What I Ate Wednesday: I’m Leaving For Disney Version

Since I am headed to Florida for the Walt Disney World Food and Wine Festival, you can be sure What I Ate Wednesday will be extended this week, but for now, I did want to share some of the amazing food finds, and delicious things I have had this over the past few days, that you just might want to enjoy as well.

And since this item is blowing up on the blog world, not to mention it is absolutely delicious, it needs to be number one on the list!

Yes, Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Swirl Bread.

Oh. My. Gosh. Heaven in a bag!

I first saw this a few weeks ago on Krissie J.’s blog, when she made one of my personal favorites, French toast. So not to be a total copycat, I made my own version and it was to die for.

(pictured without greek yogurt topping, but you better believe it was piled high!)

Fabulously Fall French Toast For One


  • 4 slices of Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Swirl Bread
  • ½ Cup Egg Whites (Or 2 Regular Eggs)
  • Tiniest dash of vanilla extract
  • Cinnamon (loads if you are like me 🙂 )
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Your preference of syrup (this is where I am ashamed to admit I use Sugar Free Log Cabin L )


1. Heat that skillet on high and add the bread for a nice sear on one side

2. Flip when read and brown the second side

3. Top with greek yogurt and syrup

4. Try not to devour the plate in 3 seconds because it’s so darn good

Easy-Peasy, totally non-original French toast recipe, but yummy, nonetheless. Try this ASAP. You will so not be disappointed.

And while we are on the subject of pumpkin….

Yup, Thomas’ Pumpkin Spice Bagels.

Here is a little side note about me and these bagels.

I posted them on my facebook wall last week when I first found them on my grocery shelves. I got tons of comments, filled with excitement, singing the carbs’ praises, and still, I could not bring myself to purchase the bag.

Bagels and I have a love-hate relationship (this is pretty much true for all carbs actually) because they are my biggest fear food group.

I have a completely illogical phobia of fats as well, but carbs to me taste so good that I literally could eat three bagels in a sitting, which is why I have totally avoided them for years. This sounds rational, right? NO!

So the night I posted the picture I did not purchase this amazing breakfast find, BUT, Ryan was with me one afternoon as I stopped at the store to pick up some seltzer and other odds and ends we needed before Florida, and he helped me buy my arch nemesis.

Thank gosh he did, because they are pretty darn good. Top them with nut butter, plain greek yogurt, apple butter, even toasted but completely plain. They are awesome!

Aside from helping me conquer my bagel fear, Ryan was also sweet enough to attend my Sunday morning Zumba class. And after he moved and shook it all over the dance floor, I knew I owed him big time…which translated into lunch at Chipotle.

I personally think I got off easy here because I absolutely LOVE Chipotle. I tell you all the time we do not go out for meals often, and we really don’t, but if you were to offer me a trip to Panera, Pita Pit or Chipotle, I would be all over it!

I love the fact that Chipotle offers fresh ingredients, and you can build a meal right in front of you. Part of this is probably because my eating disordered completely ridiculous mind feels like when things are prepared out of my sight the chef is hiding all sorts of fats, oils, butter, and everything scary all within my dish, but the other reason I love the make-as-you-go meal, is you can totally pester for more delicious veggies or pico…definitely a plus.

Since this weekend I did five hours of relatively strenuous exercise, I felt a little more bold and went for some challenging items on my salad; pinto beans, barbacoa, and guacamole.

All three of these items are fabulous for you, especially post work-out, but the extra-carbs the beans add used to make me cringe, beef was always a difficult meat for me to wrap my head around, and the fat in guacamole pretty much always ruled it out of my diet. But thank gosh I let my healthy voice take over because this salad was DELICIOUS.

This may just have to be a Sunday tradition now that I have opened myself up to some new choices.

And now I must finish getting ready to head to the airport.

Hopefully I will still be posting regularly but I make no guarantees!

For now I leave you with a little preview to our trip, by sending you to a guest post I did for Healthy Disney, on finding balance while still having fun at WDW Food and Wine Festival:

What was the best thing you found at the store this week??

Favorite meal?


21 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: I’m Leaving For Disney Version

  1. I haven’t had the bread or the bagels, but I think I’ll definitely try them if I can find them in the store. And that French Toast looks delish, too.

    I made the pumpkin spice cookies you posted and put white chocolate chips in them and they were amazing (pic on my blog). My husband loves them and so do all my friends, they can’t believe it’s so easy!

    Can’t believe you got Ryan to go to Zumba, lol. I’ve never seen more than 2-3 men in there lol.

  2. Yaaaaay french toast! I made it again this weekend and used the pumpkin pie spice instead of a cinnamon. We have two bags of the bagels ready to go! I’m jealous of your Disney trip, too! Scott and I need to get down there so we can visit his aunt (she’s been working there for over 20 years!). Have fun! 😀

  3. I have the same carb phobia…and also the same need to see my food prepared in front of me so I know exactly what’s going into it. I also have been known to be a little to involved in telling the poor innocent food prep people when to stop adding dressing/parmesan/whatever. I’m definitely not the most easygoing customer ever, haha.

    have an AWESOME trip!

    • Haha um I think I embarass my husband bc I’m like NO BUTTER NO OIL! And the 15 year old working is looking at me like I’m nuts. At least I admit I’m a bit demanding!

  4. The best thing I found at the store this week was my favorite salsa Arriba! I hadn’t been able to find it anywhere for months! I feel you on the disordered eating struggles. It’s always good to talk about so it doesn’t get louder in your head. Eating out is my hardest struggle right now but I think I might try Chipotle soon. Hooray for trying new things! 🙂

  5. Can we just talk about two things?
    1. seasonally flavoured things are amazing.
    2. I’m so afraid of carbs its not funny. Like, I’ll eat nut butters and not bread? What is this insanity. I totally feel you about the illogical nature of feeling like you’ll eat 3 bagels but not wanting to eat any carbs at the same time. And it’s not like we’d even want to eat three in reality, but seriously, I feel you.
    I think we should encourage each other with carbs- they’re just my worst food group hands down.

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