5 Ways to Help Make Your Mornings More Manageable

I am definitely more of a morning person, rather an a night owl. Regardless of my bedtime, my body usually rises with the sun, and I don’t make it much past 10 PM unless seriously caffeinated, but I have learned from living with someone who is the polar opposite, the A.M hours are not for everyone.

So here are a few of my strategies, to making the best of the time before breakfast…

1. Go to bed with a positive outlook.

If you lay down at night thinking, “Omg kill me, I have to wake up so early and I am going to be so tired and miserable all day!!!” chances are, you will be miserable all day. But if you hit the sack thinking, “YES I cant wait for breakfast and to be one day closer to the next weekend” then that alarm clock may not sound as annoying.

2. MOVE!

I am a huge fan of exercise in the morning. Even if it is just a 15 minute walk, get your blood flowing! For people who have a particularly hard time actually waking up or jumping out of bed, moving around might just the thing you need to jump start the day. I have read studies that say people who do something physical before work, tend to be more productive and have a way better attitude. Even if this idea sounds horrific, what have you got to lose?!

Suggestion 2.5…lay out your clothes the night before! This might provide a little more motivation…

3. Give yourself some extra time…

I always build in some wiggle room in my morning schedule just in case things don’t go exactly according to plan…the dogs don’t want to come in right away, the smoothie decides to explode out of the blender, you find a random stain on your shirt…you know, all the things that could and probably will, at some point occur. Not to mention, if you aren’t used to an earlier hour, it gives you just a smidge extra time to physically awaken yourself!


This might sound silly, but play some music…like pump up music. You probably are all sick of me talking about my love for David Guetta radio, but I blast this as I shower and primp before school. Sometimes Ryan will walk in and ill be dancing as I am blow drying my hair, which can be somewhat embarrassing, but we laugh and it really does work! It gives you that extra boost you may need and a bounce in your step to power through the rest of the day.

5. Do everything you can the night before…

I am a huge supporter of packing a lunch, prepping anything you can for breakfast, ensuring the alarm is set, picking out your clothes…anything you can possibly do before a scrambled morning to ensure that the process goes a bit more smoothly. I even plan my breakfasts in advance just to make sure I know where everything is, have everything I need and can easily access ingredients without much effort.

5.5 Ok, on the subject of breakfast…EAT BREAKFAST, or at least take something with you.

Even in my most restrictive days I NEVER skipped my morning meal. Not only does it provide the tastiest selections ever, but it STARTS your metabolism for the day, signaling for your body to be ready, alert and focused! There are so many easy options for both sit-down and grab and go, you really have no excuse to miss out.

Hmmm….quick and delicious breakfast options….do I feel another post coming on????

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and better mornings 🙂

Catch you tonight!!! (obviously before 10 PM!)


4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Help Make Your Mornings More Manageable

  1. I love Tip #5- things go so much smoother if I plan my food (lunch, snacks, etc) the night before and just pack it for work. Plus, I don’t wind up not knowing what I’m going to eat the next day, etc. The same with picking out clothes, sometimes I could spend 10-15 minutes just deciding what to wear… ahhh!!

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