New Years Pet Peeve

Is anyone else really really annoyed with the 60 million weight loss ads and gym membership promotions this week?

I have come to expect it this time of year. I even tweeted about it Monday, but honestly, you cannot do anything without hearing about the new “quick fixes” for weight loss, which will some how miraculously improve your year.

I am here to tell you, weight loss is not the answer to all life’s problems.

In fact, sometimes it creates more.

But I am not here to bash the January joiners or Slim Fast users, because if those things inspire you to improve your health, that is fabulous.

BUT, those things should be done in moderation and as a LIFESTYLE change, not just because the television tells you so for the next four weeks.

So why don’t ads emphasize a life of balance and overall wellness?

Well because that is boring.

No commercial is going to discuss breathing techniques or how you need at least 6 hours of sleep. That doesn’t make money because it is not a product to sell.

We live in a very all or nothing, consumer driven society, so after most people spend November and December eating abnormally and not exercising, they want something “easy” to undo the “damage.”

I am not the person to preach moderation, because I am not an example of that practice by any means, but I think that is why the current approach to new year programs bother me, because I want to learn!

I want suggestions of how to incorporate wellness in regards to mental and emotional health, make better choices for foods that will help my body run smoothly, not ones that are stripped of nutrients or have them pumped in, but contain little calories.

I want examples of healthy role models who encourage confidence and positivity, or ways to reframe a gloomy day.

I feel like a cynic right now, because like I said, if you need this publicity in the beginning of January to get back on track, there is nothing wrong with that, but I wish they could add MORE, DIFFERENT, ideas, as well.

Because I am not sure my desire will be met, I was thinking back to making my own challenges, and as I told you the other day, incorporating more whole foods is definitely a goal of mine. And when I went to my employee Wellness Committee meeting yesterday morning, I was reminded of another challenge I participated in earlier this year, that might be perfect for my workplace, and you too.

Do you remember the Brown Bag Challenge? One month of packing lunches?

Why not have that be an ambition, because it is my experience that small, manageable changes, tend to be the ones that last.

There are of course, many other suggestions out there, but that could be a start.

Health is a lifetime commitment, so my recovery is based on basically re-learning all the distorted information I already know and use to make my decisions.

As my blog demonstrates this is quite a long process, with ups, downs, changes because things don’t always work, etc.

So although I know this post is a bit jumbled, I guess I will leave you with this.

Don’t look for the overnight solution.

Don’t let advertisements or the media make you feel guilty because you aren’t spending $50 on a new monthly gym membership or buying the latest diet product.

Instead try things that make you feel good as a WHOLE person, physically, mentally, and emotionally. (hello, meditation?!)

Easier said than done, I know, but as I told you the other day, nothing in life worth doing, is ever easy.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Have a relaxing weekend!!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “New Years Pet Peeve

  1. Whoohoo sista for blowing the whistle on all of this diet-quick fix-weight loss hooppla. I totes magotes agree with you in that they should focus more on being healthy, that weight does not dictate a person’s happiness or self worth. Great post!! 🙂

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