What I Ate, And Intend to Eat, Wednesday!

Once again, thank you Jen from Peas and Crayons for inspiring the trend of WIAW!!! I always enjoy reading other’s interesting meal plan, so hopefully you can get something out of mine!! Unfortunately there are no actual pictures due to a very hectic day, but I promise next week, I will totally do better!!!

It is now only 4:30 PM and I feel like I have been up for days! I normally rise pretty early and don’t have many problems but wow, a 3:40 AM. wake up is not all that fun! It did, however, allow me to spend 45 extra minutes with Ryan before he headed out west, and for that I am definitely grateful.

I had expressed yesterday my concern with the schedule shake-up, and yes, it did throw me for a bit of a loop. By the time I got home for Harrisburg International Airport I was literally ready to eat off my arm I was so hungry, which surprised me because it was earlier than my normal breakfast time! Maybe those 40 less minutes of sleep burned a lot of energy?!

Since I still had to get ready, pack up all my stuff that I could not do the night before, and fight closed roads and disgusting weather, I threw together a hodge-podge of things that I could take with me. Fortunately they were also some of my favorites!

Greek yogurt is one of the best things to ever come out of the blog world in my opinion. Before I started reading healthy-living blogs, I had not even heard of Greek Yogurt, but instead was consuming Dannon Light and Fit like it was my job. The local stores are not too hip to healthy foods, nor do they promote new products very well so I wouldn’t have even known Chobani existed, if it had not been for my daily indulgence of KERF and CHTP. Now, I eat at least one container, or bowl, a day.

I am definitely an Oikos and Chobani girl, but between the two I tend to pick up whatever is on sale. Chobani runs some awesome specials, such as 10 for 10 at my supermarket, so I almost always have it stocked in our refrigerator. Not to mention the flavor varieties are a bit more extensive than Stoneyfield. Regardless, both are fantastic and as I am writing this while the kids are in study hall, I am salivating just thinking of the Oikos Peach Mango I have waiting for me not five feet away.

I have mentioned Nugo bars before, when I discussed my obsession with the HLS swag bag, and how I devoured all three that were given to us in a matter of a weekend. They don’t see them at stores near me but when I saw them in the Wayne Whole Foods last weekend, you better believe I grabbed five of them! Unfortunately this mornings Dark Chocolate Almond was my last one (yup, almost one a day!), BUT I have to tell you about a selection I tried for the very first time literally as I walked out the grocery store doors…

Nugo Dark Chocolate Pretzel

Oh. My. Gosh!!! This was amazing. You all know I am obsessed with salty-sweet combinations and this was the perfect marriage of the two. I was so mad I only bought one because I could have easily fit more into my weekly menu plan…awesome treat and I highly recommend you pick up a few if you ever see them around. You will not be disappointed!! Oh man I could totally go for one right now!! Perhaps that’s because once again, I am starving!

I also threw together a smoothie with some Sunwarrior Vanilla, Honey Oikos, PB2 and Unsweetened Coconut Milk to sip on throughout the morning. Ha! Morning, yeah right is barely lasted the 15 minutes it took me to drive to school!

For lunch I packed a pretty standard variety arugula salad with hummus, Popchips, my beloved Peach Mango Oikos and a Clif Mojo Bar. I’m sure you all are pretty bored with those photos but I do have to highlight that Popchips are fantastic, and the new Tribe my mom brought me from Jersey is definitely a new favorite.

I have had Popchips before, but like most things, they are not available in any stores near me. So when I was at Target a few weeks ago, you know wasting some time while the “hurricane” robbed us of power, and saw that they had individual serving size bags on special for back to school, I grabbed a pack real quick!

It contained a variety of BBQ and Plain, which are both incredible ( I should say were since they are now gone!!). I think what makes this snack so exciting to me is the crunch! I have tried the Special K Chips and they are ok. If they are around I won’t turn them down, but if I had a choice, Popchips will always get my vote. Now if they could only make the single-serves in Salt and Vinegar I would probably be in heaven!

The hummus my mom was so nice to bring home is one that I think has been around for a while. Again, our stores are not great at stocking variety so we usually only have Plain, Roasted Garlic or Red Pepper.

I am a huge fan of spice! In fact, I usually add chili powder or red pepper flakes to plain hummus to give it some kick, but when she presented me with Tribe Chipotle Hummus I was SO excited to try it.

The heat, plus peppery arugula is AWESOME! If I paired this salad with some Boar’s Head Cracked Pepper, or Buffalo Turkey, it would be like a spice-lovers dream. Thanks Mom for making my lunch pretty stellar!!

Dinner is already planned in my head, since, like I said I am already pretty darn hungry! I was supposed to go to my dietician today for our weekly appointment but my area has turned into a lake and it was cancelled! Schools let out early, places are closing, we have had over 6 inches of rain in the last few days and it is causing some serious problems with electric, flooding, and transportation. It is damp, dreary, and actually pretty cold, so I am definitely craving something warm and comforting. I contemplated a grilled cheese and tomato soup, a childhood favorite, but it isn’t going to do the trick tonight. Then I remembered I had a pack of frozen ravioli in the freezer…

Any form of pasta, or Italian food for that matter, is considered un-safe in the ED side of my brain, but I am trying to step out of my box, and the ravioli are the wonderful Mama Rosie’s Low Fat Whole Grain variety, so I really can and should, feel good about eating them!

I also have a ton of fresh veggies in the crisper from my neighbor’s garden so if I cooked the ravioli, sautéed some spinach, broccoli, and zucchini in a pan, threw it all together with some red-sauce, it will be a perfectly balanced 5 minute meal for one!

Nighttime snack (I can say this confidently since I have had the same darn night snack for the last week, at least!) will consist of a perfectly blended milkshake made with Arctic Zero Cookies and Cream, mixed with three-quarters of a cup of unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze and a whole bunch of ice in my blender. So delicious! And the perfect note to end my night…

Ha, this will probably occur around 8:00 PM because bedtime will come very early tonight!!

Stay safe east coasters! I hope the rain isn’t keeping you down!!!


8 thoughts on “What I Ate, And Intend to Eat, Wednesday!

  1. Mmmmm popchips! I keep seeing the big boxes of single serving packages at Costco and almost buying them. Last time I got kettle corn as a snack instead but I think when it’s gone I’ll get the chips. My fave is the sour cream and onion but I’ve never had the vinegar!

    Also way to go girl on making the decision to ignore ED’s grip and go for the pasta! 🙂 Sounds like a wise and delicious decision.

    Although grilled cheese and tomato soup? YUM!

  2. I soo agree on the Greek yogurt I have at least one container a day, if not two! You know I was psyched when I saw they were 10 for $10, I am glad you had that deal near you as well!

    And those Nugo bars are fantastic! I have only tried the dark chocolate almond one but man oh man, tasty stuff. I also like the nutritional information- not too many calories (I know we shouldn’t care, but we do!) and lots of protein. I hope I find this flavor soon, I enjoy anything sweet/salty as well

    Before I even read your side note about EDs saying absolutely no to anything pasta related like the ravioli, I was already thinking wow, that would be something scary for me to eat! We are seriously the same person! I am so proud of you for busting out of your comfort zone with something like this.. like seriously, you are inspiring me to have pasta again! That is a good variety and I like that it’s low fat, it helps us to both feel “better” about eating it

    Great WIAW pretty lady 😀

    • i wrote today about facing your fear foods!!! if you still have trouble with pasta maybe you can use some of the tips! i also love trader joes reduced guilt frozen veggie pizza! i know we shouldnt care about calories, but the entire thing only have 250, so its a great way to break into pizza!!!
      PS. i just enjoyed a blueberry chobani…pretty much heaven!

  3. Girl, we SOOO have the same taste :). I love some Chobani and Pop Chips are good too… and I do like hummus, but my husband doesn’t like Tribe so we buy other brands like Sabra or the specialty grocery store kinds. I’ve never seen that ice cream before though, it looks and sounds really good and light enough for shakes and smoothies too.

    I used to eat pasta more before ED… I still eat it some (I’m a runner, I can’t ever fully get away from it), but not like I used to. And I’m with you on what you intend to eat today- it was always so difficult for me to grasp writing a WIAW post on that day, like do you really know what you will have for dinner or snack that night, lol?

    • Hey one thing i have learned is exercise goes so much better with a little carbohydrate. The nutrient isnt the building block of our metabolism for no reason! not to mention a good slice of pizza or crusty piece of bread are pretty darn delicious!

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