Back To School What I Ate Wednesday

Alright so I decided to jump on the bandwagon (Thank you Jenn!)  today and document my first on-the-go morning, and packed for work lunches and dinners since I know many of you are busy, have jobs that fall over one meal or two, and sometimes get sick of the same old brown bag combos.

I have to admit, I deviated a little from the breakfast I shared last night. I did go with the smoothie to go, but I was so in the mood for some yogurt, berries and an English muffin this morning, I had to go with my gut.

I haven’t purchased Thomas’ English Muffins lately because I prefer the Fiber Multi-grain, which cost over $4! But when I saw they were on special, buy one get one free, I totally took the store up on their offer. There is something about the crunchy edges but doughy middle that is just delicious. Perfect conduit for yogurt and berries!

When I woke up at 4:15 I grabbed half a plain muffin and a handful of berries to get me through my walk. Today was an interval day so I alternated inclines and speeds doing a little over 4 miles in 53 minutes. Awesome way to start my first day back!

I was actually ready a little early today so my English muffin craving was totally doable! I popped my muffin in the toaster, topped it with some Plain Oikos, a bunch of strawberries, a smidge of maple syrup and I was happy as a clam.

On my way out the door I grabbed my shake:

It was an awesome blend to round out the morning.

As much as my tummy enjoyed these things, it was also hungry around 10:30 and lunch was still over an hour away. Because we were in meetings there was no time for snacks so I will have to remember to either a) eat a heartier breakfast b) make a larger shake so it lasts a little longer.

Lunch consisted of one of my favorites! Jennie-O All Natural Roast Turkey, a BIG spoonful of Tribe 40 Spices Hummus, Chopped tomatoes, arugula and some other greens with a syrupy balsamic vinegar. On the side I had half a Jazz Apple (the best apples ever!) a delicious black cherry Chobani and a Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel. It was a super satisfying midday meal…I was definitely recharged to organize the classroom for the afternoon.

After school I had to head pretty much straight to the pool, but I had time to stop at home for a quick snack of:

I have to say, I have never tried any specific Probiotic drinks because yogurt is a staple in my diet, BUT I spoke with the rep. for Good Belly and she asked if I would want to try the 12 Day Challenge. Everyday I am supposed to drink (or put over a yogurty, cereal mess) some of the Good Belly Product and see how I feel. It has only been a few days, but I have to say the stuff tastes pretty yummy, and it is helping my digestion. So if you are in the market for something like this, give it a try. My next use will probably be in a smoothie because I got all different flavors…strawberry Good Belly with a peanut butter smoothie? PBJ in a bowl? YES PLEASE.

I knew I wouldn’t have much time before work round 2, so last night I put some spinach and cut zucchini (that came from my grandfather-in-laws garden!) into a Tupperware and heated up Kashi Pasta Pesto Primavera to throw over top. Of course I needed a little sweet on the side so I picked out a Corazonas Oatmeal Square Chocolate Chip. I haven’t tried these yet but the company was awesome at sending me a nice box of goodies to taste. It kind of reminded me of an oatmeal cookie, which I suppose is the idea. I am a huge texture person and I love things that are chewy (like a Clif Bar!) which is exactly how the Corazonas bar was. It was a great way to end my meal, but I think next time I want to warm it up! Cookies are always better when they are warm, don’t you think?

Im writing this before my nighttime snack, so unfortunately I am not documenting my pre-bed mini-meal, but I am guessing it will be another smoothie in a bowl and maybe another Mojo Bar. I seriously can’t get enough lately!

Whew, sorry about the long re-cap…I didn’t realize how much it would take to describe my eats! Anyway, I will make this brief, but as you know today was my first day back at school. It was so wonderful to see everyone and get dressed in clothes other than yoga pants, tank tops, or pool attire. But as I was sitting there, listening to the administrators pump us up for the new year and go over the standard guidelines, I couldn’t help but think about going back to school myself.

When I used to consider furthering my education I thought I would advance my degree in history. I personally believe historical architecture is fascinating and there are some wonderful programs about the preservation of old buildings, monuments and artifacts, that had once appealed to me. But as I was sitting there, listening to the schpeal about being an educator, helping kids, yada yada, the idea of being a guidance counselor popped into my head.

I think I would really like to be on a more personal level with students, at the high school level, trying to shape their futures in a more positive direction. I guess in theory I try my best to do that now, but it feels different for some reason. Does this sound silly? Maybe a little naïve or optimistic? I know there were people who helped me in those crucial years, so why not pay it forward?? I know I love my students, and I enjoy helping people so it made sense why I would be interested in the counseling field. What do you guys think??

Did you have any special mentors when you were a teenager?

Do you think guidance counselors have an impact on our youth?


6 thoughts on “Back To School What I Ate Wednesday

  1. I think you should go for the counseling! You would make a GREAT guidance counselor. I didn’t interact with my guidance counselors much in high school but I had some friends that were very positively impacted by our counselors.

  2. I think the best counselors are people who are in it because they love kids. Sounds like that’s you!

    BTW jazz apples are my apple of choice, too! They have the right juicy to crunchy ratio!*

    • Thanks Amy! Jazz Apples are certainly the best crunch of all the apples i choose. I do like honey crisps as well, but the flavor of Jazz is just too good to pass up!

  3. I think GOOD guidance counselors can make a huge positive difference in students’ lives. When I was in high school, already dealing with anorexia, I noticed my best friend developing the exact habits I’d had at the beginning of my disorder. As she fell further in, I was freaking out and not wanting to see her end up in the same place I was in, and as cliche as it sounds, the only person I could think of to go to was her guidance counselor. The counselor (who’s a super amazing woman, by the way) was incredibly helpful and I’m still grateful for what she did to help my best friend.

    I say go for it. 🙂

    • Thanks girl! Thats an awesome story, and good for you for helping a friend in need! Anyone who can get out of these horrific habits sooner rather than later, are totally better off! How are you doing with your journey??? if you need any help, or just someone to listen, let me know 🙂

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