An Amazing Survey From An Amazing Asset!

Ok, forgive the cheesy title, but I always love when Tessa ( tags me in these fun surverys because it gives me, and you all a break from heavy feelings or emotional overload!

So without further adue…

Name You Favorite Color: Oh man, I am totally a pink girl! Specifically magenta pink, and if I can have sparkles with it, that would be awesome.

Name Your Favorite Song: This question is super hard because it all depends on my mood. For working out, I almost always have on Pandora, David Guetta Radio, or some sort of house music to get me pumped up, but my favorite song of all time is probably Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” remixed with Somewhere Over the Rainbow…this song has special meaning to me because although Ryan and I did not have a traditional wedding at all, this was “our song” that we danced to.

Name Your Favorite Dessert: Well this is a tough one to answer since dessert is one of my biggest fear foods ever. I havent actually tried many since I was a little girl so it is pretty tough to determine a favorite that is not completely skewed by disordered eating thoughts. I do, however, like cookies for some reason. I think it’s a texture thing, because I enjoy some crunch, especially when they are a little salty sweet like White Chocolate Macadamia Nut or Cowboy Cookies! So some sort of cookie, warmed up, and paired with an ice cold glass of milk sound mighty tasty right now.

I also like soft-serve ice cream. Obviously my least fearful of soft-serve is the build-you-own fro-yo bars, but I can remember being younger and really liking chocolate-peanut butter swirl from Kohr Brothers on New Jersey Boardwalks, or TCBY blended items. Oh man those were amazing!!!

What wizzes you off?:

1. Bicyclers who take up the entire road! I mean, I know we have to share but please, you make me seriously nervous when you are swerving all over the place! If you cannot ride in a straight line, please find a trail. Thank you very much.

2. Waiting! I hate to wait for things…traffic, ride lines, etc. I am probably the most impatient person in the entire universe, but I am really trying to work on this!!!

3. Nosy People…please, get a hobby and find something within your own life to be excited about. There are some things that are just meant to be private or kept personal, and if I want to share something, trust me, I will totally tell you.

4. Mean cops. I got pulled over on my way home from HLS for passing someone in the shoulder to get off at an exit, but I had to pee so bad, was sitting in traffic for over an hour, and there was one car that prevented me from getting off the exit and getting to a bathroom! Of course, as soon as I do this, the flashing lights and sirens go off and over walks a state trooper who was not very cordial. He took his job very seriously and I can appreciate that, but when a girl is crying because she honestly feels like she could pee her pants, give her a warning!

5. I have to agree with Tessa, people who drive under the speed limit, drive me absolutely insane! I have places to be, you know!!

6. Moseyers. You know, those people who walk really really slow at like a theme park, grocery story, shopping mall, and then just randomly stop in the middle of the walkway because they have no direction, purpose or schedule. I just want to give them a map or a list. I make lists all the time! It helps!!!

When You’re Upset You…: Well I used to take a jog or do some sort of physical activity, but lately I have either been journaling, blogging, talking to Ryan, reading, cuddling with my puppies, any sort of distraction that is not destructive to my body, I will pretty much try. What I really need to do is sit with the feelings, process, and learn how to cope with them in a more healthy manner, but that is a skill I have not yet mastered.

My Favorite Pet: I have three! I cannot pick a favorite! I love all my three dogs equally. (Ok that’s a lie, but they are like my kids, you cant really pick one to favor! I do love Riley, my little bubby, the best when we are snuggling together at night.)

Black or White: DEFINITELY black. I pretty much avoid white because its like a law…anytime I have something white on, I will spill, get dirty, make a mess…the shirt never ends up clean by the end of the day, therefore it is pretty much non-existent in my closet.

Biggest Fear: This sounds pretty morbid, but Im not going to lie. I have a huge fear of being kidnapped and murdered. I have had it since I was a little girl. There were nights where I couldn’t even sleep in my own bed I would be so scared, so I avoid any scary shows, especially ones that are realistic like Law and Order SVU, when Ryan wont be home at night. I would never be able to sleep if I went to bed with those horrible things on my mind.

Best Feature: I am a really hard worker. I don’t like to fail (why have I not applied this to my recovery) so when I put my mind to something I give it all I got! This could be a bad thing as well, but for me, if you can harness the attribute into a productive manner, that is not detrimental to mental or physical health, then it’s a pretty darn good thing to be blessed with.

Everyday Attitude: I try to go into each day with an open mind. Its like every the alarm clock going off starts a clean slate. You have the opportunity to either change what went wrong in the past, and live for a better moment in the present. Why not stop dwelling on all the negative and do a little PTG to jump-start the morning! I’m telling you, it sounds cheesy, but it works!

What is Perfection?: I don’t like this question. Perfectionism tends to get me in trouble and there really isn’t any definition for the word. Its not possible because there is ALWAYS room to improve. I just want to be happy and confident with who I am, enjoying life.

If I had to pick though, perfection could be sitting on a cruise ship, overlooking the French Riviera, getting ready to head into the quiet village on Eze for the sunset. Does that count???

Guilty Pleasure: Tanning! Oh my gosh I used to go to a tanning salon at least once a week! This has stopped, but now that I am no longer working at a pool I definitely have the itch to go again. It is twenty minutes of quiet, relaxation, and a timed-nap. It is also twenty-minutes more of potential skin-cancer, wrinkle, causing rays, so I really need to kick this habit, like pronto.

I’m supposed to tag some people but I am totally going to be a rule breaker and ask that anyone who wants to, PLEASE tell me a little bit more about yourselves.  I always love learning answers to the quirky questions of these pass-around surveys!

I hope you stayed safe and enjoyed your Sunday!

*P.S. I am really sorry I can’t link anything right now!! I just updated to the newest version of wordpress and for some reason it wont work properly!?! Anyone have suggestions????


3 thoughts on “An Amazing Survey From An Amazing Asset!

  1. Confession: I like to tan too. 😦 I know I know I know how bad it is too. It’s just so nice to have a bit of color and it’s so darn relaxing. Gosh I would probably be better off taking up smoking.

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