently have his black bean soup in my pantry, and I recently tried his pad thai noodle bowl as a baby step toward conquering one of my major fear foods.

Both are delicious and I highly recommend if you want something convenient for all of your crazy busy schedules.

This particular soup came as a single serving, which I loved, and it kind of reminded me of the Ramen Noodles my roommates used to eat back in college, but with WAY less salt.

Totally satisfying, and soothing on my aching throat and semi-uncomfortable tummy.

I will definitely be buying more.

Since I told you I also tend to desire good old healthy fats when I am a bit under the weather, I of course turned to an old favorite that I am SURE I have mentioned here before:

Trader Joes Sunflower Butter

I love nut butter to begin with; all different kinds and really none more than the other, it all just depends what I am in the mood for.

I do, however, like to switch it up every now and then and this weekend especially, a sunflower seed butter sandwich sounded really really awesome.

This Sammy and a glass of super cold unsweetened almond milk, is a winning combination, for sure.

I must have been having all kinds of luck finding new, yummy things because although these weren’t a weekend “must have,” or remedy for me being sick, they are very enjoyable.

I FINALLY got my hands on one of the new Chobani flavors, after my numerous trips of searching.

When I heard my fave yogurt company was releasing a few new varieties I was super excited, but of course, my small rinky-dink town was the last place on earth to get them.

So yesterday, when I stopped by our grocer on a whim to literally only pick up a three pack of gum, and there, one the shelves, was the Apple Cinnamon staring right at me, how could I resist buying one?

I have to say the plain Cho is still my favorite, just because I really do like the tart-tangyness of the classic Greek, but this was a nice change.

I will definitely add it to my rotation since I eat at least two servings of Greek a day (obsessed much?) and they are the perfect at-work pick-me-up.

Thank you Chobani, for never letting me down. Now if only you could ship the new Champions Vanilla Chocolate Chunk my way, I would be in heaven.

And lastly, this was a COMPLETELY random purchase, but I remembered reading about these bars awhile ago on someone else’s blog (I wish I could remember which one!) and had never seen them around so when I saw them at Hershey’s Chocolate World, of all places, I figured, why not pick up a box?

Eat, Think, Smile Honey Peanut Bar

I am usually pretty dedicated to my stash of Clif, Mojo’s, Luna, Nugo or Lara, but why not try something new? Variety is the spice of life, you know.

I am glad I did.

These have a little bit more of a dry texture than the brands listed above, but I really enjoyed the hints of cocoa and dark chocolate.

Plus, there are actual peanuts on top of the bar, so it absolutely fulfills my salty-sweet desires.

Wow, I guess I did actually have a legitimate WIAW post today! I hope you all are having fabulous weeks!

Happy Eating 🙂


8 thoughts on “WIAW: New Food Finds!

  1. Lauren’s soup looked good…just needed some warm, olive-oil-brushed tortillas for dipping.

    I have “Imagine” and “Amy’s ” soups in my cupboard right now.

    Never saw those bars.

    I like sunflower butter. I have 4 different nut butters opened now.

    I need to try the flavored chobanis…they are only sold in individual servings for 1.99 which is crazy expensive…other than that the oikos 500 g = 5.50….the chobani 900 g = 7.99 …and the plain, regular yogurts are much cheaper…so i do what i can…wouldn’t be so bad if i didn’t zoom through yogurt so quickly…my fridge is pretty bare now…i get really low low on money and have to fight to figure out how to gas my car, get groceries, etc on 20 bucks or so until i get more cash inflow…
    need. to . get .over . this . mental. doom.

    do you think it would help make you ACCOUNTABLE to list out your actual eats and activity per day? Like maybe make you accountable and actually start progressing vs. back and forth? (I know that is a tricky question and can be both a pro and con).

    • all the flavors are good, but like I said the plain is still my number one choice. who doesnt love mixing nut butter or some other fun ingredient in themselves???

  2. Chobani Champions Chocolate Chunk is at Walmart in Palmyra now! I had one the other day. It’s yummy! The VeryBerry is really good too.

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