Family, Food, Fun And A Favorite Chef

So I may have mentioned I love Rocco Dispirito

Last year he was one of the major reasons we attended The NYC Food and Wine Festival, so it was not even a question that we were going to be in the audience of his cooking demonstration again.

Being the amazing husband he is, Ryan hung out 45 minutes before Rocco even came on stage so we could get great seats, and great seats we had….right up front…perfect place to get to interact with one of my favorite chefs!

I told you Ryan got to go up on stage last year to taste Rocco’s low-calorie ribs, and that we got a free signed cook book, but this year he got to try THREE things, and I got another signed book, that just debut last week!!!

But the best part….

Unfortunately I only snapped a picture of his super-healthy, reduced guilt gnudi, but we also got to sample his madeover lasagna (seriously the best lasagna ever) and pasta pomodoro. 

The recipes will be featured in his newest cookbook, coming to a store near you this spring.  I cannot wait to get my hands on it because although the gnudi contained less than half the calories of a restaurant or traditional variety, it tasted out of this world!  I am seriously tempted to recreate it one of these cool fall nights, with or without the official ingredient list and preparation instructions. 

My husband even confirmed he couldn’t tell a difference between Rocco’s version and the unhealthified original!

So definitely check out Rocco’s facebook page, twitter him up, or get the book a few months from now, because if you are an italian lover, but unable to keep those restaurant portions in check (hello, I am totally guilty of this which is why I avoid restaurants like the plague) make these awesome eats at home!!!

I can’t wait until next year, and my next Rocco encounter. 

Who is your favorite celebrity chef? 

Any recipe makeovers to share?


16 thoughts on “Family, Food, Fun And A Favorite Chef

  1. Fave celebrity chef? That’s a tough one! My husband loves Giada, but it’s 50% for the food and 50% because she’s cute. We were really into Emeril for a while. I cook a lot of Rachel Ray recipes, but I don’t know that I’d be interested in meeting her.*

  2. You are lucky!! Great photos!
    I like Chef Ramsey, not so much for Hell’s Kitchen, but for Master Chef and Kitchen Nightmares. Makes you really consider where you eat and if anyone cares in the back or not.

  3. you lucky, lucky girl!! Im so jealous you got to taste his food let alone meet the guy!! I love the one cookbook of his I have. I cant wait for the new one.

    • giada is so cute! my mom went to her even called meatball madness thursday night and said it was so much fun! Ina Garten is an amazing baker…maybe thats why you like her so much 🙂

  4. He’s so cute!! Gorgeous pic of the two of you. I have a love/hate relationship with celebrity chefs. Giada seems sweet. Curtis Stone is too “pretty”. Bobby Flay seems a bit snobby…Rachel Ray isn’t that creative of a cook and too bubbly at times – but hey, I say we need more of that sometimes 🙂 So she can be who she is!

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