Williamsburg Weekend Day 1

Oh man I feel like I have been away from blogging, both reading and writing, for so long, but really I had a much-needed 3 day break that helpful me refresh in so many ways.

In case you did not know, Ryan, my mother and father in-law and I, traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia for the weekend.

We went there this summer, and it had been my first trip since I was a little girl, which is super surprising since I am a huge history fanatic and actually majored in the subject in college.

After walking down the Duke, I fell in love and it was suggested that we have a little getaway there before the holidays to enjoy the decorations, scenery, and just have some fun the four of us.

You see, I consider myself very lucky.

I actually LOVE spending time with my in-laws, which I have heard that is somewhat abnormal; but after you see a few of our photos, perhaps you will understand why.

Now this trip did not start off very well, since Ryan and I happened to be driving down 95 south when a person who was pulled over in a routine traffic stop, decided to shoot the police officer in the leg.

This resulted in a complete shut down of the route for over two hours, making what should have been a five-hour drive, a ten-hour excursion.

EXCESSIVE Sitting = not a happy CJ.

As soon as we could we decided to get off at the closest exit, have a little fun in Target, grab some dinner and of course soothe the soul with some fro-yo.

Some Crave Frozen Yogurt does tend to make things a little better!

And when we finally arrived at our cottage, we both passed out from exhaustion, and anticipation for a very busy next few days.

Friday we woke early and headed into Colonial Williamsburg to soak up some history, do a little touring, shop (um Wythe Candy Shop has some AMAZING selections…look for a few major challenge foods in WIAW!), and enjoy the brisk soon-to-be-winter, day.

After a few hours of historic fun, our stomachs were grumbling and so we decided on a fabulous eatery in the heart of downtown; The Trellis. 

We ate here in the summer and I had one of the best turkey sandwiches of my life.

This is saying something because let me tell you, I have consumed A LOT of turkey sandwiches in my lifetime.

The homemade nut and grain bread is without a doubt what made this a knockout….or maybe it is because it was some of the first bread I actually allowed myself to taste just a few months ago?


Since I am pretty boring and a major creature of habit, you can probably guess what I had again…

Turkey, sprouts, tomato, lettuce, balsamic onions, and this out of this world bread…Amazing!

And then to cap off a perfect lunch, my mother in-law was nice enough to book us a carriage ride through the colonial streets to get a different perspective on one of her, and now my, favorite places.

Please look how beautiful these old buildings are.  Thank goodness for generous individuals who donate their time, money and compassion into restoring and preserving these treasures.

We were pretty exhausted when we finally made it back to the condo around 6:00 PM, so we rested a bit and decided to have a quick dinner of soup and bread at Panera, followed by the most fantastic frozen yogurt in the entire universe; Sweet Frog please come to Pennsylvania.

When we were here in July, every, single, night, Ryan and I had some Sweet Frog.

My husband is a pretty big advocate for the cake batter, but I have to say, I think I prefer mixing several different flavors in my cup at a time.

You only live once, right! 😉

With full bellies, a lot of laughs from watching the Hangover II (surprisingly, not as uncomfortable as I would have thought with a set of parents!) and sleepy eyes, it was definitely time for bed.

Boy was I glad to get a good night’s rest for Saturday’s activities, because we had an awesomely eventful day!

But you will have to wait to hear about those until tomorrow…

Have a super rest of the weekend!

Can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s adventures from the last few days!


10 thoughts on “Williamsburg Weekend Day 1

  1. Aww, what a wonderful weekend away! I tried Sweet Frog in Charlottesville and thought the same thing….why oh why do we don’t have one of these in PA.
    So glad you enjoyed the weekend with Ryan’s family.

  2. I’ve never been to Colonial Williamsburg even though I lived in VA for 15 years (I was a NoVA kid). It looks like an awesome trip! We just watched Hangover II last night and I loved it. Hysterical!

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