Creating My Own Holiday Cheer

I had totally planned on saving this for WIAW, but I thought it was appropriate to share today after my horrifically negative-self in yesterday’s post.

What does a girl do when she is sad and in need of some holiday cheer?


Yes, making gifts is extremely gratifying, and since I do not believe in greeting cards, these seemed like the perfect way to celebrate and spread some joy to my co-workers and friends.

Hooray for chocolate and peanut butter covered spoons and pretzels!!

After loving my own Target purchased Toffee Pretzels, which you can read about in last week’s WIAW post, I thought it might be fun to make my own, with a bunch of different toppings, candies, and flavors.

With a little help from my girlfriend Paula Deen, and my sister and her boyfriend by my side, we spent a few hours dirtying up the kitchen and having fun.

Really, there is no recipe to share, other than the one linked up from Food Network and the awesome lady listed above, but the best part was being with family, being able to get a little creative, and wrapping them up to share with others.

I can’t wait to deliver these this morning. Hopefully it will bring the office some serious holiday joy. It certainly helped do that for me 🙂


4 thoughts on “Creating My Own Holiday Cheer

  1. Aw you know what they say the remedy for feeling stressed is desserts…read stressed backwards and it is proven ! Lol…you are really sweet in making these

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