New Year’s Resolution Round Two

An element of wellness that is not often discussed is taking time to relax.

Sometimes I feel healthy eating and exercise routines overshadow being mentally sound, but really, it might be one of the most important things we miss out on.

Think about it.  What happens when you are stressed?

I know for me I don’t sleep well, I make worse choices, I am irritable…

I am certainly not the best CJ I can be (really, when am I?)

Anyway, last week at my session, my therapist asked how I unwind, and I was kind of perplexed at the inquisition.

“I exercise in the morning and do Zumba on weekends…I blog”

She wasn’t impressed.

Apparently, even though I find those things help clear my mind, they were not what she was talking about.

Physical activity still puts strain on the body, the muscles, etc. and serves as more of a temporary fix rather than provide an overall calm for our psyche.

Blogging still requires thought and can make my mind work faster, rather than help shut it down.


I always considered these hobbies as “selfish” since it was my “me-time,” and that meant I didn’t have anymore room in my schedule for another “unproductive” allotment.

I explained my feelings on my poor counselor’s suggestions of taking a few moments to sit quietly, enjoy a bath, meditate, read, color, whatever helps quiet my thoughts, and she looked confused.

How could I think it was selfish to care for my well-being?

If I don’t take care of myself, then I really can’t take care of others, or the important tasks necessary in my (and I am sure all of your) life.

What a concept.

New years resolution #2- Take a chill pill.

Who’s with me?

What do you do to relax?


5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution Round Two

  1. I love this, I love this, a thousand times I love this. Thank you. Yes, I have been the same way and I remember always thinking in my “off” time I still had to be thinking of what what I should be doing, what career I wanted, how I could escape my job, earn more money, be happy, etc. etc. I always felt that since I wasn’t at work or physically doing something…then that was a “break”. It didn’t occur to me that I was still thinking, still using mental energy – which in many ways is the most taxing energy of all for without that, the physical will fail as well – still not allowing myself…to just be. To just be. To just take a nap. To just watch a movie. To just sit and look out the window…for hours. It wouldn’t matter.

    God Bless.

    • i completely understand and agree with the mental taxation you describe. its like my mind cannot shut down for 5 minutes to give me peace.
      i hope this gets better for you. we all deserve a break sometimes. thank you for commenting!

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