Williamsburg, Wine and Work That Must Be Done

So as I told you yesterday, Saturday was another very special day.

We hit up two different farmers markets, in the colonial village and also in Yorktown.

Yorktown was by far our favorite, offering a ton of different products, ranging from dog sweaters (yes, I thought this was interesting too), to paintings, and of course specialty produce and food items.

Ryan and I both nabbed a few goodies, which unfortunately are waiting for the more appropriate, WIAW post, but I will say I was very impressed with my husband’s taste in flavors.

I think I am training him well 🙂

Anyway, after some shopping, and what felt like frost bite since we were walking along the river and the temperatures did not get out of the 40’s! we decided it was time for lunch.

Sharon kept telling me she had the perfect place, that I would absolutely love, if I was ok that it was not overly fancy.

The quaintness, atmosphere, delicious array of options and hospitality made up for the lack of fine China.

This was by far my favorite meal, just because it had so much character.

The Carrot Tree

I honestly could not decide what to get. There were so many things that looked appealing, but the “Make Your Own Sandwich” option seemed fitting so I could combine a few of my desires.

Hot Turkey on multi-grain bread with homemade hummus and veggies on the side.

The hummus was definitely the highlight.

You could taste how fresh and perfectly blended the spread was. Ryan and I both agreed it was some of the best we have had at a restaurant in a very long time. I made a mental note that I WILL be returning to this adorable little establishment next time we visit.

And then, since it was a bit chilly, and we were in the mood for a little more history, why not take a tour of the Williamsburg Winery?!

I don’t know if I have ever really discussed this on the blog, but I actually don’t drink.

I love to see vineyards, learn about wine, see where and how it is made, even smell it, but I made the choice to abstain from alcohol until I feel I am ready to try something that could potentially trigger another unhealthy coping mechanism.

Perhaps I am being over-cautious, but I really don’t miss it.

Plus, I can still totally have fun, while everyone else is enjoying their glasses!

It was an amazing afternoon just taking in the sites, enjoying our last dinner out, and then strolling down the Duke of Glouster, seeing the buildings lit by torch as the governor threw a ball.

…Next time I will definitely be finding out how to score an invite to that.

Before I go, I have to make mention of one thing.

The descriptions of the last few days, now that I have re-read them, make it sound like I don’t have a care in the world.

What I meant yesterday when I said that this weekend helped me in a variety of ways, was that I did get to have some relaxation and fun that I don’t typically have in our hometown, but I also learned that my anxiety for things is starting to heighten again because I am so uncomfortable with my body.


I thought I was going to have a panic attack Friday morning when I realized the gym was not open until 7:00 AM, meaning I wouldn’t have time to use the hotel facilities, but would instead have to go outside and exercise, which I was not prepared for.

No charged Garmin, and no appropriate winter-weather clothes for a 5:00 A.M. wake-up.

Any normal, sane person would just say, “eh, it is only one day, why not sleep in and make breakfast with my husband?!”

BUT regardless of the 30 degree temperatures, I went outside, with my failing track watch, ridiculously assembled outfit that was not at all warm, and froze my @$$ off for an hour.

I could not fathom the idea of skipping a workout, taking a rest day and letting my body actually be on vacation.

I was still making a major trauma about the 10 hours in the car, for goodness sake!

At lunches, yes I ordered sandwiches, which is a big step from the “you may only consume raw-foods” at restaurant rule I had before, but I took the sandwich out of the bread and only ate one piece, which Ryan later informed me was NOT normal.

I also nearly cried when I realized I wouldn’t get to Zumba for over a week, since the last time I was there was TWO Sundays ago, and I wont be able to go again in Wednesday.

My brain was literally going nuts ALL weekend about how disgusting and fat I looked, how lazy I was, how could I possibly eat so many restaurant meals.

It was absolutely ridiculous and proved how despite better nutrition, a higher number on the scale, etc. I still have a lot of mental progress to make.

They certainly did not lie when they said recovery is definitely a marathon and not a sprint.

And unfortunately, some days I still feel like I am at mile one…


4 thoughts on “Williamsburg, Wine and Work That Must Be Done

  1. I definitely agree with your final quote but regardless you should feel proud because you tried something different and didn’t give up.plus look at yourself you look so happy in your pics with your hubby and your hair is beyond shiny I’m jealous! Lol …just stay strong we can do it!

  2. it can be tough girl i knowww…but instead of focusing on the downfalls think about how far you come and celebrate that instead! dont dwell on the sucky stuff look at the amazing things in your life and how you stepped out of your box and enjoyed the amazing weekend!! xoxo

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