What I Ate Wednesday: Food Finds and Old Favorites

Between working at school and then pretty much heading right to the pool until after 7:00 P.M., experimentation in the kitchen has been kept to a minimum. Aside from the hurricane allowing me two nights to make some delicious chili and homemade pizza, my lunchbox staples have been lots of Chobani, Hummus, Sliced Turkey and Chicken Breast, some seriously juicy Jazz Apples, nuts, PopChips and Mojo Bars. Although my taste buds and tummy are still enjoying it, I figured you guys might get kinda bored so I’ll just post a few pics without much description…

What I Wish I Was Eating Wednesday

Now, as the title alludes, this week has been one of some of the same old same, old, BUT since HLS, and that glorious swag bag, I have been obsessed with a few products I did not typically buy, or hadn’t even tried, until then…

  • Nugo Bars
  • Kefir
  • Oikos Drinkable Yogurt (PLEASE COME TO A STORE NEAR ME!!!!!)
  • Warrior Crunch Granola (Great Cause and Great Taste…how can you beat it?!)
  • Adora Calcium Disks
  • Attune Chocolate Crisp Bars (they are like Nestle Crunch!!!)

These are all wonderful additions to my life and I cannot wait to purchase more ASAP!!! (Is it bad that I’ve pretty much consumed everything in that darn bag??!?!)

But the specific item I want to discuss today….one that I am personally very excited about because the mission of their company is incredibly admirable, and the flavor of their whole-food based snack is pretty much top-notch, is the Larabar

I had tried the Apple Pie flavor a few years ago at Whole Foods, when they were giving out samples of the minis for a back to school promotion. And since then maybe have had one or two more, but I was pretty much a Clif and Luna devotee…until a few weeks ago.

After lunch on Saturday at HLS I was itching for a little something sweet, chewy and chocolatey. So I peaked into my super heavy purple sack and saw a tiny little Larabar in Chocolate Peanut Butter. What a perfect way to end the meal! I unwrapped the enticing treat, took one savory bite and was totally hooked.

It has got a richer flavor profile than Clif, and is softer to chew…almost like a really gooey brownie but obviously with a way healthier nutrition label (check the ingredients guys! You can pronounce them all and the list is just as tiny as a mini bar!).

I cant remember if I had mentioned my love of my inpromptu dessert on here, or on the HLS page, but I received a very friendly e-mail from a person within the company. They offered, since I personally enjoyed their product so much, to host a giveaway on Healthy, Happy, Whole, to send four bars to one lucky reader, so we can help show YOU how awesome they are!

The flavor pack includes:

Banana Bread, Coconut Cream Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Obviously some pretty outstanding choices!!!

To enter the giveaway:

1. Leave a comment stating your favorite flavor Larabar, if you have tried one before, OR why you think the company/products are great.


2. Tweet, facebook, or mention on your site, about the giveaway, to present the opportunity to other blends (blog-friends, get it 🙂 )

Be sure to let me know when you do part 2, of course!

Be sure to enter before Sunday, September 4! Winner will be announced that evening!!!

I hope you all had a great hump day! I for one am already ready for the weekend!

P.S. What I Ate Wednesday is sponsored by the creative and awesome Jen of http://www.peasandcrayons.com/…for some reason my linking is STILL not working, with no response from tech support! Hopefully it will work out soon 🙂


38 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Food Finds and Old Favorites

  1. I just started reading your blog and this is my first comment (yeah I know, on a giveaway, but I promise I did read the last few posts and will keep reading, I love the way you write and how encouraging your recovery posts are). Anyway, all your eats look super yummy and all those food samples people who attended the HLS have pictured on their blogs make it look super awesome.

    I’ve had a couple of LaraBars and really liked the chocolate chip cookie dough one (our stores here are sorta limited in what they carry so I could only pick from like, 3 varieties) and it was really good.

    • haha you can comment any time you want! but thank you for the compliments! our stores are the same way here…they only have like cherry pie and some other odd ball ones, but I am a total chocolate or peanut butter girl at heart. Once I tried the chocolate brownie I was totally hooked!!!

  2. Ceejay!!! Even in college I have found time every so many days to catch up and read your blog. Being here at school has opened up my variety a lot with several vegetarian options to chose from. When I saw your post about Lara bars I was like OMG!! I relied on them for a good 4 months during school as my snack because it fit right into my meal plan. Sadly the only flavors I have gotten to try are the cashew cookie, apple pie and cherry pie. The cherry was my fav out of those 3 that came in the variety pack, but I would love to try these other flavors you are advertising that are out there!
    Oh and once again I will remind you how much I love you and your blog!

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  4. I absolutely love Larabars, but there are very few flavor options in my area! So far my favorite has been Lemon and Cherry Pie, but I have been dying to try some of these other flavors. I’m sure they’re all so good! I am trying really hard to stick to a whole foods diet these days, and I love how pure and natural these are. I always would crash in the afternoons at work, and it’s seriously magical how a Larabar will rejuvenate me. Will definitely tweet about the giveaway! Thanks! jenny.wells@gmail.com

    • I agree they are an excellent pick me up!!! We don’t have many flavors around me either but after trying the chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie I will definitely be hunting them down!!! Thanks for entering 🙂

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