Resources Rock!!!

I decided to take a day off from blogging since I have an abnormally busy weekend and lots of cleaning I have been procrastinating to do! BUT, if you are interested in some reading material, especially for those in recovery, please, please, please check out this site.

The woman who started it has been so helpful to me and I hope that she can also encourage some of you make the decision to choose HEALTH. 

Happy Saturday!

“See” you tomorrow 🙂


3 thoughts on “Resources Rock!!!

  1. The articles are good. They explain why (possibly) the binges happen. But still I feel that she doesn’t say they are “okay”. i feel it must not be “okay”…its not right for me to eat 1500 calories of crap, carbs and fat att 11:30 pm at night….even when i’m bloating and ready to bust….
    and then wake up and….walk slowly for a bit? have horrible bowels?
    Like, i feel its wrong…its “bad’…it is NOT the way to gain…even if i were in hospital…they woulnd’t be shoving so many calories in so late late at night

    i’m not THAT low

    i tried to jog 10 seconds and couldn’t…i have become a blob…i’m just so unmotivated…rather curl up and sleep and forget the world

    how do i deal with the binging…regardless of whether its “normal”…surely people don’t do it 7x a week like me…and if they do…they do hard-core exercise to get it off

    why am i like this
    when will my madness stop…i’m sorry…i’m just alone in it all…yes i have “people”…but i still just feel to the core alone…no one else understands this stuff…no one can tell me the answers….their freaked out at my binging…they didn’t or don’t do that….

    • youre right. the hospital would not feed you that many calories in one sitting, late at night. it would feed you that amount of calories all day every day. hospitals would put you on 5000 calories in order to speed up the process, repair your body. no one is freaked out at your bingeing. you are being paranoid because you are freaked out at your bingeing. Maybe try to stop comparing, judging and dwelling on the past. just trye and accept that you need the calories. do you think that might help at all?

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