WIAW Restaurant Re-do!

Today was a VERY busy What I Ate Wednesday, which meant another meal out, (which was WAY less stressful than last evening’s Panera adventure!), a day at school, AGAIN without my colleague since his son is sick, a meeting with my Poppy, a nutrition appointment, Zumba, and PICKING RYAN UP FROM THE AIRPORT!

Normally I am not a huge middle of the week fan because it’s usually when it starts to drag for me, but I actually woke up really excited for today.

Why??? Well for multiple reasons!

1. I always love to visit the Popster.

He owns a business in our hometown, but recently moved back to his childhood neighborhood in New Jersey, where his wife is from. He also has a business in Philadelphia, so between the three places, the man is nearly impossible to track down. So when he called and said to stop by the Lebanon store on my way to the clinic I couldn’t say no, and was thrilled to even have 15 minutes for a quick hug and conversation.

2. I NEEDED my nutrition session today.

Last week it was cancelled due to the torrential rains and major flooding, so it’s been over 15 days without a weight check or re-evaluation of my meal plan. I’m sure you are reading this thinking, “who cares, most people don’t need a meal plan or to step on a scale on a weekly basis to keep their sanity,” but since I have actually gotten more serious about recovery, appointments with my dietician are essential. I need the comfort of someone telling me I am doing the right thing, that my weight is not skyrocketing out of control, that its normal for me to eat breakfast triple the size of what I used to, and then to be hungry two hours later. She is like my professional reframe and I definitely need that!

3. Zumba

This has become one of my new favorite activities. I know its physical activity and I shouldn’t be nearly as excited as I am about it considering my past/present problems with exercise, but I think the reasons I like it are actually productive.

I went to my first official class this weekend, with two of the coolest females I know. Both work at my hair salon, but have become awesome friends over the years. On Saturday night Caroline asked if I wanted to come with her and Anne to a Zumba session nearly 25 minutes from where we live. At first I was questioning why we would go somewhere that seemed so far when there were studios/gyms locally that had Sunday morning classes…

When the class was over I totally understood the drive! The instructor was AMAZING, the amount of people there was HUGE, and you could tell it totally embodied the idea of a party rather than a boring way to exercise. After that, I was hooked!

It also reminded me of cheering because the moves, although more Latin inspired were reminiscent of basketball camp when we prepared a half-time dance routine to accompany our stunt and cheer. I just loved the infectious atmosphere, the challenge of getting back into dance, and being with friends I love.

This same teacher had a class two minutes down the road from my nutrition counselor and since I had time to kill before I had to pick Ryan up I figured I might go have a little fun.

4. Eating Fresh (Ok, maybe not but that is their catch-phrase!)

Fun of course, but Zumba also requires a good bit of energy, so what better way to refuel than a nice Subway sandwich.

I don’t think I have ever told you about my obsession with Subway….It has always been my absolute favorite fash-food chain, specifically because of the amount of toppings you can add without any additional charge! Trust me, I totally get my money’s worth when I make a visit because I load that sucker up to feel more like a torpedo than a submarine (ha, I’m so corny!). So to ensure that I was getting the proper nutrition after my work out I picked up a six-inch turkey on wheat, loaded with veggies, mustard and vinegar! Vinegar and sweet peppers are the secret to any great sandwich…I swear by it!

The added benefit to another meal out is gaining more comfort with a different dinner environment. I am very routine with my meals; I have rituals, eat the same things, sometimes take a little longer than needed, and DO NOT often eat things I don’t prepare myself. Although Subway is not a super challenging dinner, since it is custom ordered and you can see what they are putting on it right in front of you, it is still good practice eating away from my kitchen…not to mention it was delicious!

OK now that I have completely rattled on about my day for the last 78435783 paragraphs…onto the good stuff!!

I didn’t photograph EVERYTHING I ate today, since I do tend to have the same things and that HAS to get boring, but I will highlight some of my favorites that I highly recommend (specially the TJ Stuff!!)

I have to admit, when I went shopping yesterday I was totally on a mission for a few specific things…

At Trader Joes I absolutely had to pick up the Sunflower Butter I keep reading about all over the blog world, and I was hoping to get some Peanut Butter Cream Cheese, as well!   Unfortunately no Cream Cheese but I did snag myself the nut butter and one of my other favorites!

Low-Fat Blueberry Wheat Bran Muffins

And because of these two wonderful purchases, I created this…

Please, if you have a chance, make this for breakfast! It was absolutely delicious and I will definitely be having it again tomorrow morning…and maybe friday…I’m telling you it is too good to pass up!

  • Fiber One English Muffin
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Strawberries
  • TJ Sunflower Butter
  • Crumbled Bran Muffin
  • Maple Syrup

Tell me that doesn’t sound fantastic?!

And then my lunch was totally boring…same old, same old, BUT I did try this earlier in the week and considered it share-worthy…pretty darn good for a lazy night, “cooking” for one…

Kashi Enchilada Meal

This was the first time I tried it, and although it wasn’t my favorite Kashi frozen meal, it certainly did the trick for a mild Mexican craving I had been having.  Plus, you can’t really beat Target’s buy five, get one free…and the fact that I had two coupons on top of that meant I definitely had to try something new!

And then dinner tonight was a standard Subway favorite of mine…

I also had some Baked Lays and a Nugo Bar on the side….

…in addition to about a million other snacks throughout the day!

I hope you guys had an awesome WIAW!!!

What was the best thing you ate today???

Mine was definitely breakfast!! (as always 🙂 )


15 thoughts on “WIAW Restaurant Re-do!

  1. I had one of those Kashi black bean enchiladas for lunch yesterday! My grocery store had them on sale bogo last week so yeah, I definitely picked up quite a few. And I’m having Subway tomorrow too, like you I really like how I can pile it high with veggies for no extra charge :).

    Zumba is fun but I run a lot so really that’s how I do cardio… it goes by fast though, so you don’t really realize you’re working out. But at least you know to be careful with it because of your history, it’s definitely fun and positive, I will say that.

    Glad your appointment went well too!

    • subway is a deal too! where else can you get a sandwich chips and a drink for like 6 dollars?!?!?! well worth it 🙂
      have you tried kashi pasta primevera?! that is my absolutel favorite! i picked up chicken florentine today too….is that any good???

      • ohhh thats right i forgot! silly me!!! the pasta primavera one is really good…i dont know if u like spinach but i always just throw spinach in with it when its done cooking (usually transferring it to a bigger bowl) and the spinach wilts into the meal…its really really good!

  2. I had my first Luna bar today. I’ve heard so much about them but never actually had one. I’ve definitely been missing out! I had the cookies and cream tonight and bought several other flavors to try!

    • Oh girl! Luna bars taste like cookies!!! I can’t even name my favorite flavor!! U have to try white chocolate macadamia nut iced oatmeal raisin chocolate coconut! Nutzover chocolate! I really haven’t found one I don’t like! Soooo good 🙂

  3. That whole day of eats looks awesome! I love subway too!! So jealous of zumba but so good to see you ‘refueling’ afterwards 😀 And yum yum yum, breakfast looks amazing!!! Hope your nutritional appointment went well!

    Well, I can’t really say what the best thing I’ve had today as i’ve only had breakfast so far which WAS pretty damn good! but we’ll see how the rest of the day pans out 😉 xx

  4. It must have been “let’s crave subway day” because I had subway too! I absolutely love going there on the days that I don’t feel like eating the same old lunch (I’m so habitual with my lunches too..it’s so weird but I feel like my day isn’t the same without a salad at lunchtime! I guess it’s because I’ve been eating them just about every day since high school!!! Keep up the good work!! Oh ps I was at the Weis in Palmyra doing my grocery shopping the other day and they have a frozen section and I saw the Vans waffles there!!!! I’m totally picking some up to jazz up my mornings a bit…again I’m super regimined in my breakfast as well! I LOVE breakfast goods…seriously eggwhite omlets with lots and lots of veggies with a piece of toast is my specialty!!!!! Keep strong and stay fabulous 🙂

  5. You’re doing amazing!! I hear you about the need to make sure your weight isn’t skyrocketing and that it’s okay to feel hungry. I usually turn to my mom for that and keep a huge list for my nutritionist because I’m seeing her less frequently now. I’m going abroad though, so I guess I’m going to have to learn these things for myself. Eating more IS scary (and so is eating out!!) but it is something humans do, especially humans in recovery and we can do it!!
    I’m proud of your eats for today- that breakfast, a frozen meal and a sub in one day! You can do anything now.
    ps: I love love love sun butter and those muffins are pretty good themselves! I wish we had a TJs near me!

    • thanks girl! where are you going abroad?! Im so jealous. it was difficult being overseas when I was really sick because a lot of stuff doesnt come with labels or nutritional information i could read, but the food was so fresh and healthy, and wayyyy delicious that really, i should have felt good about what i was consuming. plus, being in another country is so not about the food! there is so much culture and life…i wish I could go back to euripe and re-do my trip in a much healthier way!!!
      thanks for the encouragement and comment!

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