From Struggle to Stress Relief

Did anyone else grow up loving the show Boy Meets World?

I certainly did. I came home every day with a lineup of tv I couldn’t wait to see….Saved By the Bell, Full House, Boy Meets World; all those sappy family programs where everything was peachy, or at least resolved by 23 minutes into the episode.

Yesterday my sister and I sat down and actually watched Boy Meets World for the first time in YEARS (who even knew it was on anymore?!) and all the main characters were at the same college together, having a fabulous time in the student lounge and in walks Mr. Feeny…the same guy who was their middle school teacher, high school principal and now their DEAN.

How is this possible?! Their entire lives were basically the same for the many seasons of the show.

I found myself a little jealous, because I noticed, this is exactly what I tried to do.

I left high school and went to a college literally five minute from my house, lived at home for two out of the four years, moved to a town home within a three minute drive of all my family and obviously had a melt down because that was too far, moved back home even though my husband still pays the other mortgage, and now am having wicked anxiety because I am changing addresses again, to a place without my mom and sister.

I realize this sounds ridiculous.

I am not 15.

I am married and an adult person who should totally be able to function on her own.

But I am petrified.

I am scared to death that I will lose my stability (aka my core unit family) because I will be too far away.

I’m not blaming TV or the shows I enjoyed as a little kid. I actually liked seeing some of the old episodes again, but my gosh I did have some wishful thinking that my existence could mimic the ones written in a script.

Unfortunately, reality is not written, and I need to learn to cope with the curveballs life likes to throw.

What this means for me is to talk openly, express my feelings regardless of the fear I have of being rejected, cry when the urge is there, write, watch the cheesy movies and read the pointless books I used to deem as a waste of time, and really just de-stress in healthy, positive ways.

Last week I was beating myself up because I got my nails done; an activity I LOVE because it makes me feel good, my friend actually does them so I find it to be socially exciting, and for holiday parties it was so fun having a French manicure and sparkly snowflake on my fingers, but I beat myself up for days and days and days because I spent unnecessary money.

Stop doing that, CJ.

Not everything in life is predictable.

Things change and stress WILL happen.

Everyone deserves to have a healthy way to deal with that, and I am still experimenting to find mine, since a few hours on the treadmill is just not a good idea.

The point is, life, holidays, work, pretty much anything can cause anxiety. It is up to us to determine how to handle these things without completely breaking down.

Never stop expressing, never stop taking time for yourself, and please remember that even though today may be a struggle, tomorrow is always a new day.

Yes, I am talking to myself, but hopefully you can benefit too 🙂

Have a terrific tuesday.

I promise posts will not always be as boring as of late….new year, improved ME 🙂


6 thoughts on “From Struggle to Stress Relief

  1. I can not wait to see you on Friday!! I have so much to catch up with you and I’ve been thinking about you soooooo much. I definitely could use some of your strength right now. 🙂 ❤ you hun!

  2. your posts are definitely not boring so if you pretend to improve them any more ooohh i cant wait lol.I totally understand how you feel because I do beat myself up when I do something out of my routine,out of my element.Last week I bought a pair of jeans and it hurt because not only did I waste money on me but also I discovered Im no longer the size I was for so many yrs.Change hurts so much but Ive realized that it must happen in order for a new outcome to arise.Have a great day !:)

  3. Your posts are so far from boring….and while they should be designed to be cathartic for you~I hope you are cognizant of just how helpful your honesty about your struggles have been to others with similar struggles!
    Like you say….keep expressing those feelings, cry when you get the urge, and get out that journal and write, write, write! Always know that you will be loved, no matter what you are feeling!,,

  4. i LOVE boy meets world. I used to watch it every morning on ABC family my freshman/sophomore year when I ran on the treadmill lol! I was so excited it was on during that time! And I used to run off the bus with my childhood best friend to watch all of those shows. Oh, the good times.

    I’m really glad you’re learning to not beat yourself up. I realized the other day that no matter WHAT decision I make, whether it’s the “healthier” or the “unhealthier”… I always say it’s the wrong choice. “Why did I do that?” I think we are SO accustomed to beating ourselves up over our decisions that we do it with everything in life. We’re so used to disappointing others/ourselves/our bodies we do not realize each decision is going to have pros/cons. We just want the pros (aka perfectionism).

    I’m so ready for the new year, too! The holidays brought on a lot of stress and I’m dealing with a LOT… But I just have to keep going at this point. There is NO turning back.

  5. I think that a common theme with anorexia and/or anxiety disorders is this idea of having a hard time growing up. This has been something I have really personified too. I was just home for Christmas (I still call my parents’ house home…) and even though I am getting married next summer, I kept thinking while I was there that I half-way wished I could move back in with them until the wedding because it feels so much safer. But I know I have other problems there and I just need to force myself to finally grow up.

  6. Funny, I was just talking to my brother about Boy Meets World the other day and we were talking about the same things concerning the show! Too funny!

    I used to be you when it came to change and being away from my family, but after I moved away to Australia for 6 months to study and realized what I could do and had the capability to accomplish, it was like I never had to go back (though I love my family, so I always visit). Since then I’ve moved around the country for 5 years and live up to 3 hours away right now. It’s ok though because I talk to them all the time!

    Hugs lady, and if you want to talk let me know!

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