Busy Weekend Recap

Yesterday I took a break from the blog (well sort-of 🙂 ) because I actually had a pretty eventful weekend.

You have to understand, this is pretty abnormal for me because I am very happy putting on some comfy pants when I get home from school and using my days off to catch up around the house, get prepared for the next week, and just relax. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good daytime activity but come 9:30 I am SO ready for bed….

Just call me a 24-year-old trapped in a grandma’s body.

Anyway, this weekend I tried to get out of the box a little and say YES to all the things in which I was invited. (See Tessa’s posts if you want further information as to how my brain works because she pretty much hit’s the nail on the head!)

So Friday, after a very long in-service, I came home and did not get into my routine yoga pants, do miniscule amounts of cleaning, or head straight to the couch, but instead made a delicious treat, my very favorite party dip, and headed to my first ever Stella and Dot party.

I had heard of this beautiful jewelry several times from friends, other bloggers, in magazines, and on celebrities, but I had never actually seen the pieces in person.

Um, perhaps I have switched to a shopping addiction because I could have bought the whole darn catalogue. The necklaces, especially, are fantastic! But in the spirit of moderation (holler to recovery translating into everything in life!) I am only buying ONE bracelets, the Tribute Bracelet where some of the proceeds actually go to breast cancer. Don’t you love when you can actually feel somewhat good about a gift for yourself?

I knew Saturday was going to be amazingly fun! Although earlier in the week I had my minor anxiety attack about baked oatmeal I didn’t end up getting (don’t worry I got another challenging plate!) I was really excited to meet some new people and reconnect with old friends.

We met up for brunch around 10:30, and spent a little over an hour just talked, learning things about one another and having a good time. The weird thing about blogging, and most people who haven’t experienced this before usually look at me like I am nuts when I tell them this, but you have an instantaneous bond that makes it feel like you have known each other forever. You can talk fluidly without the awkward pauses. You know names of family members you never met. It’s really special and in the few times I have met up with others that share my hobby, the theory definitely held true.

So in addition to the fabulous females I had brunch with, The Hershey Pantry totally lived up to the hype. As I expected there was a 98746736 hour wait for an inside table, so we ended up sitting on the back porch near a fireplace, staying warm by gulping down copious amounts from this:

Yes. This teapot was like my best friend. I was pretty obsessed with the color scheme and crazy shape that the waitress jokingly told me I could not take it home. Damn because my purse was totally big enough! Just kidding, but anyway despite the chattering teeth I thoroughly enjoyed my oversized veggie omelette and multi-grain toast, with apple cinnamon tea. It was a great fall breakfast that fueled me after I overdid it a bit on the treadmill.

I am not proud to admit this but I think my anxiety from the other day carried over into the a.m., because as soon as I got on my walking machine, I turned on Pandora and just went to town…not tremendously, but still a mile past where I am supposed to stop, and it was my body’s way or rebelling from the fear; A total ED way of escaping.

So couple a relatively high incline with a bit more speed and a few more minutes, my body wanted protein like you would not believe. Omelet sounded fantastic…BUT I will not bypass the oatmeal. Ryan and I already have a breakfast date there next weekend because he was sick of hearing me say how fantastic the menu looked and how delicious my breakfast was.

Baked oatmeal here I come.

Following brunch I headed to Target to exchange something and pick up some dish soap. Does anyone have a similar problem where they will enter the store with a precise list and exit with more than they actually needed?! Me and Target have this problem!

I didn’t spend too much and I did get some supplies we actually could have used, including this:

I use my Camelback every single day for school, every work out, pretty much every time I leave the house. I LOVE it. And Ryan has been asking for one for work so when I saw they had Penn State Blue and a man-friendly black color I bought him two so he could experience the obsession I have with mine.

That little mouth piece makes drinking water so much more fun!

Maybe I shopped a little extra because I was also procrastinating coming home and cleaning my floor? I’m thinking that might be the answer because having three miniature dogs, and a hardwood floor, is not a fun combination, especially when it gets cold out like this because they do not like to go outside to use the bathroom.

But when I got home I knew the kitchen was a priority so I cleaned the floor, whiped down the cabinets, and tidied up a few things I have been neglecting for far too long. I typically operate under the mantra “you can do anything for 10 minutes,” and as today confirmed, it is one hundred percent true.

I have many good qualities, but a love for cleaning is NOT one of them. I am very organized but I sometimes (ok pretty much all the time) live out of laundry baskets, wait until I have six loads of laundry before it actually gets done, and leave things on the counter when I know they should be put away. 

I do my best impression of a housekeeper when I turn on some music and think to myself,

“Ok CJ, you can get your butt cleaning for at least 3 songs.” (or the equivalent to 10 minutes)

And usually the songs pass quickly and part of my tasks are done. I’ll repeat this a few times, maybe not always consecutively, and eventually the house is clean. Try it if you are facing a duty you dread (ahem cleaning the bathroom!!!).

Music + 10 minute small goal = cleaner house

By the time I finished the floor it was time for me to clean myself up and get ready to chaperone the high school homecoming dance. Call me a weirdo but I was actually kind of excited to do this. While most people would not find spending a Saturday night watching high schoolers on the dance floor super appealing, I loved seeing the kids I have in class, putting on a nice outfit, and standing there with my husband reminiscing on our old memories.

I will say, however, that I was SHOCKED at the apparel some of the females adorned going to a school sponsored function…or anywhere for that matter.

Holy shmoly some of their dresses were something you would find in the toddler department!

When I was in school, homecoming meant a longer gown, getting your hair done, having mom put on my make up rather than the sloppy job I usually did, but times have certainly changed, because now its like a competition for the tightest, shortest, most minimal outfit you can find.


Ryan and I just kept looking around in shock and commenting on the significant difference between our dances not THAT long ago, and now. But we still had a great time and some of the kids looked absolutely stunning.

You may be reading this thinking my weekend does not seem busy at all, but I can assure you, the events that I attended in the last two days are pretty much double what is my norm.

For a while I did not go out AT ALL because it was easier to maintain my schedule, my rules, my eating disorder, cooped up in my house all alone. Slowly I am trying to say yes to more, initiate plans, get out of the living room, and regain my life.

This has actually been a very difficult thing for me to do because I am so self-conscious. All yesterday/last night I kept thinking…

“oh my gosh the other chaperones probably think my dress is stupid.”

“why didn’t I just order the damn baked oatmeal, everyone is going to be so disappointed in me.”

“I wish I looked like that girl.”

Etc., etc., etc.

I can tell when my discomfort level increases because the negative self-talk sky-rockets as well.

I say this many times, but it is definitely worth repeating; anything meaningful takes a lot of effort, and recovery is no exception, but so far, the rewards have made it worth it and provide a definite incentive to keep on truckin’.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!!


7 thoughts on “Busy Weekend Recap

  1. It was so nice to meet you yesterday CJ; I hope we do another meet-up again soon! I totally agree; I was worried (since this was my first meet-up) that it might be kind of weird but it totally wasn’t! Maybe when you go back to the Pantry with your husband you can shop around for your very own teapot! 🙂

    • oh my gosh it was so nice meeting you!!! we definitely have to get together for a cookie bake or something. its always awesome to meet up with people where you already have a connection and so many similar interests. hope you have a good week at school!

  2. I was going to comment you yesterday to meet up with me in Camp Hill today but I figured you were super busy and it would have been odd. I feel like I need to talk to someone who has experienced what I’ve gone through and I don’t really have friends because I don’t go anywhere. Stupiiiid saying no to every plan that comes my way.

    First, I totally agree with the Target dilemna. I go in there to walk around and look at stuff all the time (this is one of my eating disorder habits) and I end up buying SOMETHING every damn time. EVERY DAMN TIME. Lol. It stinks because I have a tendency to be by myself all the time, so I literally find ways to entertain myself… Such as target. Ugh.

    Seconddd, I hate cleaning too and made myself wipe down my bathroom today and wash my sheets. Done and done. Thank god.

    Thirdly, do not feel you have an obligation to eat a certain food because you posted it on here! You ate a GOOD meal. And it takes a lot to do that. you should be so proud! I got diner pancakes today… A pumpkin and pb cup oat bran pancake. Do I know how many calories were in them? No. Thank gosh.

    Fourth, I just stalked your above comment and I would LOVE to come to a cookie bake!!! Lol.

    Fifth, I definitely know what you mean about the dresses but I’ve been there and done that… For me, my dances were to dress a little provocative and get buzzed in my friend’s car before we enter. Sigh.

    OH! and I definitely went to this small set-up for Stella Dot Friday night in the town over from mine! They have the CUTEST stuff. I love it. Good choice on the bracelet!

    And I want that teapot, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!

    Sorry for the long post lol have a relaxing night!

    • omg you should have totally asked to meet up!!!! lets meet up soon! i am always looking for new friends! how far is camp hill from you? it sounds like we have about a million things in common so i think we could have a super awesome time togehter!!!!
      and i will let you know when the cookie bake is happening. you will totally be invited!

  3. I want that teapot! It is so darn cute! I got to meet a fellow blogger today at a 5K and it was fun because she is newer to running and I was the first blogger she’s met in person. Hey shoot me an email about potential ideas for plans to hang out. Perhaps some “window shopping” the KOP mall? 🙂

  4. You got out and jousted a lot of demons. That causes you to fire on all cylinders. Celebrate your win. So you got on the treadmill. Next time, you’ll meditate and do some breathing exercises instead. It’s all in the right direction. Hugs.

    • Thank you for the encouragement!!! I agree that sometimes we need to celebrate our small victories. I had a great breakfast, enjoyed time with friends…actually left the house for a meal! Definitely something I would not have done a few months ago 🙂

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