10 thoughts on “I Love Fitblog Chats!

  1. I have ALWAYS felt that I am defying society. When the ads were telling me to loose weight, I was always trying to gain. When they said to drink more water, I was drinking too much. When they said workout X amount of times, I was trying to cut back. It’s a loosing battle to impress a society that will NEVER full accept you. No matter if you do every single thing that they tell you, it’s never good enough! Always remember that girl. 😉 ❤ you!

    • we are definitely long lost sisters because i have always felt the same way! if i listened to the media i would honestly never be doing anything right, so i need to start doing whats right, FOR ME. as always, thank you for the encouragement 🙂

  2. Katy site is awesome… SO MUCH great information!

    I agree with Lauren’s comment — it seems like the media is always changing THEIR ideas of the “ideal” so it’s impossible to ever be able to achieve the “perfection” that is advertised! I think all women, though, no matter how hard they try NOT to be, are affected by the media!

  3. I agree that the media prey on women’s insecurities, through ‘bitchiness’ (pardon the phrase, but I couldn’t think of a more fitting word). I hate the endless articles in trashy magazines ripping apart perfectly normal bodies on the beach for having cellulite, or being too thin, and declaring certain celebrities to have ‘ballooned’ after having a baby (because obviously every new mother’s priority should be fitting back into her skinny jeans, god forbid she think about resting and looking after her baby)! I think it sets a standard of perfection which is unachievable and unrealistic, and more dangerously, it perpetuates the ‘dream’ that being thin and beautiful is what will make you happy. Our media is messed up, and it’s high time we sort it out. And it’s talking about it in the open, on blogs like yours, that can really make a difference. Great post!

    • im so glad you agree with me! i get so sad when i see all the girls walk around my school like little imitation kardashians because thats who are shown as the ideals of beautiful. i think you were spot on when you implied that it takes much more than a skinny bod to be happy! perhaps people should work as hard on their insides as they do their outsides!

  4. Your posts always get me thinking! I am jealous of some people I see on tv and magazines, but it’s usually more along the lines of, “I wish I had hair like that!” and “I wish I could figure out how to do my make up like that.” not exactly self love. I feel like it’s up to me to be happy with what I’ve got and tune out those external influences. It helps to surround myself with positive influences (healthy living blogs) but it’s near impossible to completely avoid tv and magazines.*

  5. I agree that the media is always spewing negativity about people’s bodies and it just gets so tiring, annoying, and offensive. But at the same time, in the deepest throes of my ED, I didn’t really listen to any of the new diet crazes or compare myself to other celebrities… for me, it was always just about getting myself down to the thinnest *I* could be, and I knew I was destroying myself, but didn’t care…

    Did you know Lifetime is going to be airing a new reality show “Starving Secrets” about women who suffer from eating disorders? I think it debuts Dec. 2 with Tracey Gold, who herself battled anorexia when she was younger. I’ll be curious to see it, but I’m a little scared as to how it might affect me or other people recovering from an ED. On the one hand, it might be that extra motivation to NOT go back to a life like that, but it might also be triggering :\ What do you think about it??

    • I love tracy gold from her growing pains days! i dont know if i will watch the show though. i used to watch intervention and the show whats eating you on E and they kind of messed with my head. since i am on a pretty good path right now i dont know if i need to push the limits by watching something that could potentially set me back. haha who knows though, my mindset tends to change on a daily basis…no wait an hourly basis. you know how recovery goes, one minute your up, the next your down!

      • I agree… I’m not sure if I’ll watch it either for the same reasons! Those kind of shows can be triggering in a bad way… even though they most definitely shouldn’t be, but if you feel like it MIGHT be, that may be enough to steer clear of it in order to stay on track! 🙂

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