The Best Part About Recovery

I have told you all before if you asked me last January what I did for fun or who I hung out with, the answer would consist pretty much only of family members.

The friendships I had in high school and college had faded, and the only people I ever really saw even remotely close to my age bracket were in hospital programs, so I led a very lonely, ED-filled existence.

As I have progressed in my recovery, however, my social schedule is becoming a little more full with activities that are healthy; specifically forging new relationships.

This is EASILY the best part of my journey, and I look forward the seeing my amazing Zumba girls on weekends, and am so grateful for any time I get to spend with some of the wonderful females I met at Healthy Living Summit.

Well this week has been pretty darn special, because as I told you Thursday I spent the afternoon with my little sis, and Friday, sandwiched between a few appointments, I hooked up with two of my absolute favorite ladies, Lauren and Karen.

The three of us are busy so we don’t get to see each other too often, but every time we do get together it is as if no time has gone by.  These are the type of friends I have always wanted and they have both been tremendously inspiring and supportive these past few months, so it was really nice to catch up and have a leisurely lunch after the stressful holiday season.

Now New Years Eve to me has always been my least favorite time for celebration.

I am not a night owl, I don’t drink, and even though I love to dance, clubs are PACKED full of people paying way too much for alcohol and having even more of it.  So I hate to be a cynic but I would so much rather have a small gathering of friends for this occasion, or enjoy quality time with my family.

(Am I a 90-year-old trapped in a 24-year-old body or what?)

Anyway, since Ryan did not work Christmas this year, he volunteered to work New Years Eve, which was fine with me because honestly, I totally planned on it being like any other night; book, movies, maybe some TV, odds and ends around the house, etc. but then about a month ago, at one of my Sunday morning Zumba classes, my instructor and friend Michelle announced there was going to be a NYE Zumbathon.

Excuse me?! NYE Zumbathon (and it is only 6:00-8:00 so I can still totally make my 9:30 bedtime haha) SIGN ME UP!

So tonight I will again be fortunate enough to spend some time with truly amazing friends, doing an activity I love, and starting 2012 off right.

I would say I had a pretty awesome few days.

If this is any preview as to how life can be minus a crazy addiction, health and recovery are sounding better and better.

Happy New Years Eve Everyone!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Best Part About Recovery

  1. A zumbathon sounds like a good way to ring in the new year. I don’t drink or go to clubs either so this is definitely a holiday I kinda feel left out with… glad you got to see your friends and have a good time too :).

  2. My mom’s birthday is new years eve so i have never been to a party on that date; it’s more fun to spend time with my family and just hang out at home. That and I’m also 90 years old in a 26 yr old body because I can barely stay up past 10. 🙂 Happy new year beautiful! 2012 will treat you well, I know it!

    • haha i wish we lived closer to one another because my gosh we could start at awesome book club! starting at 6 pm so we were done in plently of time to get to bed at a reasonable hour! have a wonderful new years!!!

  3. Promise me you’ll eat beforehand and during and afterwards too — that’s about 1000 calories’ worth of expenditure that your body can’t afford to pilfer off of bones and muscles right? 🙂

    Happy New Year CJ — 2012 will be a year of possibilities rather than limits for you.

    Best wishes, Gwyneth.

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