Waffle Throwdown!

Waffles are a staple in my household. From how much I talk about it you have probably gathered that breakfast is my favorite genre of food…I say genre rather than meal because I am a firm believer that traditional morning fare is awesome at any time of day. But let me explain the tradition of waffles, going back to my early high school years when we took big trips to Disney World as a family…aunts, uncles, pappy, mimi…we all went.

We had several traditions on these trips, one of which was always a character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare, in the Grand Floridian. I love it there because despite the fact that it’s a buffet, they have amazing choices, for both breakfast and dinner, and they have a great selection of characters, ranging from Cinderella and her Prince in the evening, to Tigger and The Mad Hatter before noon.

Between the delicious omelets they make upon request, to the vast displays of fruit, there is a selection for everyone regardless of taste preference. The highlight for me was always Mickey Waffles. If you have never been to Disney you may not know what I am talking about, but imagine a waffle the size of your palm, in the shape of a Mickey head, but very thick, slightly crunchy, and with deep creases that function as the perfect syrup traps. Yes. They are as amazing as they sound.

Anyway, there must be 10 pictures of me eating these waffles because everyone would joke that it was the first thing I would head for in the breakfast line. My sister has now continued the habit, because every time we go to the World, her one dining choice is for a breakfast buffet containing Mickey Waffles.


So one year we got back from Disney in mid-December. There were over a dozen of us that went on that vacation and it was probably one of the best trips of my life because it was two weeks before my grandmother passed away, and we all got to experience one last hurrah together! So when we gathered for Christmas at the end of the month, my mom insisted I open a gift the night before “Santa” came. Of course I obliged and wouldn’t you know, it was my very own Mickey Waffle Maker.

My mom wanted me to have it for the morning when all the cousins would come, so we could make it feel just as special as Disney World, when Mimi was here.  From that point on, we did this every holiday, or special occasion when all the family was around.But coming back to the present, I still do use my Disney Waffle Irons (I now have a Cinderella one too!), but mostly for weekends or when Ryan and I are breakfasting together. However, that doesn’t mean my craving for waffles is squelched during the work-week.

Since I am on a pretty fixed time-frame most weekdays I normally keep my freezer stocked with Kellogg’s Low Fat Nutri-Grain Eggos…..at least I DID keep it stocked with that variety….

I am now a definite convert to Vans and De Wafflebakkers.

I have always seen Vans at Whole Foods, but many of the stores where I live don’t carry the brand (shocker, I know!). But as I was browsing Facebook the other day, Van’s showed up in the corner as a page I might be interested in.

I took a peak and investigated further into the product. Hmmm…a pretty good selection of items, all with a relatively nutritious profile, and the BEST part was there was a $1 off coupon from “liking” the page. One click to get a coupon, no brainer.

So I printed my savings and when I was on one of my trips to grocery stores outside my rinky-dink town, I picked up the Van’s Light.

Oh…my…gosh. Why have I not purchased these before?!? They are so much thicker than Eggos, giving a way better crunch and deeper divots to catch the toppings! Plus, they are a little more hearty because of the visible whole grains, and, overall, the taste is much better.

 Don’t get me wrong, Eggos taste fine…I actually like them, but when comparing the two, Van’s wins by a landslide. If only I could purchase them closer to home…

DeWaffelbakers are similar to Van’s in many ways. They are definitely thicker than Kellog’s brand, more like a Belgium waffle than a frozen variety, and come in multiple healthy flavors, rather than just one low-fat nutri-grain selection (let’s face it, none of the Eggo Waffles are that stellar nutritionally!). I actually wish I would have purchased the Sweet Potato flavor (I got the blueberry, which is still yummy!) since it’s different than what a lot of other companies offer, and I love the taste of sweet potatoes, but there is always next time, and I can guarantee these will be in my cart again!

So if you perusing the freezer aisle, looking for a quick breakfast that is both nutritious and delicious, seek out some Van’s or De Waffelbakkers. If you like a carb-y breakfast like me (hello, French toast, pancakes and waffles) these will not disappoint. Not to mention, they are the perfect conduits for awesome toppings like nut-butters, fruit, maple syrup, agave nectar, Greek yogurt, and crushed nuts, just to name a few.

Happy Breakfast!!!

P.S. I was thinking of doing a breakfast “series” since I am pretty well-versed in breakfast recipes, a variety of products, and have immense passion for the premise that it is the most important meal of the day. I am doing a lesson with the kids at school about the significant of being nourished in the a.m. and was wondering if you guys would be interested as well? Let me know 🙂

I also have an awesome breakfast giveaway coming right around the corner!!


10 thoughts on “Waffle Throwdown!

  1. So ironic, but I have those same waffles in my freezer now because they’re on sale here and I had that $1 off coupon. I haven’t tried one yet (just bought them on Friday) but sounds like they’re delish!

    My former roomie had a disney princess waffle iron :).

  2. I think a breakfast series is a great idea! I’m a waffle lover, too! I eat whole wheat store brand waffles most weekdays for breakfast. The van’s waffles look super yum!*

  3. Your waffle story reminds me of my Grandma’s pancakes. She would get her recipe book out every morning for me and pick the best one for pancakes from scratch and I’m pretty sure all the way through good old Cornwall, I had the best pancakes everyday. Now that things are limited with time and how long she may be here, I’ve found myself picking up the same tradition with my son. I recently found in LTD a “Cars Lightning McQueen” Pancake pan. After reading this I had to share 🙂 and I think I’m going to look into the waffles as well!

    • I love Cars!!! It makes food so much more fun when its in cool shapes or your favorite characters. this sound silly but I still use my heart cookie cutter to cut out my PBJ! haha Im definitely still a child at heart!!! Thank you for sharing your story. It helps solidify my belief that family and traditions are so important 🙂

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