Delayed Thursday Trivia

Whew! I feel like these last two days have been a whirlwind! And thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!

Obviously my post is a bit later than usual but that is because last night I was doing something very special to me; playing Trivia with my family.

You see this week in therapy we talked about wellness in the regard to relaxation, or doing things that I enjoy outside the realm of physical exercise or the kitchen; I guess you could call them self-nurturing activities.

But when she asked what my hobbies were, and I felt rather pathetic because I couldn’t come up with anything lickidy-split, I finally remembered one of my favorite weeknight pastimes has always been family Trivia night at a local restaurant.

Ryan and I love Trivia, in general.  We are avid Jeopardy watchers and you can pretty much always find as at the hourly games on cruise ships, so of course the live-hometown version is a must do on the Weaber agenda.

So on Wednesday evenings, Ryan, my Uncle Stu, Aunt Steph, their kids, a few family friends and my Poppy, would all get together to enjoy a meal and participate in the Trivia competition.

The best part, really, is getting to see my loved ones that are outside my immediate home, but I do have a passion for learning new things, and at one point in my life I did truly enjoy the food.

We stopped going last year because I got put into treatment and things were a little rocky between me and that portion of the fam., but now  that I am back and in a bit healthier frame of mind, we have a great time and I am happy to be in the company of such wonderful people.

So in honor of Trivia tonight, and because I feel like I am in desperate need of a more lighthearted post, here are five things you may not have known about me; CJ Trivia, aren’t you excited?!

1. I have an older brother and sister in addition to my darling Lindsay that I always talk about.

I don’t really mention these people because I only really got to know my brother these past two years.  He is the son of my biological father and we never acknowledged our relationship until recently, which is very odd considering we were in the same place, at the same time, way too often (small town, you know).

We also look identical so denying our genealogy is pretty much out of the question.

But now that we connected, I am glad to say he is in my life.

He is a very special person and I feel as though God brought him into my life for a reason; support, love, and clarification to help me forgive.

2. I never cheered in high school, but I did in college.

I was always too afraid to try out for the team in high school because I feared not making the squad, feelings rejected, blah, blah, blah.  But I really wish I would have because all my friends cheered and I spent some lonely Friday nights at home when they had away games.

When I got to college I didn’t live on campus the first year and felt so disconnected from the world.

I didn’t make friends easily because I took only morning classes (I kept an 8:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m. schedule pretty much all 4 years….weirdo) and I wanted a way to meet people.

Fortunately, in one of my first classes was a family acquaintance who quickly introduced herself, we clicked right off the bat, and she cheered, so she helped me practice and basketball season I was on the floor yelling my heart out.

Some of my best memories from school come from camps with the girls, really fun lunches and dinners together, van rides to games, and amazing friendships I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

3. I originally majored in Political Science because I wanted to be in Congress.

Yes, I had very high hopes for myself, but as you can see that dream has died.

You will no longer see my name on the ballot to be a Senator, but I wouldn’t mind working as a lobbyist to fight for things I believe in; hello health care reform.

I am not a very good liar, have way way way too many skeletons in my closet, and don’t look that great in stuffy business suits, so you wont find me calling the Capitol home, any time soon.

4. I LOVE live ice-hockey.

Going to hockey games has always been something I enjoyed.  The Washington Capitals have a farm team in Hershey, which is very close to us, so I grew up going to the rink.

When I became a teenager I also worked at an establishment that was strongly affiliated with the team so I got to know the players pretty well, and loved watching the guys I saw on a weekly basis, win.

In college, I actually lived with five hockey boys, who played for my school’s team so between going to their games, my housemates and I going to Hershey Bear games together, and the fond memories of my childhood, Ryan and I have continued the tradition and visit the ice a few times a season.

My husband was shocked the first time we went together and I got a little more rowdy than normal; I ashamed to admit I am one of those annoying people who yells and gets upset at the horrific referees and cheap shots, and I don’t even drink.

5. I have been to Disney World nearly 30 times.

You may have already known this, because I have done a few posts about my passion for the company and growing up visiting at least once a year, but you probably didn’t know that my dream as a child was to be a Disney World dancer.

The castle stage has a live show multiple times a day and I used to make my mom sit there for hours as the show re-played so I could study the movement and hear the upbeat music that I thought was like magic.

It is the remembrance of those feelings; elation, mysticism and fantasy, that still draw me there as often as possible.

We have often talked about relocating there once we retire so I can at least work in guest services to ensure other’s enjoy all the World has to offer.

I am getting a little ahead of myself, but a girl can dream.

I hope you all have a fabulous evening.

Do something soothing to relax…

Mental wellness is just as important as physical health! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Delayed Thursday Trivia

  1. Excellent options! Sounds like you have an excellent therapist too. Just finished up a very dense book on Exercise Dependence and the authors recommend interfering with the rituals and schedule rigidity that mark over-exercise with alternate activities (social, non-athletic, broadening interests etc.) as a way to help those with either primary or secondary exercise dependence (the authors’ terms for pure exercise dependence and exercise dependence with an eating disorder, respectively).

    My husband and I love DisneyWorld too (we did the backstage tour one year)! Cheers, Gwyneth.

  2. Trivia night sounds so fun! You should seriously by the game Smart Ass if you don’t already have it. It’s a fun! I think it’s really cool that you majored in political science. It takes a special kind of person, and I can see that you are very passionate about certain issues. And does anyone look good in a stuffy suit? I sure don’t!*

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